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DAVID IV Aghmashenebeli

( Governor of Georgia)

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Biography DAVID IV Aghmashenebeli
David IV Aghmashenebeli (Ctroitel) (1089-1125). In 1089, with the accession of David IV of Georgia was a difficult situation. Imperial power was in fact spread nyalas only in Western Georgia. Kakheti-Hereti again sought to isolation, Tbilisi was under Muslim rule-sky emir, Kartli and South Georgia were ruined and devastated the Seljuk Turks. Population to leave their original places and moved to the mountains or refuge in the fortresses. David Aghmashenebeli understood that, in order to expel the Turks and unite the country, in the first place It was necessary was to break the arbitrariness of the big feudal lords and to strengthen the royal power. Particularly stood out for its recalcitrance representative Bagvashe's Family Liparit V. David drove him out of Georgia. King dealt with other rebellious feudal lord - lord of the fortress Zedazenskoy Dzaganom. Thus, all convinced that David, in contrast to George II-go, will not tolerate infidelity.
David loyal to him from the feudal lords organized military units, who attacked the Turks and destroyed them. Was restored discipline-ling and cleaned up the Georgian army.

. King David IV seized the fact that the Seljuk Turks were engaged in war with the Crusaders in 1099, when the crusaders took Jerusalem, they stopped paying tribute.

. As a result of the invasions of the Seljuk Turks and the weakening of imperial authority was completely collapse of the state apparatus
. A necessary was to gain an understanding of reforms. One of the most important was the church reform. Cha-wishing the situation in the country affected and the church. The clergy consisted of unworthy persons, and opponents of the king. Church reform-priests hid a more Bagrat IV in the 60th years of XI century, when Georgia came to a major church figure George Mtatsmindeli. But then the king's intention was not osusches-tvlen, because the political climate was unfavorable.

David IV decided to put suitably-zhaschy order in the church and for this purpose in 1104 convened a church council. Cathedral was held in Ruiz-Urbnisi. At this Council took important decisions on various issues relating to church life (wearing of church decorations, wedding, ordination, consecration, etc.).

. Shortly after Ruiz-Urbnisskogo Cathedral David took the most important decision along
. He created the highest office Mtsignobartuhutsesa Chkondideli. Mtsignobartuhutsesi was chief of the royal office (he is subordinate to 26 employees), and Chkondideli - one of the most influential bishops. King combined these two positions and from now on all ecclesiastical and secular affairs could disassemble mtsignobartuhutses Bishop Chkondidsky. Authority and influence mtsignobartuhutsesa Bishop Chkondidskogo increased further when the king subdued him and the highest judicial institution of the country - "Saadzho Kari". First on this post king appointed his mentor George Mtsignobartuhutsesi.

. David organized a police force "mstovari" (spies), through which the king had the opportunity to keep abreast of all developments within the country and abroad.

. To fight the Seljuk Turks had to have a well-armed and loyal army of the king
. To this end, the king held a military re-form th. He created a personal CAR-ical Guard - mo-us-pa. When David coarse-zin-lic army was divided into three parts: these were monaspa, garrisons stationed in the towns and castles and the bulk of the troops. It is clear that the burden fell on the main part. Military reform ended in 1118, when David moved from the North Caucasus Polovtsy. David, perhaps for political reasons, was married to the daughter of the Polovtsian prince Atrak Shara ganisdze - Guranduht.

Resettlement Polovtsy in Georgia prevented the war they waged with the Ossetians. King David moved to the North Caucasus and subjugated the Ossetians on the condition of allegiance. When David impact of Georgia in the North Caucasus has increased more. It began to spread Georgian literature, Georgian language, culture, Christianity. All this is even more intimate North Caucasian peoples with Georgia. David resettled in Georgia, 40 thousand families. Polovtsy Each family was obliged to give the king one rider. The increased military capability so the country could be used to combat both external enemies, and with some recalcitrant feudal. On the other hand, most of the Georgian population was exempted from the warrior-tion of service and can deal with the economy, which contributed to the economic growth of the country. Thus, a strong military against Georgia would be well protected from external enemies and would have gone the way of its further development.

. In 1104 supporters of the king - Kakheti feodals captured Kakheti-Eretskogo Agsartana king and brought him to the king
. Then David attached to his Kakheti-Hereti. Sensing the danger that threatened him as a result of reunification gandziysky atabag has sent a huge army against Georgians. In 1104 David won a brilliant victory over the host when Ertsuhi atabaga.

In 1106 on the orders of David began construction Gelati Monastery. The monastery functioned Academy.

In 1110, the Georgians took the city Samshvilde. In 1115, he was released Rustavi, and in 1117 David took the IV is located at the extreme east Georgia city-fortress Gishi. In 1118 Georgian troops liberated Lore.

Strengthening Georgia's extremely vstrevo-lived Seljuk Turks. They hoped to break the windows of Interest Georgia, especially since they had no time to defeat the crusaders nostsam.

On the orders of Sultan Mahmud was attended by about 300-strong army, which under the leadership of Ile-Strip marched on Georgia. This formidable force opposed to 40 thousand Georgians, 15 thousand Polovtzy, 500 Alans (Ossetians) and 100 Crecy tonostsev. (Knights, apparently arrived in Georgia with Baldwin II and remained here after the secret meeting held Agmashenebeli David and King Baldwin II of Jerusalem

. August 12, 1121 election, Georgians are under-ditelstvom David Agmashenebeli on Didgorskom field won a brilliant victory over the Turks
. The enemy could not use their numerical superiority, as the king forced the Turks to fight in a narrow gorge. Pain-Shua played a role in the victory of the dedication of 200 soldiers who have fulfilled the plan of the king. His sudden attack, they have panic and confusion in the enemy camp. At this point, the Georgian army under the command of David and his son Demetre Farming Joogh attacked from two sides. The bloody battle lasted several hours and ended Blesa-tyaschey victory Georgians. During three days on the heels of the Georgians indiscriminately pursued the retreating enemy and captured much booty and many captives.

After Didgorskoy victory in 1122, David released the city of Tbilisi and the Georgian capital of Kut-ICI moved to Tbilisi. The city was established peace and order. All residents of the city, regardless of religious belief, the king to ensure the safety and protection. Muslims were to pay the lowest tax - 3 dinars, the Jews were paying 4 dinars, while the Georgians - 5 dinars.

In 1123 David AGMA-shenebeli relieve the Dmanisi-Bodil. In 1123 in Shirvan invaded Sultan Mahmud. King David hastily assembled the 50 thousandth army and went to meet him. Learning of the impending power, Sultan stepped back.

In 1124 David won Shirvan. In the same year representatives have al-Ani myanskoy city appealed to the Georgian king, and asked to release the city from the Turks. Turks masters-attended as Ani for 60 years. King David, and liberated the city in northern Armenia joined the Georgian kingdom.

Great King of Georgia David IV AGMA-shenebeli died on January 24, 1125. He left his descendants Georgia, which stretched the boundaries "of Nikopsii to Daru and the gang from Ovsetii to Aragats". King looked like-ronili in Gelati Monastery. Georgian church tagging of David as a saint and the day of his commemoration established on January 26 (8 February).

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    DAVID IV Aghmashenebeli, photo, biography
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