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Danton, Georges Jacques (Georges Jacques Danton)

( Political activist era of the French Revolution)

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Biography Danton, Georges Jacques (Georges Jacques Danton)
photo Danton, Georges Jacques (Georges Jacques Danton)
Georges Jacques Danton (1759 - 1794) was born October 26, 1759 in Arcis-sur-Aube, was the fourth son of a provincial prosecutor. He studied at the seminary college at Troyes (1772-80). Arriving in Paris, Danton served as an assistant prosecutor, then bought the bar (1787). Speaking in the Trial Chambers of the Parliament of Paris, Danton quickly gained fame for customers and rare oratorical talent. A man of huge stature and physical strength, with an ugly flat-nosed, pock-marked and scarred face, he possessed a powerful and beautiful voice, charisma and skill to convince. In 1787-93 Danton was married to Gabrielle Charpentier, and they had three sons (eldest died in infancy). After the death of Gabrielle Danton was married to Louise Gely (1793).

On the eve of Bastille Day (July 14, 1789) Danton's voice calling Parisians to Arms. Possessing all the qualities of tribune of the people, he quickly became one of the revolutionary leaders and was elected chairman of the radical Cordeliers Club, being both a member of the Jacobin Club.

. Danton played an important role in the campaign of the poor at Versailles (5-6 October 1789)
. Forced to flee in 1791. England, on his return he was elected deputy prosecutor of the Paris Commune. Danton urged people to the deposition of the King (17 July 1792), taking up positions in the Executive Committee and the Rebel commune, participated in the preparation of the uprising on Aug. 10, 1792, Mr.. After the overthrow of the monarchy was appointed Minister of Justice of the revolutionary government. He was one of the few who managed to keep calm when the intervention occurs in August-September 1792, Mr.. He prevented the government to leave Paris, sent to the provincial commissioners, to inspire the masses and to recruit volunteers, arrested in Paris about three thousand suspicious. September 2, 1792, Mr.. Danton spoke from the rostrum of the Legislative Assembly: "The ringing of the alarm, which rings out, this is not an alarm, a call to fight against the enemies of the fatherland. To defeat them, have courage, boldness and courage again, and then France will be saved! ". However, as Minister of Justice, Danton was guilty of connivance mass extrajudicial killings of the royalists in the prisons of Paris (September 1792). As a deputy of the Convention voted for the execution of Louis XVI, actively fought the Girondins. During this period he was also engaged in foreign policy, the organization of the revolutionary army. In 1793, Mr.. initiative Danton was created a revolutionary tribunal on the path of terror. However, after the defeat of the Girondins, he Considering that the achievement of the revolution already secured, Danton began to speak of the need to end terror. "I propose - he said - not to believe those who would lead the people outside the revolution and would offer an ultra-revolutionary measures". Since that time, Danton openly and strongly opposed the supporters of terror, to the most radical sectors, Chaumette and HцLbert, Robespierre and helps deal with them.

But he arouses suspicions of Robespierre, who finds a line Dantonists not revolutionary. Under pressure from Robespierre, Danton and his supporters March 31, 1794, Mr.. were arrested and charged with relations with the Girondins and the appropriation of public money and pr. Court revolutionary tribunal over the death penalty, and April 5, 1794, Mr.. Danton, with his closest associates were guillotined. "Show my head to the people - he said to the executioner - it is worth it."

Personality and activity Danton extremely contradictory. Danton's undeniable achievements in promoting the principles of the French Revolution. However, Danton was one of those figures who have been waiting for the revolution quick personal gain. During the revolution, Danton had amassed enormous wealth of the land by buying domestic assets. In order to enrich themselves, he used the requisition to the needs of the Army. Danton rushed between his fame and the desire to stop the leader of the revolutionary wheel to quietly enjoy the life and property, but the tragic fate brought him to the scaffold.

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Danton, Georges Jacques (Georges Jacques Danton), photo, biography
Danton, Georges Jacques (Georges Jacques Danton), photo, biography Danton, Georges Jacques (Georges Jacques Danton)  Political activist era of the French Revolution, photo, biography
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