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BRYULLOV Aleksandr Pavlovich

( Architect)

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Biography BRYULLOV Aleksandr Pavlovich
photo BRYULLOV Aleksandr Pavlovich
Briullov born November 29, 1798 in St. Petersburg in the family "Academician ornamental sculpture" Pavel Ivanovich Brullo.

In January 1810 Alexander Brullo became a student of the Academy of Arts.

And in high school Brullo worked successfully. In 1819 he received a silver medal, the first of dignity "for drawing from nature, and two silver medals, the first and second dignity" for the architectural composition.

December 31, 1820, Alexander has completed a course. He was awarded the certificate of the first degree and the title of artist of the fourteenth class.

January 15, 1821 the young architect, joined the "Commission for the construction of St. Isaac's Cathedral, where he worked until August 1822. Soon, the life of Alexander changed dramatically: the glory of the brilliant ability to take Brullo and successes they have in the process of teaching, has spread outside of the Academy of Arts and attracted the attention of the Society for Encouragement of Artists. It has made for permission from the king to send his brothers retired abroad for improvements in the art. In connection with travel abroad to have their name is added the letter "a", and in the history of art are logged in as brothers Alexander and Charles Bryullov.

In mid-September, travelers come to Berlin, where we stayed for about a month. In Rome Bryullov arrived in May 1823, spent nine months on the road.

In 1830 Bryullov again came to St Petersburg. In the competition for the title of academician, he presented a draft of the Invalides - Asylum for Disabled Soldiers - in the Black Sea.

Center of the composition is a church, raised high on the terrace, which leads to a wide main staircase. The Church is like an ancient temple Doric. The entire complex is conceived as a holistic architectural ensemble, composition associated with the sea-shore terraces, stairs and ramps. Its festive appearance corresponds to the southern Crimean landscapes.

Since 1820 marks the Gothic fascination with the emergence of new romantic tendencies, opposing the classicism. Alexander Bryullov not remained aloof from the stylistic searches. The desire to get rid of the "laws adopted by the rules" Bryullov carries in his first building - the building of the church in Pargolovo, commissioned by the Countess Polje.

In 1835 the architect built a manor Count Slavyanka wooden theater.

The construction of Briullov effected by the orders of individuals and located in the vicinity of Leningrad, and is a little known church of St. Catherine in the estate of Prince L.P. Wittgenstein.

First built Brullov he has made to order individuals in the vicinity of St. Petersburg, established his reputation as a talented, educated architect and drew it to the attention of the Government. Construction of the Mikhailovsky Theater (1831-1833) reinforced this authority, and in 1833 Bryullov attracted to work in Kronstadt. This year, for the approval of Nicholas I presented three options for building design Gradskij official place of civil authorities in Kronstadt, designed by architect E.X. Annertom. King did not like the appearance of the building, resulting followed instructions: "... hold the architect Bryullov make new ones for the main facade of this building drawings by the remarks made by His Majesty."

. The final height of the building is reduced, the architecture of the facades are extremely laconic, typical of the government buildings of late Classicism
. Center is highlighted by large openings with pilasters on the second floor and facade.

In 1831, Alexander P. married Baroness Alexandra Rahl.

Misfortunes began in 1834 when he died of consumption, the younger brother of Alexander Bryullov Ivan. In 1835 Bryullov lost his father and his three-year first-born.

. These distressing for the days of Alexander coincided with the period of his hard work over, perhaps the most significant of his work - the main Pulkovo Astronomical Observatory of the Academy of Sciences.

. Creation of the Pulkovo Observatory was a major event in the cultural life of Russia 1830

In December 1833 Briullov and tone instructed the drafting, and March 27, 1834 specially created for the Academy of Sciences Board on the construction of the main Pulkovo, spoke in favor of the proposal Briullov.

The artistic image of the main building of the Pulkovo Observatory clearly reflects the transitional nature of the architecture of the thirties.

Since July 1836 Bryullov all the time spent on the construction, settling at Pulkovo. In the summer of 1839 the observatory was completed. In August 1833 took bookmark Lutheran Church of St.. Peter on Nevsky Prospect. Capital works were completed in 1836, and finish - in 1838.

The most significant building in St. Petersburg Bryullov is the headquarters building Guards Corps. Its design Bryullov began in the spring of 1837, and July 10 this year the project has already been approved.

. Since mid-1840's on projects of Alexander being built in St. Petersburg two major buildings: Alexandria Hospital (1844-1850) and the House Managers of the Marble Palace (1845-1850).

. In December 1837 a huge fire seized the Winter Palace - the magnificent works of Rastrelli
. Lasted three days, he destroyed all the rooms of the palace. However, in March 1839, that is, fifteen months after the fire, major restoration work was finished.

. As rightly noted by contemporaries, "the resumption of the palace is a training book for future architects and real feat for committing signified"
. Bryullov was one of the three principal architects for the restoration of the palace.

In 1845 Bryullov started the reconstruction of a complete renovation and interior design of the Marble Palace. Interiors of the Winter and the Marble Palace, made to the drawings Briullov, meet the new artistic tastes of the society and became a model for many architects.

. In 1842 he became a professor I degree, and in 1854 became professor emeritus.

. In 1871 the Academy celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of the creative and educational work of Alexander
. In honor of the hero of the day was released on a medal, on the sides of which are depicted Pulkovo Observatory and its builder. In the same year he retired, continuing to remain a member of the Academy.

Emeritus Professor Alexander Briullov died on January 21, 1877. He is buried in Pavlovsk, where they usually spent the summer months.

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