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Paleologue (Paleologue) George Morris

( French politicians)

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Biography Paleologue (Paleologue) George Morris
Paleologue (Paleologue) George Morris (January 13. 1859, Paris 21 Nov.. 1944, ibid). Since 1880 he served in the French Foreign Ministry in 1912-14 Director of his political department of the Foreign Ministry. Was close to the president of France P. Poincare, took antigermanskie position. Since January. 1914 Ambassador of France in St. Petersburg, contributed to the involvement of Russia in the 1 st world war, during a-swarm, defending the interests of France, tried to put pressure on the growing. Prospect in order to more active participation of troops Ros. Empire military. actions. Obtained wide acquaintance in the aristocratic., Governments, and societies. circles in Petrograd.

In the 1917 work Palaeologus became a real factor in his political life in Russia. In January, had regular contact with mines. Foreign. Affairs NN. Pokrovsky. In a conversation with him 27 February., After receiving information about the plans of the Council of Ministers sformirobat new cabinet headed by the gene. NV. Ruzsky (in August. 1916 - April. 1917 Commander of the Northern Front), recommended as a unity, a way out of this situation, the immediate appointment of min-va, credible Duma "(Paleologue M., Tsarist Russia before the Revolution of, per. with the French., 2 ed., M., 1991,. 459). February 28. with English. Ambassador J. Buchanan visited Pokrovsky and advocated the need "to the Emperor immediately bowed with a fait accompli, and appointed Minister in the days. K-State T. Duma, and granted amnesty to insurgents ... if he had personally appeared the army and the people, if he himself from the porch Kazan, the cathedral said that for Russia a new era, it would be welcomed ... But tomorrow it would be too late ... "(ibid.,. 462). Returning to the embassy after the conversation, Paleologos was stopped by the crowd at the Summer Garden and on the proposal to welcome the Russian. roar-tion said: "I am better able to honor the Russian. roar-tion, as suggested by you cry with me: "Long live the war!" (ibid.,. 463). In the evening, he met with a representative of the chairman Provisional. K-State is the. Duma, said DOS. French goals. Diplomacy in Russia: "... to influence Revolution of was, if possible, is limited and that the order was quickly restored ... French. army is preparing for a major offensive and '. honor obliges rus. Army to play in this role "(ibid.,. 464). Speaking about the future state. device of Russia, took the position of maintaining the monarchy, with the possible abdication of Emperor. Nicholas II. March 2, in a telegram to French. Foreign Minister. A Briand Affairs recommended immediately send via п░.п╓. Kerensky (considered its center, the figure of the events) French appeal. Socialists, referring to a sense of Russian patriotism. Socialists (in order to maintain the Entente). The abdication of Nicholas II considered the inevitable: "... a month already unhappy monarch felt convicted" (ibid.,. 472).

At the request of mines. Foreign. Provisional Affairs. Prospect Island P.N. Milyukova March 3, visited him: support ACCESSED. pr-in: "I still do not have the opportunity to tell you that the PR of the Republic recognizes the regime, to-ing you have installed, but ... I can assure you of its most active and most sympathetic support" (ibid.,. 476). Concurrently. Paleologue demanded "that the pr-in immediately announced his decision to continue the war ... the end "(Ignatiev, AV, Ext. Provisional Policy. pr-va, M. 1974,. 125). Evaluating the initial activity Time. pr-wah, noted that "... none of the people standing in the present. time in power, has neither his political outlook, no determination, nor the fearlessness and courage, to-ryh requires such a terrible situation "(" Imperial Russia with ,..",. 478). Anticipating future developments, central place assigned Petrograd. Council RNC: "To name only Chkheidze, Tsereteli, Zinoviev and Axelrod. Here are the real heroes of the drama begins "(ibid.).

