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Biography ORZHONIKIDZE Sergo
ORDZHONIKIDZE George (middle name - Sergey) K. (12 Oct. 1886, with. Goresha Sharapanskogo y. Kutaisi gub.-18 Feb.. 1937, Moscow). From the impoverished gentry. In 1898 he graduated from the 2-classroom Belogorskoe (Haragoulskoe) uch-School. In 1901, he enrolled in medical assistant school in Tiflis, was a member uchenich. S. d'. Mug. In 1903 joined RSDLP. Bolshevik. In 1905 he graduated from medical assistant school and worked in West. Georgia: tsp. Sukhumi to-ta RSDLP. Repeatedly been arrested. In 1907 tsp. Baku to-ta RSDLP. In 1908, exiled to life exile in Yenisei Province. In 1909 he escaped from exile, led the roar. work in Baku: the fall of 1909 sent to the Baku-Volume RSDLP to Persia to assist the rebels of the Iranian Al-ti feud. and antiimperialistich. Revolution of 1905-11. In constant communication with the Baku-how to RSDLP and collaborated in the Bolshevik. Print. In 1911, listeners Leninist Party. school Longjumeau (near Paris). In July - Sept.. 1911 one of the leaders Ros. organizational. Commission to convene the 6-th partner. Conf. In January. 1912 cases. 6 th (Prague) All-Russia. Conf. RSDLP, elected member of. CC and Eng. Bureau RSDLP. In April. 1,912 arrested in St. Petersburg, was sentenced to 3 years in prison (served in Shlisselburgskaya fortress). In October. 1915 exiled to Yakutia.

After the February. Revolution of 1917 was elected a member of the Revolutionary Committee March 3 Yakutsk, then Commissioner of the K-ta societies, security. One of the leaders Yakut. to-ta RSDLP and the executive committee of the RNC. Participated in the org-tion and conduct of the 1 st Congress of the Yakut and Russian. peasants (who decided on the nationalization of land) and the region. Congress, doctors and paramedics. May 23 went to Petrograd, where he arrived in the middle. June. Introduced in RSDLP (b) and the Executive Committee of Pet-rogr. Council RDA. Conducted roar. work on the W-DAH and military units in the Narva region is not. In the days of the July events, along with others. Bolsheviks took steps to prevent premature actions of the workers and soldiers against the Provisional. Prospect Island, the transfer performance in a peaceful demonstration of polit. July 7, after the news of the Order of Provisional. pr-va arrest VI. Lenin Joint. with VP. Nogin held talks with a member of the Presidium of the All Menshevik VA Anisimov on the conditions of Lenin in prison in the case of his appearance to the authorities, without receiving security guarantees Lenin, . said: 'We will not allow you to Lenin' (see: Dubinsky-Muhadze I., . Ordzhonikidze, . M,
. 1967,. 150-51). One of the organizers of the transition of Lenin in the underground. In July and August. visited in Razliv (near Petrograd), Lenin and G.E. Zinoviev, informed about the situation in the party.

Affairs. 6 th Party Congress (b) (July 26 - August 3.) From Petrograd. org-tion, July 27 made a presentation on the appearance of Lenin and Zinoviev on the court ACCESSED. pr-wah, said: "We know that our comrades were charged under articles, thus, on K-Eye [it] to present and under the old regime ... As the majority of the [Bureau of the Central Executive Committee and Executive Committee of the Petrograd - Author] reacted to this charge? "Tsereteli said dirty slandering of Lenin thrown Alexinsky, of course, no one can believe, and it will be removed from t. Lenin [in the press, he and others. Bolsheviks proclaimed germ. spies - Author]. Chkheidze ... ... said: "I am so: if Lenin was arrested today, then tomorrow will arrest me," ... leaders of the Mensheviks and SRs did not believe in the guilt of Lenin ... They were supposed to require vigorously investigate the case of Lenin and Zinoviev, but they did not ... In no event shall not deliver m. Lenin ... must ... maintain the security of our comrades until, when they are given guarantees of a fair trial "[" 6 th Party Congress (b). Minutes'. M. 1958,. 30-311 After Congress acted with the reports of its decisions at many. meetings and rallies. In late. August. sent to the Caucasus to help the Bolshevik. org-tions, has been working in Baku, Tiflis, Erivan and Kutaisi Province.

Called RSDLP (b) Oct. 24. arrived in Petrograd. As authorized Petrograd. VRK went up to meet 3 rd Cycle Battalion had undergone orders п-.пг. Kerensky in Petrograd to suppress the revolt. After the speech Orzhonikidze soldiers decided to go to the aid of the rebels and sent its representatives to the 2-nd All-Russia. Congress of Soviets of the RNC. Attended 25-26 October. at meetings of the Congress, acted decomp. orders Petrograd. WRC and the Party Central Committee. On the night of Oct. 29. with D.Z. Manuilsky aimed at Pulkovo to help hand-woo cos. troops, leading battles against the troops п-.пг. Kerensky - P.N. Krasnov. When he returned to Petrograd, led propagandist. work.

