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Saint-Just, Louis Antoine (Antoine-Louis-Leon de Saint-Just)

( Political activist)

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Biography Saint-Just, Louis Antoine (Antoine-Louis-Leon de Saint-Just)
photo Saint-Just, Louis Antoine (Antoine-Louis-Leon de Saint-Just)
Louis Antoine Saint-Just (1769-1794) was born in Dezise, in the family of the landowner. Father, an old soldier honored, the son of rich peasants. He died when his son was 10 years old.

In 1792, Mr.. Saint Just - Member of the Convention. One of the first performances - when discussing the fate of Louis XVI with a proposal to execute the king without a trial. After this speech, an unknown young man became a famous political figure.
In January 1793, Mr.. become a member of the Constitutional Commission of the Jacobin Club. In April Convent presented its draft constitution, after which he was involved in the committee to complete the constitution-making was put to the Committee of Public Safety. In July, on behalf of the Committee introduced the report of the Convent accusation against the Girondins. Sincere and loyal supporter of Robespierre, Saint-Just a lot of help to him in the fight against the Gironde, has become one of the main figures of the Convention. He suggested October 10, 1793, Mr.. suspend the entry into force of the Constitution in 1793 (Saint-Just was involved in its preparation) to the victory and send the Committee the function of the revolutionary government with emergency powers.
Saint-Just proved himself an excellent organizer of the missions in the Rhine and the northern army in an emergency government commissioner. In a short time being able to supply the army with everything necessary and harsh measures by restoring discipline, Saint-Just was able to achieve a decisive turn at the front. But bringing order to supply the army was accompanied by total requisitions among the secured portion of the local population.
Returning to Paris, Saint-Just 26 February 1794, Mr.. in his report declared the principle that "one who showed himself an enemy of his country, can not be her owner". According to the report by the Convention was adopted by the decree of 8 vantoza II, declaring "the property Patriots sacred and inviolable, and property of persons deemed to be" enemies of the revolution ", due to nationalization.

In March-April 1794, Mr.. Saint-Just in the Convention read four indictments report, many accusations were clearly absurd, which resulted in trials and the execution of the leading figures and factions Hebertists Dantonists. During his last mission, Saint-Just in the army in June 1794, Mr.. with his direct participation was a great victory at Fleryusse. United forces of the three French armies routed the Austrian army under the command of the Duke of Coburg, and then continued the offensive.
. 9 Thermidor Saint-Just on behalf of the Committees of Public Safety and General Security had to speak in the Convention to report on the political situation
. However, the report has remained unread. As a result of the stormy sessions of the Convention a decree for the arrest of Robespierre, Saint-Just, Couthon ineskolkih their supporters. The next day they were guillotined.

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Saint-Just, Louis Antoine (Antoine-Louis-Leon de Saint-Just), photo, biography
Saint-Just, Louis Antoine (Antoine-Louis-Leon de Saint-Just), photo, biography Saint-Just, Louis Antoine (Antoine-Louis-Leon de Saint-Just)  Political activist, photo, biography
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