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Baldur von Schirach (Schirach)

( The leader of the German youth, head of the organization 'Hitler')

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Biography Baldur von Schirach (Schirach)
Schirach, Baldur von (Schirach), (1907-1974), leader of the German youth, the head of the organization "Hitler Youth" in 1933-40. Born March 9, 1907 in Berlin. His father was an officer in the Guards Regiment, Wilhelm II, later resigned and became director of the theater, first in Weimar, then in Vienna. Mother was an American Schirach. Baldur von Schirach was raised in an atmosphere of theater, music and literature, in its poetic talent manifested itself early. At age 10 he joined the Deutsch Youth Union. In 1924, he moved to Munich, von Schirach began studying art history and Germanic. In 1925 joined the NSDAP and the SA. In 1928 he headed the National Socialist German Student Union, showing himself in this position skillful organizer. In 1931, Hitler appointed him head of the Youth in Nazi Party. In 1932, von Schirach organized the 100 thousandth youth rally in Potsdam before the Fuhrer. June 1, 1933, at the age of 26, he became a youth leader Germanskogo Reich, skillfully drawing the ranks of the "Hitler Youth" and more new members. However, enemies von Schirach gradually began to campaign against him to discredit, ridicule his effeminacy and femininity, accusing him of being partial to the "Maiden Bedroom", calling it "a Berliner peresevshim in Bavarian leather pants". As a result of these intrigues Hitler in July 1941 appointed von Schirach on less important post - Gauleiter of Vienna, which he held until 1945. Von Schirach was involved in the deportation of Austrian Jews to concentration camps. At the Nuremberg trials he was found guilty of crimes against humanity and sentenced to 20 years imprisonment. Released in 1966. In 1967, in Hamburg published a book of memoirs, "I believed Hitler". Died von Schirach in Mickeviд-ius August 8, 1974

. -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

. Schirach (Schirach) Baldur Benedikt von (9.3.1907, Berlin - 8/8/1974, Mickeviд-ius, Moselle), the party and a youth activist, Reichsleiter (13.5.1932), Obergruppenfiihrer CA (1941)
. His father was an officer and then director of the theater, his mother - American. Grew up in the atmosphere of theater, music and literature, wrote poetry. In 1918, Deutsch joined the Youth League. Since 1924, he moved to Munich, he studied art history and Germanic. On 29.8.1925 a member of the NSDAP (Party ticket? 17 251), since 1927 a member of the SA. On 20.7.1928 the head of the National Socialist Students Union germanskogo, reyhsshtudentenfyurer (Reichsstudentenfuhrer) in the imperial leadership of the NSDAP. On 19/12/1928 one of the founders of the youth 'Battle of the Alliance for Germany's culture'. In 1929, became acquainted with a. Hitler repeatedly served his personal orders. On 30.10.1931 the imperial head of youth NSDAP (Reichsjugendfuhrer der NSDAP), head of the Hitler Youth - until 1932 is subordinate to the High Command CA. In 1932 organized a 100-thousand youth rally in Potsdam. Since 1932 member of the Reichstag. On 16.6.1932 Head of Youth Germanskogo Reich (Jugendfuhrer des Deutsches Reiches). Was headed by eliminating non-Nazi youth organizations in Germany and the seizure of their property. 1/12/1936 introduced in the Imperial Cabinet as head of youth, at the same time, a decree was recognized only Hitler Youth organization in Germany. To raise a Germanic youth in the spirit of anti-Semitism and Nazism, led the military training of youth, conducting field exercises. In October. 1936 an agreement with Mr.. Himmler, in which members of the Hitler Youth meeting the requirements of the SS were considered as the main source of replenishment of the SS. Since 1939 responsible for the use of young people in war. 11/8/1939 in agreement with the High Command of the Wehrmacht (EDB) has undertaken to carry out pre-conscription training of young people in accordance with the requirements set forth in the Army. In December. 1939 volunteered for the Wehrmacht, he served in an elite regiment 'Great Germany', a lieutenant, was awarded the Iron Cross 2 class. In June of 1940 to Hitler's demands were withdrawn from the army. Ably led by Hitler, turning it into a mass youth organization - by 1940 its membership comprised 97% of young men of military age. But opponents Schirach led a campaign against him, accusing him of partiality to 'girlish bedrooms'. As a result of intrigues 7/8/1940 Schirach, Hitler appointed Gauleiter of Vienna and the imperial governor, replacing him as head of the Hitler Youth A. Aksmanom. In 1940 imperial commissioner of Defense 17 th Military District, includes the territory Gau Vienna, Upper Danube and Lower Danube. Proposed the expulsion from Vienna all Czechs and Jews and turning it into a 'Germanic city'. Supervised expulsion from Vienna to stay here 60 thousand. Jews in the General Government. On 28.9.1941 President Velikoger flagship company bibliophiles. On 29.6.1942 a member of the Senate Germanskoy Academy. On 16.11.1942 the Imperial Commissioner defense of Vienna. In 1946, among the major war criminals before the court of the International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg. He was sentenced to 20 years in prison. Kept in Spandau Prison. Released 30/9/1966. Author of memoirs, 'I believed Hitler' (Hamburg, 1967).

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Baldur von Schirach (Schirach), photo, biography
Baldur von Schirach (Schirach), photo, biography Baldur von Schirach (Schirach)  The leader of the German youth, head of the organization 'Hitler', photo, biography
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