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Biography VAHTANG VI
Vakhtang VI. Appointed governor of Kartli Vakhtang VI, first held the same vigorous measures to strengthen the royal power. In carrying out these activities he needed support from the church. At the church meeting, convened in 1705, Catholicos-Patriarch was elected a brother Vakhtang Domenti. To strengthen the imperial authority was formed "garrisons", which is staffed prince and the Soldier. The salary they receive from the state. The army was mainly created to curb the unruly lords. Vakhtang made substantial changes in the legislative sphere.

In 1709 Vakhtang VI was opened in Tbilisi, printing, and before that in 1705 published Archil "Davitni" (Psalms) in Moscow. For three years in the Georgian printing was published 14 books, 11 of them were books of spiritual content, two books - textbooks. In 1712 a printing press, edited and with commentary by Vakhtang was printed "The Knight in Panther's Skin".

In 1712, the Shah summoned Vakhtang and demanded from him to Islam. Only after this check had intended to appoint a king of Kartli Vakhtang. But Vakhtang refused and was imprisoned in a fortress. After the setback ended a diplomatic mission Sulkhan Saba Orbeliani - to find allies in Europe - Vakhtang realized that if he did not formally accept Islam, you will not be able to return home. In 1716 he accepted Islam and was appointed king of Kartli. But he returned to Georgia only in 1719.

During the period of Vakhtang in Iran, established a relationship with him, Ambassador Peter I

Artemij Volyn. Vakhtang Ambassador to Russia and the king personally have not met. Connection between them supported ambassador Vakhtang Parsadan Bey. The latter gave Volyns'ke several letters, which were intended Vakhtang Darejan niece, who is the daughter of Archil and lived in Moscow. However, Parsadan Bey Volyns'ke clearly hinted that Vakhtang could start a war against the Shah in the case of support.

On the return of Vakhtang in Kartli, relations with Russia even more intensified. All this culminated in an agreement between Vakhtang and Peter on joint military action against Iran.

July 18, 1722 Peter the ships moved from Astrakhan in the direction of Derbent. By this time, Vakhtang has completed the collection of his troops and went to Ganja, where he was to meet with Peter. It should be noted that Vakhtang was before Suomeksi choice. In March 1722 the Afghans besieged the capital of Iran - Ispaan. And in the fight against afgfntsami lost brother Vakhtang, the commander of the Shah's guards Rostom. In his place the Shah appointed Hussein Son of Vakhtang - Baccarat. Shah demanded emergency. Bakar gathered troops to help the shah, but Vakhtang forbade his son to go to help the shah. It is noteworthy that just when Peter opened the campaign against Iran, the Turkish Sultan invited Vakhtang alliance against Iran. Turkey is also going to start a war against Iran.

In such a complex international situation, it was necessary to make the right decision. Vakhtang sincerely trust Peter and not skem others did not want to establish ties. Before starting, together with Russia, the war against Iran, Vakhtang convened the council - Darbaza, where he was to decide the issue - to take part in the war against Iran or not. Most members Darbaza opposed, fearing that the country would be even more difficult situation. Vakhtang did not share the majority opinion.

In August, Vakhtang from the 40 thousandth army stood waiting for Peter Gangi. Waited Kartl king ally for three months. Vakhtang returned to his capital in late November. The situation was complicated. Shah dismissed and the king of Kartli Vakhtang appointed king of Kakheti Constantine, who in 1723 took Tbilisi. At the same time, Turkey began a war against Iran. Turkish troops invaded Kartli and began to ravage the country. In this complex situation, Vakhtang took unjustified decision. Instead of leading the struggle against the invaders, he decided to leave home to go to Russia and meet with Peter.

In 1724 Vakhtang VI with family and entourage in 1200 people went to Russia.

In the years 1726-1727 Vakhtang was sent a diplomatic mission in Iran. He had to persuade the Shah that he accepted the terms of contracts: in 1723 - between Russia and Iran, and in 1724 - between Russia and Turkey. But this mission was unsuccessful.

1734 Vakhtang, along with his son Bakar gave the order to go back to Iran. Popitatsya intensify actions for the benefit of Georgians in Russia and obtain, if possible supported by the highlanders. In December, Vakhtang was already in Darband. From there, he told the Empress Anna Ioanovna that the situation in the Caucasus has changed. Tamaz Khan (the future Nadir Shah), defeated the Turks and took Shamakhi. In the fight against the Turks he supported the king of Kakheti, Teimuraz II. By Shah joined the prince and Kartli. In this regard, Vakhtang demanded new instructions.

In 1735 Ganji was signed in the Russian-Iranian agreement, which confirmed the terms of the contract of Rasht. Under this agreement, the Shah recognized the king of Kartli Vakhtang if he would come to him. Nadir Shah summoned Vakhtang, but the king did not believe the Shah and did not appear. Vakhtang decided to stay in Russia and last years of his life spent in Astrahan. March 26, 1737 Vakhtang died and was buried in the Assumption Cathedral.

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VAHTANG VI, photo, biography
VAHTANG VI, photo, biography VAHTANG VI  The ruler of Kartli, photo, biography
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