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Miracles Of The Quran

( Supermodel)

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Biography Miracles Of The Quran
photo Miracles Of The Quran
Iman - is not just a model, which became an actress. It is an exceptional man who combined the beauty, intelligence and dignity, that is not so common in this world.

Iman - woman of the Renaissance. She successfully made a career (or rather three career), she is a good mother (her daughter Zuleka is currently studying law) and she still manages to fight for the rights of their people, helping fellow Somalis in their uphill struggle for existence. And of course, Iman - this is a very significant name in show business.

Photographs Iman looks great, but to see it is called "live" means to understand how flawed film, which can not pass a tenth of this woman's beauty. It attracts all - looks, voice, even the knowledge that your wife in front of the famous David Bowie. But to truly captivate your famous humor Iman and her wonderful smile. It is a real lady - a genuine, luxurious and seductive.

In the past three years, Iman very successfully developed its new creation - the cosmetic line IMAN COSMETICS, designed for women of color. Such work, however, meant that she did not have time for other companies. She had to choose between a career models and career business woman. Unlike other companies that simply use the famous names, the success of the company, Iman is really her credit - she knows it every crack and get into the production process from start to finish.

Interview with Iman:

- First of all, let me learn how to pronounce your name? We have heard so many variations that it is no wonder confused.
- Yes, you are absolutely right (laughs). Frankly, I do not care how people pronounce my name. I have grown accustomed to their mistakes. But thanks, that asked. Correctly pronounce - E-Man.
- Your cosmetic line is a great success. How did you manage to achieve such recognition? It is no secret that many cosmetic companies have recently gone bankrupt.
- I just knew what to do and when to do, that's all.
- What is your goal?
- Purpose ... Create a line of products for everyday use. Decorative cosmetics - this is not what is the price
- But what made you create your own company?
- Complete disappointment! I'm tired of experiments. For a long time I was looking for my style, but only as a consumer, and still has not found one product that would have approached me. I tried all the cosmetics, which appeared on the market. And very tired of the indifference that cosmetic companies are to women of color.
- What is Iman Cosmetics different from other companies?
- First and foremost - that's me! I just sold its company name, I work at 100% to create the best product. I know all the production, I know the market. I listen to women who say what kind of cosmetics they want to see. I listened to them many years. I created this company because I knew how women need it. I'm a consumer myself, and like any women of color, I need this product.
- What is your cosmetic line?
- Now we can offer 136 items
- What is your opinion to be beautiful?
- It means to be contented itself. I do not want a young, do not want to look unnatural. I am comfortable in an age in which I am now. I live in peace with itself. It is important to love herself. Many women, unfortunately, do not understand. They unsuccessfully tried to become someone else.
- How is your day?
- I do not believe in any special treatment, which contributes to the preservation of beauty. It's very simple - I work and a lot of work. I know that some women believe that the work of old, but it is not so. If you want to look good, you should make every effort to do so. You should eat well, sleep well, do physical exercises. Do not want to engage in exercise? Then go! Walk as much as you can go. To me it helps a lot. It's good for the heart and whole body. Of course, having a good cosmetics never hurts, but to have good skin - much better. And yet - I get up very early. Usually my day starts at 5:30 or 6:00 am. But I do not like to hurry and so I try to do everything quietly, without haste.
- What can we expect in the future from your company?
- We plan to launch a new perfume and soap. Also in the near future, expanded the range of shampoos and hair care products. You will lots of surprises!

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Miracles Of The Quran, photo, biography
Miracles Of The Quran, photo, biography Miracles Of The Quran  Supermodel, photo, biography
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