Not content obtained from growing. MFA information every day trying to visit the streets of Petrograd, in places publich. Meetings. March 5 telegraphed French. MFA: "... Can the new Prospect of rapidly implement the necessary reforms? It truly says it, but I did not believe that. In Military. and Civil. Administration reigns no longer a mess, and disorganization and anarchy "(ibid.,. 479). Following the publication of treatment ACCESSED. Prospect Island to the citizens of Russia on March 6 in a rum-only briefly mentioned the obligation to "comply with all unions". March 7 Paleologue visited Milyukova: "I neudivlen expressions in k-ryh Announced ... manifesto ... I am nonetheless outraged by them. Not even declared determination to continue the war till the end ... "(ibid.,. 484). Paleologue more grimly assessed the evolving situation: "I see the alleged tyranny of the Council, the despotism of the extreme parties, the dominance of the utopians and anarchists" (ibid.,. 489). The evening on March 11 was present at their official. Provisional recognition ceremony. Prospect Island in the Mariinsky Palace. Announcing the acceptance of pr-va Franz. Republic, reiterating the need to continue the war. March 17 noted that "Russia is doomed to federalism, ... the current separatist movement is much more than the regional ... it seeks neither more nor less than to th. decay "(ibid.,. 500). Defended the idea that the Revolution of the results are unpredictable: "... take into account that the Russian. roar-tion has barely begun and that the known forces, to-Eye is destined to play a huge role in it, such as: RGM. lust, racial antagonisms, social disintegration, economical. collapse, the Jewish passion, there are still hidden "(ibid.,. 503).

In those days the press began to spread opinions about the need to change Paleologos because of its pronounced antisots. position and very skeptical attitude towards Petrograd. Council RDA and Time. Prospect vu. March 23 Paleologue telegraphed the new mines. Foreign. Affairs of France A. Ribot their willingness to leave the post of ambassador. In his memoirs, his statement, explained that "the confidence of the old regime and not to have any confidence in the new regime '(ibid.,. 507). March 25 attended a concert to benefit victims of Revolution of having learned that he would speak before. Petrograd. Council RDA NS. Chkheidze demanding Russia's withdrawal from the war, left the room. April 1. received at the embassy arrived in Petrograd French. Socialists - National MPs. Assembly, despite disagreements over the assessment of the situation in Russia, Palaeologus and the Socialists have agreed that their chapter. to be keeping Russia in the war. April 7. a meeting with French. Socialists sharply criticized their activities in Petrograd, describing the event, said: "Eng. roar-tion ... can only lead to terrible demagoguery and rabble soldiery, to break all th. links to a complete collapse of Russia. When naked characteristic of Russian. nature, she soon comes to the extreme: it will inevitably perish among the devastation and barbarism, horror and chaos ... Is it possible to prevent a catastrophe such means as the inaugural. meeting or military. coup? I doubt it ... Support for-ц╟цЁц╬ you have a very elements that will accelerate the finish. catastrophe "(ibid.,. 519).

Arrived in Petrograd with special. Miss France. Minister of Armaments and prom-sti A. Tom April 10. Ribot Paleologue handed the letter to withdraw its "on holiday". Paleologue telegraphed April 13. Ribot: "The strong tone to-ing, I take the liberty to recommend to you, of course, runs the risk as to the extreme consequences to breaking the Union ..." (ibid.,. 527); recommended that dramatically reduce the amount offered by Russia France. Loans. Tom sent a telegram from the opposite point of view (positively assessed the situation in Russia). When asked about the state of affairs in Russia Palaeologus sent theses: "1. Anarchy is distributed throughout Russia and permanently paralyzing her ... 2. ... with the most favorable conditions, it can not be completely eliminate their federal debt earlier months ... 4. ... we must not delay further, very secretive search for a way to persuade Turkey to ensure that it suggested the world "(ibid.,. 540). Franz. Prospect of taking a more optimistic. point of view of Tom.

May 3 Paleologue went to France. In 1917-18 played an active role in the preparation of French. Military. intervention in Soviet Russia. In 1920-21 the gene. secretary. French FM. From 1921 Retired: engaged lit. activities. In 1928 elected a member of Franz. Academy.

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Paleologue (Paleologue) George Morris, photo, biography
Paleologue (Paleologue) George Morris, photo, biography Paleologue (Paleologue) George Morris  French politicians, photo, biography
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