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Hц?bert, Jacques-Rene (Jacques-Rene Hebert)

( French politicians)

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Biography Hц?bert, Jacques-Rene (Jacques-Rene Hebert)
photo Hц?bert, Jacques-Rene (Jacques-Rene Hebert)
Hц?bert, Jacques-Renц? (1757 - 1794) was born November 15, 1757, Mr.. in Alencon family jeweler. He studied at the Jesuit School. Later he studied medicine. Arriving in 1780, Mr.. in Paris, tried many professions. He started from the position of warehouse keeper, and then interrupted the literary earnings hired servants, in 1786, Mr.. became ushers at the Variety, where some time later was fired for stealing.

With the abolition of censorship Hebert returns to journalism. Appeared in November 1790, Mr.. his paper "Per Duchesne (" Pere Duchesne ") as his rough" sankyulotskim tongue "stood out among the sea of publications of the time. In French folklore, there was a way of Pere Duchesne - brave, never losing heart masonry - buffoon with a huge pipe in his mouth. Edition of the newspaper on behalf of this character, masterfully using sharp offensive language, not knowing the boundaries of his political radicalism, Hebert has managed to gain immense popularity among the poor of Paris.

After an unsuccessful escape of the royal family Hebert took a sharp antiroyalistskuyu position and starts a venomous campaign against Louis XVI. Through the words of Pere Duchesne calls the King "thick pig" and "cowardly deserter", declares that he, a simple stove-maker, is ready to become a regent.

. As one of the leaders of the Cordeliers Club and a representative of the Paris Commune, Hц?bert participated in the preparation of the uprising on August 10, overthrew the monarchy
. After the start of the Convention in its newspaper demanded the death penalty to Louis XVI, removal of the Girondins from the Convention and the establishment of the revolutionary government. Since December 1792, Mr.. became the deputy prosecutor of the Paris Commune. He was one of the leaders of the uprising on May 31 - June 2, 1793, which forced Convent decide on the arrest of the Girondins. The inspiration and one of the ideologists of the campaign to eliminate the influence of the Catholic Church in France and the transformation of church buildings in the temples of Reason.

. At all stages of the revolution Hebert demanded the elimination of large property, destruction of the rich and traders, the introduction of terror in the most extreme form, and in consequence, increase of terror against all those he considered enemies of the revolution.

. In March 1794, using the discontent of the poor of Paris food shortages, along with some other leaders of the Cordeliers club called on the people for another armed uprising, "a new May 31"
. Convinced that the general council of the Paris Commune insurrection is not ready, gave the retreat and tried to justify. But useless. On the night of March 14 report on the Convent of Saint-Just decide on the arrest of Hebert and his. A week later held a trial. Along with the traditional for that time, the political charges of "conspiracy against the freedom of the French people and attempting to overthrow the republican government," Hebert was accused of stealing an ordinary shirts and bed linen. All defendants were convicted, and guillotined on March 24.

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Hц?bert, Jacques-Rene (Jacques-Rene Hebert), photo, biography
Hц?bert, Jacques-Rene (Jacques-Rene Hebert), photo, biography Hц?bert, Jacques-Rene (Jacques-Rene Hebert)  French politicians, photo, biography
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