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( The King of Naples)

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Biography CARL III
Charles III - from the Bourbon. King of Naples in 1734-1759 he. King of Spain in 1759-1788 he. Son of Philip V and Elizabeth of Parma.
Wife: from 1738 g. Maria Amalia, daughter of the King of Poland August II (genus. 1724 g. + 1760).

genus. 1716 g. 15 December. 1788 g.

* * *

In 1731, after the death of the last Duke Farnaze and under a contract with France and England, Charles was proclaimed Duke of Parma. During the War of Polish Succession, in 1733, Philip V entered into an alliance with France on the condition that Charles be allowed to possess the kingdom of Naples and Sicily. In early 1734, Mr.. Karl with 20-thousand army marched out of Parma to the south of the peninsula. Neapolitans immediately rebelled against the Austrians and everywhere welcomed as a liberator of Charles. 15 May, he was crowned with great pomp at Naples. Soon Bitonto in Puglia Austrian army was defeated. Gaeta and Capua opened before the Spanish Gate. In November, the winners crossed over to Sicily, which is as easily subdued power of the Bourbons. Under the peace treaty in 1738, Mr.. Emperor Charles VII prizial Charles King of Naples and Sicily, taking himself as compensation for the Duchy of Parma. During the War of Austrian Succession Charles was again obliged to defend their possessions from the Austrians. In August 1744, Mr.. Valletri gate and on the streets of this city there was a fierce battle. The attack was repulsed by the Austrians.

Karl has made many improvements in the kingdom. He decorated the beautiful buildings of Naples, when it was erected a magnificent palace in Caserta. Across the country, carried out roads and bridges, using well-known lawyer Tanucci king held a very important legislative reforms. It severely restricted the privileges of the clergy and nobility, and overlaid them with tribute. Major aristocracy, he was forced to relocate from their holdings in the capital, making the royal power significantly strengthened. When in 1759 Mr.. died without issue, his elder brother, Spain's King Ferdinand Karl refused Neapolitan crown in favor of his son and came to the Spanish throne.

. In Spain, he continued to lead a simple and abstemious life of the Italian citizen
. His cheerful disposition, kindness and politeness charmed everyone who dealt with him. Distinguished by meticulous honesty and unwavering fairness, Carl always with great care in performing their royal duties. With deep devotion he had exceptional freedom of spirit. Without the outstanding talents, he was due to his clear mind and a deep love for the people's welfare was the best of the emperor, a saw Spain since Ferdinand and Isabella. He was not just great, he was a good king. His reign was very beneficial for the country. Reforms of Charles proceeded from the idea of enlightened absolutism. All feudal liberty provinces were abolished. Courts have ceased to be convened. Power was concentrated in the hands of royal ministers. Granda finally lost its former importance. In 1767, Mr.. Charles has banned the Jesuits and drove them out of the country. The power of the church was limited, and she had to obey all the decrees of the King. Church property was levied tribute. Charles, however, did not dare to abolish the Inquisition, but during his reign at the fire sent only four. Were conducted to improve the administrative system, army, founded a number of new schools, built munitions factories. Continued to build ships and the Naval Academy was founded, so that Spain would maintain its prestige Sea Power. (However, participation in the Seven Years' War was worth the loss of Spain in Florida.) Creating a new, more balanced tax system has increased the annual government revenue in the four-fold. A law on freedom of movement, import and export of grain, reduced fees - all this revived trade. King every encouragement to industry and agriculture. Cities were connected by excellent highways. Much has been done to public education and accustom the Spaniards to work. When Charles began a spiritual revival of the nation.

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CARL III, photo, biography
CARL III, photo, biography CARL III  The King of Naples, photo, biography
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