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ARSENOV Vladimir Klavdievich

( researcher, geographer and writer)

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Biography ARSENOV Vladimir Klavdievich
Researcher of the Far East, geographer and writer. Investigated South Primorye (1902-1903), the mountains of the Sikhote-Alin (1906-1910). One of the founders of the local lore in the direction of domestic science fiction. Wrote the book "On the edge of the Ussuri" (1921), "Dersu Uzala" (1923), "In the mountains of the Sikhote-Alin (Dep. ed. 1937) and others

Family Arseniev even at the end of the last century was considered a big - four sons and five daughters. Father Claudius Fedorovich - from peasants rose to general's office at the Nikolayev railway and even received the hereditary title of honorary citizen of St. Petersburg.

. In 1891, Arseniev was enrolled in a volunteer infantry regiment, and then entered the cadet school Petersburg
. Geography in School teaches Grumm-Grzhimailo. He is a wonderful storyteller, and lecture capture Arseniev. School is over, and he is waiting for appointment to the part, hoping to get to the regiment, stationed in Siberia. But fate against - it is sent to serve in Lomza, backwater town in the western borders of Russia empire.

. In May 1900 Arseniev arrived in Vladivostok Fortress, more precisely, on the Russian island, conceals Vladivostok Sea.

. At the end of the last century, the Far East - a little-known, sparsely populated outskirts Rossiyskogo States
. Reach there is not simple: trains go only to Lake Baikal, and then be transplanted to the post three, go horseback riding, sailing along the Amur. Over 10 thousand kilometers of Lomza separated from the Pacific Ocean, but Arseniev happy: the cherished wish come true! Vladivostok in 1900 is not like this port city at the Golden Horn Bay. Five or six quiet streets, squat wooden structures, gardens. Go behind the houses - the swamps and forests. In the coastal waters foraged crabs and clams - mussels, caught and dried sea cucumber, looking for "stone skin" - lichens. In the taiga can find wild boar, roe deer, deer. The visitor is told that not so long ago made his way to the barracks of a tiger, took the soldier. And for weeks he wanders through the taiga: hunts, collects various topographical and geographical information.

In 1906, Arseniev organized the first major expedition to the Sikhote-Alin. Soon they were joined randomly encountered Nanai (Gold) Derchu of the genus Ochzhal - famed Arseniev hunter-tracker Dersu Uzala, for which in the taiga was no secret. By chirping of birds Dersu predict the weather. On the track, on a broken branch and a host of other characters, he could determine the height of a man, he could find out who passed on the trail, the hunter or seeker of ginseng. Dersu have taught the captain, and once in Lake Hanka during a brutal snowstorm rescued him.

In his books, has written extensively on Arseniev Dersu Uzala, so it was felt that they had for years been close friends. But in reality, he met with Dersu August 3, 1906, and March 13, 1908 Gold, according to a local ethnographer, was killed near the station Korfovskaya certain Kozlov, who had escaped from Sakhalin links. Only three hikes accompanied Arsen'eva amazing hunter.

Every day is Arseniev surveying, making measurements of heights, he climbs on the trees - in fact it is the first card! Entries in the diary marching highly diverse. Information about the weather, retelling the ancient legend, heard from or met by Udege Nanai, calculation of distances between points ...

. Observing so many, they are so versatile and interesting, that when the traveler will process them and print, Primorye first years of this century, if he shall live in his imaginative and brilliant books.

. In 1906-1910 years Arseniev performs three major expeditions to the Sikhote-Alin
. Funds for the expedition gives Amur section of the Russian Geographical Society.

During the expedition in 1906 Arseniev six months crossing the Sikhote-Alin mountain range nine times, and walked along the shore of Olga Bay to the mouth of the river marsh. He compiled a detailed map of the area from the application of relief and all settlements, including single dwellings.

