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Chkhenkeli Akaki Ivanovich

( The Party leader)

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Biography Chkhenkeli Akaki Ivanovich
Chkhenkeli Akaki Ivanovich (1874, Mr.. Honi Kutaisi Province., - 1959 or 1931?, Paris). Of the nobility. Studied in Kutaisi Gymnasium and Kiev University, those completing their education in Berlin and London, a lawyer, writer. In a-d. movement since 1898, since 1903 the Menshevik. Worked in the Party. Print Tiflis. Participant Revolution of 1905-07. During the reaction of "liquidator". In 1911, deported from the Caucasus. Unauthorized returned to Batumi on the eve of elections in the 4 th State. Duma, was arrested, but after the election of Duma deputy released. In the Duma, speaking for the cultural and nat. self. During the 1-st world. War Defencist ". After the February, Revolution of 1917 was appointed on March 9 as a member of. State. Duma of the Special Zakavk. to-ta (Ozaki), where he took the post of commissioner for internal. Management. May 1 at the Regional Congress Kavk. Army said: "The working people waging a war to establish peace on a global scale, a separate peace with Germany is not valid. If we are weak at the front, the roar. movement in Germany will be divided "(Sef SE, Roar-tion, 1917. in the Caucasus, Tiflis, 1927,. 112-13). At the 1 st All-Russia. Congress of Soviets of the RNC (June), elected member of. Central Executive Committee, July 27, signed an address OZAKOMa banning the unauthorized occupation of land by peasants. August 4. ordered the collection of taxes from the peasants, August 9, on the protection of the interests of the landowners in solving their disputes with peasants. The Congress Menshevik. and combined with-d. org-tions (August) was elected member of. CC RSDRGKo). In Sept.. chaired a meeting of the cargo. th. parties, which was put forward the idea of creating Zakavk. Seimas.

After October. Revolution of published Oct. 28. Circular for the lips., reg. and env. commissars of the right to make arrests in connection with efforts roar. Traffic. When creating Zakavk. Commissariat 15 Nov.. appointed Commissioner for Low-va ext. Affairs. 20 Nov.. ordered Kutaisi Province. Commissioner decides to take action against the peasants Sharapanskogo have 'refused to pay rent. 26 Nov.. elected Comrade. prev. National. Council of Georgia, was in charge of commissions, rural and Muslim Affairs of Georgia. Elected member of. Inaugural. Coll. (from Zakavk. izbirat. distr.). December 22. as Commissioner for the Interior Ministry ordered to suppress the roar. Movement in Kutaisi Province.

14 Feb.. 1918 formed the Prospect of the Transcaucasian Democratic Federative Republic (3FDR), where he took positions before. Council of Ministers and mines. Foreign. Affairs. In this capacity, led a delegation ZFDR in peace negotiations with Germany and Turkey in Trebizond and Batum. After the collapse of ZFDR Chkhenkeli on the proposal was "the Act of Independence of Georgia", and from May 25, entered the Prospect of the Georgian Democratic Republic of the Minister of Foreign Affairs. He headed the Georgian delegation at the talks with the Abkhaz People's Council on entering Abkhazia into Georgia leaving her full internal autonomy: the negotiations with Turkey on a peace treaty on May 28 signed an agreement on Germany monopolistic exploitation of natural resources of Georgia,
. Sep 8. presented to the highest military award. Order of Germany for its assistance. occupation. bodies. January 19. 1920 attended a meeting of the five (Allied), which promised to put up against the Bolsheviks 50 thousand. soldiers. In March 1921 he emigrated and continued his struggle against the Owls. power.

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Chkhenkeli Akaki Ivanovich, photo, biography
Chkhenkeli Akaki Ivanovich, photo, biography Chkhenkeli Akaki Ivanovich  The Party leader, photo, biography
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