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Posokhin Mikhail Vasilyevich

( Architect)

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Biography Posokhin Mikhail Vasilyevich
photo Posokhin Mikhail Vasilyevich
Mikhail Posokhin was born December 13, 1910 in Tomsk. He began his career immediately after graduating from high school and became a worker at the construction site of the largest Siberian those years - the construction of the Kuznetsk Metallurgical Combine. Ibid, job training, Posokhin graduated from the school complex and received a diploma civil engineer. The first steps in the architecture Posokhin doing in the project department of the Kuznetsk. In 1932, even without special education, he first performs competitive work - a project of the monument metallurgist Kurako, and gets him first prize.

In 1935 Posokhin moved to Moscow. It took place transformed into a creative friendship familiarity with a. Mndoyants, until the untimely death in 1966, which all work carried out jointly.

In 1938 he graduated from an external Posokhin Moscow Architectural Institute. In the prewar years, an impact that his success in competitions for projects Theater in Komsomolsk and airport in Moscow. This was followed by work to disguise the capital and participation in contests of the war years. In one of them, in 1942, the memorial structure was first proposed to create in the form of the mound with a crowning sculpture - the motive, then repeatedly played up by various authors. In fact, Posokhin demonstrated a special ability to offer a promising idea, theme, approach. By 1943 is the first independent building, more precisely, the restructuring of the administrative building on Frunze Street. Space Arbat Square, which is perceived from the perspective of the building, set the scaling. In 1946 Posokhin already led one of the architectural schools Mossovet. In 1948 he was one of the sponsors of the draft of the first high-rise buildings of the capital. Performed by him with Mndoyants competitive project high-rise apartment building in the square Rebellion awarded the USSR State Prize.

Many of the works were Posokhin certain milestones in the development of Soviet architecture. In this regard, above all, to name the most significant social structure of the country - the Kremlin Palace of Congresses. In the draft of the Palace in 1959, held a closed competition. The result was the adoption of the draft, developed under the leadership Posokhin. Among his other sponsors, he was awarded the Lenin Prize.

In 1960 Posokhin become the chief architect of Moscow, and soon both the head of the Central Planning Authority of the city.

Posokhin erected buildings and abroad. Attracted the attention of world public the USSR pavilion at Expo-67 "in Montreal and Expo 70 in Osaka. The pavilion at EXPO 70 in Osaka, of course, discernible trends of late Corbusier, but, nevertheless, the concept and its development is quite distinct. It reached the highest degree of expression, available forms of a new architecture - not just an abstract symbol, but the visible image of reared and waving the Red flag hovered over the International Exhibition. Posokhin also designs complex buildings of the Soviet Embassy in Brazil and the United States.

In 1960-1970 years of creative baggage master replenished several projects of major public facilities. Among them are projects of the Institute of Technical Aesthetics, the House of knowledge House of peace and friendship, information and commercial center Minpribor and others.

. In 1978 Posokhin elected an Honorary Fellow of the American Institute of Architects.

. As the chief architect of the city Mikhail much effort put into the overall preparation of the capital for the Olympics-80
. He himself was directly involved in creating the most significant Olympic site - a grand sports complex in the area of Prospect Mira. The most striking examples of the classic lines Posokhin last period - this draft Soviet Embassy in Madrid and the Academy of Arts of the USSR in Moscow.

. A new step forward Posokhin managed to do in the draft set of the Academy of Social Sciences (1972-1988)

There is a clear link between creativity Posokhin - an architect and artist. In an effort to clearly convey to the viewer the ideological meaning of his works, he often turned to the synthesis of architecture and fine arts. At the same time because of the emotional effect of these arts he has seen no increase in number of elements, and in the admission of the inclusion of these elements in a composition, in their interaction with the overall architectural design.

. A logical extension of creativity Posokhin was teaching activities and performances in the press
. For several years he led the architectural design at the Moscow Architectural Institute.

. Working on the next architectural theme Posokhin sought to theoretically understand the associated problems, to compile its specific experience and acquaint them with the general public
. This ongoing critical analysis is made an integral part of his creative method. Generalizing work, in which the artist more fully explains his creative credo is the book "City for man". The underlying theme in the book is the idea of the multifaceted concept of architecture, that is not "art, to a greater degree of success integrating many branches of knowledge than architecture."

Mikhail Posokhin died in 1989.

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Posokhin Mikhail Vasilyevich, photo, biography
Posokhin Mikhail Vasilyevich, photo, biography Posokhin Mikhail Vasilyevich  Architect, photo, biography
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