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NERVE Pier Luigi

( Architect)

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Biography NERVE Pier Luigi
photo NERVE Pier Luigi
Pier Luigi Nervi was born June 21, 1891 in the small town of Sondrio in the north of Italy. In 1913 he graduated from the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Bologna and became a civil engineer. Immediately after graduation, Nervi joined in one of the most well-known at that time in Italy design offices Society of reinforced concrete structures, with offices in Bologna and Florence. This work was interrupted from 1915 to 1919 service in the military engineering troops. After the war of nerves resumed its activities in the Florence branch of the society not only as a designer, but the head of works.

. In 1928 Nervi parted with his service in the Society of reinforced concrete structures, and creates a firm of reinforced concrete structures, engineers and Nebbiozi Nervi in Rome, existed till 1932
. Here he carried out his creative vision, which grows his fame grew more and more daring.

With the direct participation Nervi build large structures, such as a cinema and a funicular railway in the streets of Rome to Naples, bank buildings in Bari and other cities, factories and tuberculosis sanatorium in Lecce, the plants in Rome and others. During this period, formed and theoretical views Nervi, improved his creative method. After the construction of a sports stadium in Florence on 35 thousand people in the years 1929-1932 the name Nervi became widely known among the architectural and engineering public opinion in many countries.

. Construction Florentine stadium already finishing a new firm Society of Nervi and Bartoli "in Rome
. This company still exists today, has erected a set of objects with the participation of the Nervi. Mid 1930's - early 1940's architecture is characterized by the Italian fascist government called for the construction of grandiose buildings loom large, . to revive the ancient traditions of imperial Rome, . to establish a "Mediterranean" architecture.,

. In 1943-1945 years the activity of practice Nervi is somewhat reduced, since it operates mainly on the book "Building - the art or science?"
. In this book, Nervi summarizes the experience of previous work, . determine their views on art and the construction of a whole, . attempts to determine the place of mathematical calculations to create structures, . defends his views on the role of intuition in the design, etc.,

. In 1946, the cement was first used in the construction
. Firm "Nervi and Bartoli has built a pilot building - a small warehouse of sheets armotsementa three centimeters thick.

In 1948 Nervi began to design and construction of a number of exhibition halls for the exhibition in the Palace of Turin. He was able to fully show the new design, created by him armotsementnyh prefabricated elements.

In 1949, shortly after the construction of the Turin exhibition Nervi built the swimming pool of the Naval Academy in Livorno. Here vaulted coating formed teams armotsementnymi undulating elements of the same type as in the hall in Turin, but they are curved along the length for the formation of the arched surface.

Nervi fame as a talented teacher. In 1947 he led the design department at the architectural department of the University of Rome. In 1950-1952 years he worked in Latin America, where he conducted a course of architectural design at the architectural faculty of the University of Buenos Aires. In 1950, in Sцёo Paulo, he was awarded the degree of Doctor of Architecture. In 1956 the firm of Nervi and Bartoli, designed trinadtsatietazhnoe building firm Galbani in Milan. In the complex of sports facilities, carried out in Rome for the World Sports Olympiad 1960, is most clearly identified the technical, spatial and artistic possibilities of thin-walled structures made of prefabricated elements armotsementnyh

. In 1960 Nervi, on the recommendation of the Royal Society of British Architects was awarded a gold medal for achievements in the field of architecture.

. One of the most interesting buildings, occupying a significant place in modern foreign architecture - tridtsatidvuhetazhnoe office building company, Pirelli has built the nerve in the years 1955-1959 in collaboration with a group of architects in Milan
. The height of the building - one hundred twenty-four meter. The main structural complexity of the bearing in the selection scheme of the building is determined not only by his great height. They are compounded by the extremely unfavorable site plan - a narrow and elongated.

During these years Nervi invited to other countries. Company Engineers of Nervi and Bartoli receives a huge number of orders is a great building. Increasingly, Nervi works together with his son - the architect Antonio Nervi.

Almost simultaneously, he designs for the U.S. and Australia. In 1961 he teamed up with Antonio designing club racetrack in Liberty Bell Park in Philadelphia.

First built in New York on the draft Nervi building - the bus station for two hundred vehicles. It came into operation in January 1963.

One of the bright structures Nervi, of great interest - he created in 1961 in collaboration with Antonio Nervi building of the Palace of Labor in Turin. It was based on the project, which received first place in the competition.

. Other work Nervi, made by him in collaboration with a specialist in the field of metal constructions - Gino Carpets - covering Burgo paper mill in Mantua, completed in 1962.

. Nervi - master designs, most of which are performed by him from armotsementa
. This feature of his work lies in the fact that, using this method, he achieved perfection in a large variety of forms, created by assembling the individual elements. He showed his works that armotsementnye, mostly prefabricated-monolithic, design is not only economical, but can be and artistic value.

. Buildings Nervi played a significant role in the development of constructive and architectural forms of our time
. They continue to influence architects and designers of different countries.

Nervi, died in 1979.

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NERVE Pier Luigi, photo, biography
NERVE Pier Luigi, photo, biography NERVE Pier Luigi  Architect, photo, biography
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