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Biography STERLING, James
photo STERLING, James
James Stirling was born in 1926. In thirty years, he attracted attention, designed in partnership with James marina facilities housing complex Ham Common Flets, the architecture of which bore the clear stamp of Le Corbusier's late style.

. And three years in collaboration with Sterling in the same marina facilities began work on a draft set of Faculty of Engineering, Leicester University
. Completed in 1964, building in Leicester is a sensation and became truly a "paradigm of creativity" for the whole creative generation.

. Breaking the fragility of glass, . contrastly shielding brick surface, . and threatening heavy, . hanging and as if creeps each other volumes, . raid some pointed tehnizirovannosti Forms, . especially the glass-metal, . and as the crowning touch - a stationary crane on the roof with a metal hanging cable, . - Just boggle the imagination and was perceived as a demonstrative, . but undoubted revival at a new level characteristics and motivations of Architecture 1920,
. It Leicester opened the architectural world of James Stirling.

. This was followed by a framed again terraced planes "Glass Symphony" Historical Library at Cambridge University (1964-1967) with an almost equally powerful articulation of forms
. In the years 1966-1971 appeared Florey Building, King's College in Oxford - the product of more classical in its quiet overall composition and design of forms, but, of course, couched in the same expressive style. This same series of works articulated plasticity can be classified Corps dormitoriya University of St Andrews in Scotland (1964-1968) and a number of other projects and buildings with a growing harping features tehnizirovannosti, . complex spatial games overwrought volumes and shapes.,

. This series is logically completed the Learning Center firm Olivetti in Heslmire (1969-1972) - the first completed piece of hi-tech, with its glittering surfaces and metal surfaces of the dissected glass, . shiny plastic lining, . gently envelope the vertical and horizontal angles, and thereby abolishing one of the most traditional architecture oppositions "wall-roof".,

. But there were other projects Stirling
. For example, a residential complex Renkorn (1967-1986) with his "conceptual primitivism" forms associated with the current European "neoratsionalizmom". Together with L. Krie he created an amazing project Civic Center Derby (1970), . where "more than twice increased in height berlingtonskaya arcade covers the Roman amphitheater, . creating a symbol of urban development is not less dramatic, . than created by John Wood at Bath ",
. It should be noted also goes back to Ledoux's utopian project complex, Siemens AG in Munich (1969) and the draft of the Art Center of the University of St Andrews in Scotland (1971).

. In the early 1970's architecture Learning Center "Olivetti" as if cut short with a late modernism, . naturally develop into a hi-tech, . and the same time in the Derby-center very clearly delineated the long-festering and krepnuvshaya line of Historicism, . rocks to the end of 1970 with such outstanding "historic" plans, . as a complex of Bayer AG in Mannheim (1978) and the Research Center in West Berlin (1979),
. In the grand ensemble for Mannheim strictest symmetry monumental compositions of the main front and a huge arc of the park with radiating research and laboratory complex as it is tied together, . composition "withheld" huge, . horseshoe-shaped plan sverhmonumentalnoy tower deliberately lapidary, . stingy architecture.,

. In Berlin the same Research Center master collects the fragmented composition of the complex three-dimensional prototypes, archetypes: a cruciform plan church, the Greek stand, kampanilly, amphitheater, Fortress, palace
. At the same time in full swing were building a new state of the art gallery in Stuttgart, - perhaps the most significant and outstanding work, which marks the latest phase of the master's. In the first six months after the opening number of visitors has reached nine hundred thousand, and a new gallery in Stuttgart, migrated from 52 th to the 3rd most popular place in Germany. The right to build an art gallery in the center of Stuttgart, too, was won at auction in 1977. Complex was completed in 1984.

According to Jenks, each age finds in Stuttgart complex "their". Stand out of Sterling in the U.S.. Recognition of the ocean does not contribute to the popularity at home - such is the consequence of long-established tradition of cultural confrontation of England and the United States.

. Chemical Corps office at Columbia University (New York) is striking neoclassical cumbersome solutions street facade and depressingly coarse high-Tecom delivered at an angle of the courtyard housing
. The obvious overtures to the American post-modernism, in particular the concept of the "decorated shed" Venturi, looks Fogg Museum at Harvard University (Cambridge, Mass.). Only the Performing Arts Center at Cornell University (New York) is the unanimous approval of its easy flying forms overhang entrance loggia and kampanilly ", . vysyascheysya in the axis, . purposely set off massive left standing two-tier centric volume.,

. Sterling died in 1992
. But the master plans do not become obsolete. Moreover, not outdated and its facilities - even built for ten, twenty or thirty years ago. Reason for this pinpointed Foster: humanism architecture Stirling. And his creativity, and in his remarks master tirelessly argued humanistic foundations of architecture.

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STERLING, James, photo, biography
STERLING, James, photo, biography STERLING, James  Architect, photo, biography
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