. The following year, Arseniev again organize an expedition on the River Bikin, along the Sea of Japan from the Gulf to the mouth of the river Rynda Cabaц¦a
. The share of the expedition team dropped a lot of testing: heavy monsoon rains, food shortages, severe storm, which claimed the boat with equipment ... Then he had to wait until the stand up of the river, and only 5 December Arseniev moved to the pass. New Year's Eve had to meet in the taiga, and in the Khabarovsk expedition returned in January 1908.

In late June, the third expedition Arsen'eva made in the way. It was supposed to go up Anyuyu, climb the Sikhote-Alin, and then one of the rivers on the eastern slope of the ridge down to the sea. However, on the map, which had to use Arsenyev, mountain ranges and rivers, as it soon transpired, were shown to completely erroneous. This is not surprising, since the map was drawn up in 1888 based on rough questioning local residents. It took a month to reach the pass, and only 3 August the expedition reached the river, which flowed to the east. We had to hurry and end food, but the hollowed-boat was smashed against the rocks. With her died all property: the remains of products, tools and, more importantly, weapons.

Savior of auxiliary detachment T. A. Nikolayev, was sent to advance to the Imperial Harbor. Arseniev, releasing part of the people continued to travel. Order Arsen'eva passed with route survey of more than two thousand kilometers. Have been made astronomical observations of thirty-three items, measured the height of mountain ranges and passes, collected a wealth of geological, botanical and ethnographic material. For nineteen months of the expedition was Arseniev dictionaries Orochi - udehe. The terms of his interests at that time extended, and the first rank of ethnographic issues - life and customs of the small nations Amur and Primorye. His name became widely known among geographers and ethnographers, geologists and archaeologists. He presented reports in Khabarovsk, Moscow and St. Petersburg.

He was awarded the silver medal Rossiyskogo Geographic Society, became director of the Khabarovsk Regional Museum.

Norwegian scientist Fridtjof Nansen visited Khabarovsk. Arseniev accompanies him on trips along the Amur and Ussuri edge. "It was something to learn under the guidance of a knowledgeable guide, as a connoisseur of these edges and seasoned traveler Captain Arseniev" - Nansen wrote in his book "In the country of the future.

. Together with Nansen Arseniev hatched a plan "ice hike" - an unprecedented journey from Khabarovsk to the Arctic Ocean on dogs and deer, and then by sea to Vladivostok
. However, World War II, and later destroyed all civil plans Arseniev.

In 1917, the former royal colonel was dismissed from the army, loyal to the Soviet government adopted. But behind him in the meantime has started a real hunt. Numerous Whiteguard robbers - pepelyaevtsy, kalmykovtsy, Semenovtsi - tried to steal a diary of his travels, ethnographic collections, gold and silver medals, received from various companies, including foreign. But central to the robbers, apparently, was his ginseng plantation. She ended up paying huge sums.

After the revolution, Arseniev lectured at the Vladivostok University and Pedagogical Institute, headed the Department of Local History and Ethnography.

The best expert on the edge are invited to Moscow, interested in his views about the natural features of the Far East. In the mid-twenties, began development of the natural resources of the Far East, so that soon became recognized Arseniev "senior specialist". One after another, and published books Arseniev: "In the Ussuri taiga", "Dersu Uzala", "In the wilds of the Ussuri region". In 1930, Arseniev leaves in the lower reaches of the Amur. There are four of the expedition, which he directs. This last trip. In the taiga, he falls ill with pneumonia and in critical condition had to return to Vladivostok. September 4, 1930 Arseniev died.

In honor Arsen'eva named river, village, city, street, Vladivostok, street in Khabarovsk, a tin mine, a mountain in the Sikhote-Alin, a mountain on the island of Paramushir, the volcano on the Kuril Islands, the glacier on Kamchatka. There on the maps p Dersu and the rock Dersu Uzala.

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ARSENOV Vladimir Klavdievich, photo, biography
ARSENOV Vladimir Klavdievich, photo, biography ARSENOV Vladimir Klavdievich  researcher, geographer and writer, photo, biography
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