16 Nov.., Speaking at a meeting of the Petersburg Committee (B), said: "Our steps are burying the war, it certainly. We have taken all the world to be universal, and if this do not succeed, then a separate peace, as stated by Comrade. Lenin, will fall entirely on our allies ... We are doing everything possible to develop revolutionary. motion ... Tov. Narchuk [tsp. RSDLP (b) .- The author] does not expect the roar of the social-tion in the West, but that it is maturing, he knows every Marxist, and we must do everything possible to push it. As the slogan roar. war, when it is necessary, everything will go for it ... Fighting for the land, fighting for peace, we have become ... obschenar. Party "( 'The first legal PCs of the Bolsheviks in 1917, M-LA, 1927,. 357). At this meeting Orzhonikidze elected Members of the Executive, the commission RSDLP (b). 20-22 Nov.. on behalf of the Party Central Committee attended the 2 nd Congress of the Front West. Front (Minsk), gave a presentation on the current situation. At the meeting RSDLP (b), Nov 29. seconded to YA.M. Sverdlov for representation at regional and front-line conferences.

December 19 decision RSDLP (b) and SNK an appointment. exceedingly. Commissioner District Ukraine (goal - unification of all owls. org-tions around Vseukr. CEC to address watered. Warplane., Cont.. banking issues). In Jan-Feb. 1918 Chapter. attention to shipment of grain to starving prom. City Center of Russia. In March, involved the creation of a united front of defense of the Crimea, the Donets Basin and the southern provinces of the RSFSR for the fight against germ. occupiers. March 16 decree of the RSFSR SNK authorized to take exceedingly. measures to evacuate inland Ask. etc.. loads of places to Eye-threatening germ. occupation. April 9. Decree SNK RSFSR 0. requested to organize and lead ACCESSED. Commissioner South. district, combining the Crimea, the Don and Terskei region. Chernomorsky lips., the entire North. Caucasus and Black Sea, the fleet. 9-14 April. participated in the 1 st Congress of Soviets Don owls. Republic (Rostov-na-Donu), stressed in his speech: "The Nar. Commissioners believed that the working Cossacks will not go against the power of the Soviets, and in the CNS and the entire labor Russia were not disappointed ... In the present. time we are faced with two challenges: to resist Zap.-Europe. predators, the second task - to build a new life inside the Soviet. Republic. And I would like to see in this fight, we walked together .- (GK Ordzhonikidze, Articles and Speeches, t. 1, Moscow, 1956,. 33-34). The congress elected a member of the CEC Don owls. Republic. May 2 in the delegation of the Republic Don was negotiating with the germ. command in Taganrog on the Cessation of Hostilities. Action. In May was one of the organizers of Defense Kuban, Tsarina, Don Republic. May 28-30 Ekaterinodar participated in the 3rd exceedingly. Congress of Soviets of the Kuban and Black Sea. lips. on to the rum-established single-Cubano Chernomor. cos. Republic. In June, organized a shipment of grain from the Baku commune Stavropol Province. and Terek Region. June 3 speech at a meeting of the Bolshevik faction in the republic's Central Election Commission Don Tsaritsyn a report on the work of the CEC: moved to adjourn the re-zedentsiyu Prospect Island in the limits of the Don Don ool for quick hands-wah on the ground. Participated in the formation of red Cossack. parts.

Comply with the directive SNK of the RSFSR of June 14 for an immediate cessation of hostilities. Action by the joint germ, front, negotiated and secured the signing of an agreement with the germ. command to set the demarcation. line between it. and owls. troops. In a speech on July 5 at 1-m Severokavk. Congress of Soviets in Ekaterinodar justified the need of Brest-Litovsk peace with Germany. "We in the present. time against the war, because we have no army, no food, no means of communication, there is generally an established state. apparatus .- We should not do the crime to the people, to send him against the German armed to the teeth ... "(ibid.,. 39). July 6, made a presentation on the unification of all areas of North. Caucasus into a single 'republic: "Councils are the links to the rye-soldered together to free the workers, peasants, Cossacks and mountaineers. The interests of the people dictate the North. Caucasus unite and reach out to the rest of the proletariat of Russia "(ibid.,. 40): at the congress was formed Severokavk. cos. Republic. After the Congress Ordzhonikidze went to Terek. which erupted antises. Cossack. revolt. Member of the Civil. War. Since 1919, located on flood. Steering Voen.-watered., desks. and State. work.

In the face of massive repression, not wanting to share responsibility for the crimes I.V. Stalin and his supporters, committed suicide.

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ORZHONIKIDZE Sergo, photo, biography
ORZHONIKIDZE Sergo, photo, biography ORZHONIKIDZE Sergo  Party and state leaders, photo, biography
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