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Louis-Philippe-Joseph (Louis-Philippe-Joseph)

( Prince)

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Biography Louis-Philippe-Joseph (Louis-Philippe-Joseph)
photo Louis-Philippe-Joseph (Louis-Philippe-Joseph)
Louis-Philippe-Joseph, Duke of OrlцLans (1747-1793) came from a family, whose members belonged to the youngest lateral branch of the Bourbons. Great-grandson of the Regent Philippe d'Orleans, until the death of his father (1785) bore the title of Duke of Chartres. Belonged to the party hostile to Marie Antoinette, has consistently demonstrated an aversion to the court style of life. In 1787, Mr.. in the assembly of notables defended the third estate and defended the right of Parliament to the King. During the famine years 1787-1788. helping those in need of food, which helped increase his popularity. In 1789, Mr.. was elected from the nobility in the States-General, where he joined the deputies of the third estate to proclaim itself the National Assembly. In the summer of 1789. Duke was one of the most beloved of the people on the eve of Bastille Day on the streets of Paris under the cries of "Long live the Duke of Orleans" is not just his bust was carried. At June 23, 1791, the day after the arrest of a fugitive king Louis XVI, was solemnly adopted in the Jacobin Club. On the proposal sounded a regent of the kingdom announced that forever waives its rights to the regency. In September 1792, Mr.. demanded by the Paris Commune to give him another name, because he could no longer carry its decree after the Constituent Assembly forbade titles of nobility. The municipality has chosen for him the name of Philippe Egalite (ie. equality). In the same month, elected to the Convent of Paris. where he joined the Montagnards.

The presence in the ranks of the Montagnards, the first prince of blood "was used for the constant accusations Girondins Mountains in an attempt to elevate him to the throne. In December 1792, Mr.. the proposal Girondin Buzot Convent a decree on the exile of the Duke of Orleans, but after a few days to revoke its decision. In January 1793, Mr.. voted for the king's execution, while in the room murmurs rose. Girondins never ceased to look at him as a future contender for the throne, claiming that the party Mountains has only the execution of Louis XVI to elevate to the throne of Philip Egalite. Montagnards also concluded that the presence of one of the Bourbons in their ranks will always arouse suspicion and reproach.

April 5, 1793, Mr.. his eldest son the Duke of Chartres, together with General Dumouriez defected to the Austrians. In this regard, on April 7 The Convention decreed that all members of the family of the Bourbons, but contained in the Temple (including Philippe Egalite and his two sons) should be arrested and deported in Marseille. After a six-month imprisonment at Fort Saint-Jacques in Marseille, the former Duke was transferred to Paris and imprisoned in the Conciergerie.

Shortly after the trial. Public prosecutor of the revolutionary tribunal Fouquier-Tenvil not even deemed it necessary to prepare for Philippe Egalite separate indictment, . and appended to act against the Girondins, . despite, . that the Girondins were the most implacable enemies Egalite,
. Prince listened with surprise to the prosecution that he belongs to a party Brissot, the same Brissot, who has repeatedly insisted on the arrest of the prince, and that he wanted to build on the French throne, the Duke of York. Despite the absurdity of the charges, the court passed the death sentence.

After the pronouncement of sentence by the Prince turned to the chairman of the court: "If you decide to kill me, then you ought to find this for any excuse. Now you can not convince anyone that they themselves really think me guilty of all that, what you accused me. "

Before his execution, Duke had breakfast oysters, fried chicken and drank two bottles of champagne. The scaffold went up on November 6 with head held high, graciously in spite of the triumphant crowd:

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Louis-Philippe-Joseph (Louis-Philippe-Joseph), photo, biography
Louis-Philippe-Joseph (Louis-Philippe-Joseph), photo, biography Louis-Philippe-Joseph (Louis-Philippe-Joseph)  Prince, photo, biography
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