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Berlaga Hendrik Petrus

( Architect)

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Biography Berlaga Hendrik Petrus
photo Berlaga Hendrik Petrus
Hendrik Petrus Berlage was born February 21, 1856 in Amsterdam. Higher education he received at the Polytechnic Institute in Zurich (1875-1878) professors and Standigerna Latiusa. In 1880-1881 years he traveled to Italy, Austria and Germany. Architectural practice began with T. Sanders. They designed storage buildings, waxworks in Amsterdam, spoke at architectural competitions

. The most significant among the early works Berlage - buildings insurance company, De Netherlands "(1895), . Savings Bank (1898-1914), . Union workers - cutter of diamonds (1900) and the company "De Shinborg" (1903) in Amsterdam, . Station Haarlem,
. In these studies Berlage gave the brick, his favorite building material, a whole new sound, skillfully combining with natural stone.

In 1898, Berlage built the building in Amsterdam Stock Exchange.

The Amsterdam Stock Exchange is a brick building, no stucco or outside, or inside. Ground floor plan, which consists of three halls with a glass ceiling, is very compact. The largest room is commodity exchange, which dominates the whole building. Through the open arches leading to the rooms and meeting rooms brokers commissions, you can see the centrally located hall of the Exchange.

The internal layout of the building rationally organized in accordance with its function. In this building Berlage, referring to the rationalistic tendencies in the architecture of the past, gave an example, fruitful for strengthening rationalism in contemporary architecture.

. Realizing the importance Amsterdam Stock Exchange, is not difficult to explain why Berlage was a supporter of American architecture, especially the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright
. Berlage visited America in 1911 after it was completed RTS. He found in American houses are exactly the traits that he had so passionately defend in complete solitude.

. Reinforced concrete, which Berlage not classed among the natural materials worthy of identification, it is usually concealed brick facing
. However, he considered it necessary in 1914 in the administrative building of "Holland-House" (Dutch House) in London to identify and highlight in the composition of metrical rhythm, caused by a reinforced concrete frame construction.

. The outstanding role belongs to Berlage and Urban Development
. The activity began with a city planner Berlage reconstruction projects in slum areas of Amsterdam, . setting themselves the task of post-cost housing for workers ( "Amsterdam-Sц+d, . draft of the first stage of reconstruction - 1902, . second - 1915-1917),
. In 1908, he drafted a redevelopment of The Hague, in the years 1922-1928 - Utrecht. In these studies a big step forward is the decision of the quarter as a single array of municipal buildings, in contrast to the fragmented conglomerate of private buildings.

Last work Berlage was the municipal museum in The Hague (1919-1934). The building is quite rationalistic, built on a simple clear terms, the appearance of which is simple and expressive. Nice to use the surface of water surrounding the building.

In 1905 he published in Leipzig book "Reflections on the style. Berlage was never involved in teaching, but have read many occasional lectures, had a wide resonance. The best known was a series of lectures, . read in Zurich in the years 1907-1908 ( "Principles and development of architecture"), . where he first mentions the "real", . concept, . which was adopted as one of the main supporters of the German rationalist architecture,
. The text of these lectures was published in 1908 in Berlin.

Berlage died August 12, 1934 in The Hague.

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Berlaga Hendrik Petrus, photo, biography
Berlaga Hendrik Petrus, photo, biography Berlaga Hendrik Petrus  Architect, photo, biography
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