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Biography Jorn UTZON
photo Jorn UTZON
Jorn Utzon was born in 1918 and grew up in Denmark. Period JцTrn exercises in architectural school at the Art Academy in Copenhagen (1937-1942) coincided with the German occupation of Denmark. In architecture school Utzon studied with renowned Danish architect - Shteena Elyor Rasmussen and Kay Fisker, . in the works which reflected the desire of the Scandinavian architects of the 1930's to link the progressive foundations of functionalism with national traditions.,

. Getting creative activity Utzona was associated with its three-year work in Stockholm (1942-1945)

A trip to the United States and met there with F.L. Wright, as well as work in the studio of Alvar Aalto in Helsinki (1946) were further stages of creative development Utzona, it appears likely, a significant impact on the perception of the principles of organic architecture.

. Soon Utzon began working in his own workshop
. In 1948 he met in Paris with Fernand Leger and Le Corbusier. Utzon, like many architects of his generation, sought to see the world directly in the material embodiment. In 1948 he traveled to Morocco, where, in particular, he noted the appearance of unity of construction of the village and surrounding landscape, which due to the homogeneity of the material - clay. As a fellow Utzon left in 1949 in the United States, and then to South America. He lived for some time with Frank Lloyd Wright in West and East Teylizine, communicated with Mies van der Rohe.

Returning to Denmark, the architect participates in numerous competitions. For example, in 1946, he created the project "Crystal Palace" in London with Tobias Faber and Mogens Irmingom. In 1950 Utzon receives a number of prizes at the Swedish contest, in particular for the project house in Elinberge. However, he built a little project.

The first implementation of construction Utzona belong to 1950 years. In 1952 he built his own house in Helebeke near Copenhagen and a house in Holte (1952-1953). Asymmetrical plan and free spatial resolution of these elevated on concrete pillars extended buildings show the impact on creativity Utzona principles of organic architecture.

. Also in 1950 Utzon built a very simple in layout and three-dimensional arrangement of brick houses atrium-type
. So, in King, near Elsinore for his projects was built village of 63 facing each other houses with heavy emphasis on the street facing blank walls, cut through small openings.

. In 1957 Utzonu managed to get acquainted with the cultures of China, Nepal, India and Japan

In 1957 at auction in Sydney suddenly Utzona first prize was awarded to project Opera. This success was largely credited Saarinen, who immediately realized the significance of the project and secured its recognition by the international jury. To oversee the complicated construction of the Opera House Utzon in March 1963 left for Sydney.

. The publication of the Opera House in 1962, Utzon leads mathematical calculation set on the basis of its spherical shape, and puts the outline of the first sketches of the architectural solutions
. Thus, displaying both poles; direct clot imagination and its practical implementation. This path was very difficult.

Eero Saarinen from the beginning realized that the Opera House in Sydney will be one of the most significant buildings of our time. While located on the peninsula jutting forward opera house in harmony with its surrounding Infinity sea and sky.

. In the Sydney Theater Project, . Utzon such a compositional device used in some of his other works: Working in the school Hoystrupe (1959), . residential house in Fredericksburg (1959), . in the structures of the international exhibition in Copenhagen (1960), . numerous preliminary designs, . drawings and sketches.,

. In June 1964, Jorn Utzon won first prize in the competition for the design of a new theater building in Zurich
. In a building of Zurich Theater sharply protrude from the plane of the wall facade, and its shape serves as a foundation of all plastic construction.

. Joern Utzon has a rare power of spatial imagination, coupled with the ability to graphic
. The architect strives to express plastic three-dimensional shape by means of two-dimensional drawing. Therefore, in his work plays an important role in modeling life-size.

. Steen Eiler Rasmussen, . teacher Utzona, . once said, . he especially appreciates in student ability to solve both spatially monumental construction, . and mass construction, . engaging in one case, a rich palette of architecture, . in another - the most concise and, . unless, . expressive means.,

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Jorn UTZON, photo, biography
Jorn UTZON, photo, biography Jorn UTZON  Architect, photo, biography
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