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Jerome Petion de Villeneuve (Jerome Petion de Villeneuve)

( Attorney)

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Biography Jerome Petion de Villeneuve (Jerome Petion de Villeneuve)
photo Jerome Petion de Villeneuve (Jerome Petion de Villeneuve)
Jerome Petion de Villeneuve (1756-1794), son of a lawyer and himself a lawyer, and then subdelegat intendant Orleans in g. Chartres, in 1789, Mr.. was elected to the States-General of the Third Estate Chartres balyazha. After the proclamation of the Constituent Assembly, along with Robespierre joined the group of deputies, seeking continuation of the reforms and later received the name of "hard left". When discussing the right to "veto" the king proposed to overcome the "veto" appeal to the people, ie. actually a referendum. In December, 1789. a proposal to turn assignats issued for repayment of debts of the state and give the right to acquire them national property, money, canceling interest income on them. At the same time from the platform assembly defended the black slaves in the French colonies. In July 1791, after an unsuccessful attempt to escape of Louis XVI had requested a trial of the King.

By mid-1791. became one of the most popular in Paris, Deputies. After the dissolution of the Constituent Assembly in November 1791. was elected mayor of Paris, the number of votes cast by more than half ahead of Lafayette. Detached from the post of King of sympathy for the participants of the demonstration 20 June 1792, was restored to its decision of the Legislative Assembly. The second half of 1792, Mr.. gradually moving toward the Girondins. Aug. 3 on behalf of the Parisian sections addressed the Legislature with a petition for dethronement of Louis XVI. During the uprising on 10 August, on the one hand, sympathizing with the insurgents, on the other hand, as the official was available to counter them, hesitated, until he was imprisoned revolutionary Commune, a 24-hour house arrest. In September 1792, Mr.. Petion was elected the first president of the National Convention. During the discussion on the trial of Louis XVI spoke out against the integrity of the King, . but disagreed with the proposal of Robespierre declared a traitor to the king and the offender, . without resorting to judicial proceedings, . insisted on the need for a trial,

In his speech in the Convention, said that he felt obliged to vote for the death sentence, but warned that the execution of the king will seize foreign powers as a pretext for war against the French Republic. March 4, 1793, Mr.. Petion was appointed chairman of the Committee of Public Defense. In April, the "Letter to the Parisians in the form of sharply opposed" incite war between the haves and have-nots "and any encroachments on the property. June 2, 1793, Mr.. along with 28 other leaders of the party was arrested Girondist. He fled to southwest France, together with their friends, Girondins several months hiding in g. Saint-Emilion. This time is used to write memoirs. After their asylum was discovered, together with the Girondins Buzot hid in the woods. A few days later, June 18, 1794, peasants discovered their bodies in the woods, much gnawed by wolves.

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Jerome Petion de Villeneuve (Jerome Petion de Villeneuve), photo, biography
Jerome Petion de Villeneuve (Jerome Petion de Villeneuve), photo, biography Jerome Petion de Villeneuve (Jerome Petion de Villeneuve)  Attorney, photo, biography
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