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Julius Streicher (Streicher)

( Nazi politician, an outspoken anti-Semite)

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Biography Julius Streicher (Streicher)
Streicher, Julius, Streicher (Streicher), (1885-1946), Nazi politician, an outspoken anti-Semite. Born February 12, 1885 in the village Fleynhauzen, Upper Bavaria, the ninth child in a family of teachers of the Roman Catholic Primary School. On the early years of his only known that in 1909 he was a teacher in a suburb of Nuremberg. Prior to the 1-st World War Streicher year served as a volunteer, but was expelled from the army for the extreme lack of discipline, but his track record the certificate appeared prohibition ever serve in the Germany Army. But soon started 1-st World War Streicher previous sins forgiven, especially since he showed himself a brave soldier, for which he received the Iron Cross II and I degree and the rank of lieutenant. After the war he again became a teacher in Nuremberg, but unexpectedly drawn into the political life on the side of right-wing nationalist forces.
. In 1919 Streicher has created a political organization based solely on anti-Semitism
. In 1921 joined the NSDAP. In 1923 Streicher founded his own organ Der Sturmer ", which soon acquired a reputation as the most virulent anti-Semitic publications in Germany. In 1925 Streicher was appointed Gauleiter of Franconia with its headquarters in Nuremberg, while continuing to teach at the school. His students were required every day to greet his teacher cry "Heil Hitler!". In 1928 he was dismissed from school for anti-Semitic propaganda. In 1929 Streicher was elected to the Bavarian Landtag of the Nazi Party.

The party Streicher was reputed specialist "on the excitation of the crowd". From year to year in his speeches and articles, he called for a struggle with the Jews. Pages of his newspapers were full of notes and caricatures of Jews with stories of ritual murder, pornography, and letters to the editor, blamed Jews for all the wrongs. Young people reported the names of the girls who danced with the Jews; dentists complained to fellow Jews, supposedly who set the plate, which instantly destroyed; patient psychiatric facility claimed to be a victim of a Jewish conspiracy. Even the destruction of the airship "Hindenburg" in May 1937 the newspaper attributed the Jewish conspiracy. Hitler with great pleasure read every issue from cover to cover.

In January 1933, Streicher was elected to the Reichstag from the Nazi party from Thuringia. At the same time, he was appointed head of the Central Commission for anti-Jewish intrigues and boycotts. In 1934 he was promoted to Gruppenfiihrer SS (Lieutenant General). Everywhere dragging with a whip, vyshagivaya of their constituency as a disgruntled owner, getting pleasure from beating up people in the presence of witnesses, he quickly gained a reputation as an eccentric unmanaged willful. One day he visited the Nuremberg prison, where in the company of friends severely beat a young inmate. Assigning confiscated Jewish property, he quickly acquired a fortune. Streicher has provided to his friends the opportunity to buy at a bargain of Jewish homes and businesses. He has repeatedly been accused of raping and repeatedly excited criminal case against him for libel.

His anti-Semitism has found pathological forms. Early as 1925 Streicher declared: "For thousands of years, Jews were the people-destroyer. Let today be the beginning of the destruction of the Jews ". April 1, 1933, he declared a national day of boycott of the Jews. In 1935 Streicher enthusiastically welcomed the adoption of the Nuremberg Laws on Citizenship and Race. In 1937, he said: "The Jew is always feeds on the blood of other nations, he always needed and murder victim. Victory will come only when the whole world will be free of Jews ". November 10, 1938, he came out openly in support of a nationwide pogrom of Jews. Since the beginning of 2 nd World War, Streicher became the most ardent supporter of the extermination of Jews in the occupied eastern territories. January 6, 1944, he wrote in his newspaper: "The rise of National Socialism gives us the opportunity to liberate the continent from Jewish oppressors and exploiters forever". Cruel, savage sadist, he admitted only to force a solution to any problems. Streicher never tired of showering scorn not only enemies, but their comrades in the party. His presence in the higher echelons of the Nazi party certainly discredit the Nazi movement in the eyes of public opinion.
. By 1939 Hitler was a long time staunch sympathizer of anti-Semitism Streicher, began annoying behavior of his associate, and several times made him cool reprimands
. Finally on Streicher was officially imposed Redeverbot (ban on public performances). In 1940, Goering appointed a commission to investigate the personal and public life Streicher. As a result, Streicher was removed from all party posts, which, however, did not stop him.
At the Nuremberg trials Shtray-dick was charged with "public incitement to murder and extermination of the Jews". Restless Streicher called this process "a triumph of world Jewry". He was not convicted of involvement in the aggression, because he did not participate in the development plans of the invasion, not a military, political or diplomatic adviser to Hitler. However, he was found guilty on 4 counts and sentenced him to death. October 16, 1946 got him to the gallows in Nuremberg prison. Climbing the scaffold, he abruptly shouted: "Purimfest" (a Jewish holiday marking the defeat of Hama, the oppressor of the Jews in Biblical times). Streicher's last words were: "Heil Hitler!".

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Julius Streicher (Streicher), photo, biography Julius Streicher (Streicher)  Nazi politician, an outspoken anti-Semite, photo, biography
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