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Biography VANBRU John
photo VANBRU John
John Vanbru was born January 24, 1664. He was the son of a merchant. John's first love was literature. He became well-known British comedians. His literary works characteristic of the last phase of the restoration period. In the comedy "Incorrigible" (1697), "offended spouse" (1687) depicts Vanbru depraved like to know. In the plays "Oedipus" (1697) and "Treacherous Friend" (1702) introduces a moralistic element. The best of his comedy "Conspiracy" (1705).

Before becoming an architect Vanbru still managed to visit the military and spy. Random acquainted with assistant architect Christopher Wren - Nicholas Hoksmorom, ambitious playwright becomes the architect of the aristocrats.

A characteristic feature of the architecture of that time was part of the statement on the architectural field amateurs from among the nobility and the big bourgeoisie. Therefore, the entry Vanbru on architectural path was not an exceptional phenomenon. But Vanbru became in 1702 the controller works, and their own practice is sufficiently extensive. They can not be equated with the amateurs of architecture, build one or two buildings.

. Thus, John Vanbru took an intermediate position between the multi-talented and educated masters 17-th century and narrow specialists XVIII century

In 1699 William Thelma Vanbru shifted to the positions of personal architect Lord Carlyle. Soon, without any preliminary training he designed for Lord Castle Kesl-Houvard in Yorkshire (1699-1726). The castle, . a relatively small central building, . doing a great domed hall, . adjoins the garden a huge building with row of twelve Hall, . and from the Main Courtyard - big wings with different rooms, . connected to the main building of the narrow galleries.,

. The tendency of the young architect of monumental, grandiose, spectacular, but the living arrangement and to focus strongly on architectural volumes reported composition of the ensemble pronounced theatricality inherent in baroque architecture.

. Built Vanbru for the famous Duke of Marlborough Blenheim Castle, near Oxford (1705-1724) had a circumference of about 250 meters, its northern facade - 100 meters in length.

. The share of the architect had the honor of this time to build not just the estate magnate, and a monument of national importance, a monument, which could to some extent compete with Versailles
. After all, the Duke of Marlborough, . won a victory at Blenheim over the troops of Louis XIV, . under the auspices of which lived in England during Charles II and James II, . considered human, . seized power in the country after the coup in 1688, . national hero, . support the new regime, . proclaimed "glorious revolution".,

. Queen Anne gave the Duke 22 000 acres in Woodstock, Oxfordshire
. Parliament has promised half a million pounds to build a castle.

When the Tories under Queen Anne overthrew the Ministry of the Whigs, they did not consider themselves bound to pay the promised subsidy. Construction was interrupted Vanbru lost his place. However, the Whigs triumphed again, and with the coming to power of George II Vanbru was reinstated in his position at court, and the Duke of Marlborough for his account instructed him to finish building the castle. Vanbru knew the theater and theatricality inherent in all of his architectural works, and is inherent in this building. In the depths of the Great Courtyard stands the main building. This main palace adjacent to the right and left two others. Garden facade, with polygonal towers roofless, vysyaschimisya over the four corners of the building, much smaller and more pleasant. Features too much gravity act, however, when considering the complex of buildings from the courtyard.

All such facilities should have at first glance give the impression of grandeur, impressive, solemn. So often the exteriors of the palace was more sumptuous than the internal.

Vanbru peculiar pathos, courage, strength and originality of design, lack of pedantry, which is universal in the next generation of architects. The pursuit of grandiosity led, however, it is sometimes to the fact that its buildings give the impression of overwhelming gravity. Master in a picturesque mass distribution, it is not very fond to think through the details and left them little developed. Often Vanbru accused of inappropriate internal arrangement of its buildings. This, however, was not an individual feature of its architecture. Opponents Vanbru sinned same. Architects and Noble customers began to design their buildings with a facade, and then drove him to plan.

Writers - J. Swift, A. Pop and others - mocked Vanbru style, over his passion to give the massiveness of the buildings. By the time of death of the architect thought he was killed in the opinion of all "people of fine taste". Kesl-Houvard in Yorkshire, as well as the next building Vanbru Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire, is the final stage, a kind of top-planned residential complex solutions in the UK. There is nothing more than a grand is not built in the country, neither before nor after Vanbru. Only unrealized project Whitehall Palace, Inigo Jones surpassed the creative scope Vanbru.

For his architectural projects Vanbru in 1704 received a knighthood.

He died in 1726.

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VANBRU John, photo, biography
VANBRU John, photo, biography VANBRU John  Architect, photo, biography
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