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Bulychev Kir

( Writer)

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Biography Bulychev Kir
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Kir Bulychev was born in Moscow. After leaving school he entered the faculty of Translation of the Institute of Foreign Languages, who graduated in 1957, then began work as a translator for the construction of Burma. By specialty - Orientalist. In 1959, after returning from Burma, began graduate of the Institute of Oriental Studies. Then he began to write for the magazine "Around the World" non-fiction essays, in connection with which many traveled around the country. Shortly after the debut of his own creative future writer, who was very kind. The story "The duty of hospitality" (1965) was a hoax, filed as a translation of the "Burmese writer Maung Sein Kyi". At the same time began to appear early stories about Alice - "Girl, which did not happen". It was a period of serious hobbies Bulycheva reading of domestic and foreign fiction.

In 1966, Mr.. Bulychev defended his thesis and began working as an orientalist, "History of Burma". In the scientific world he is known for works on the history of Southeast Asia; Bulycheva doctoral thesis was devoted to Buddhism. In parallel, his literary interests. In 1968. published science fiction novel "The Island of rusty Lieutenant," which was soon followed by "The Last War" (1970), "The Great Spirit and fugitives" (1971) and many other works. Today - this is one of the most productive authors of Russian children and young people's fiction, although many of his works drawn to adult readers. Nevertheless Bulycheva own admission, he found the criticism of "ecological niche" optimistic child fiction, who writes books about a girl from the future and is characterized by its vivid and intimate look at tomorrow.

Indeed, among the first works of the writer were fabulously fantastic stories about a girl Alice-dweller of the XXI century. In his words - "Their aim was - to find ways to children's literature, which would be adequate to generations of children, nurtured by television, and then the computer". From these stories begins fabulously fantastic series of works under the general title "The Girl from Earth, which received wide recognition and popularity in the 80th - 90th years. Several works of the cycle was dramatized in film and animation

. "Girl with the Earth" - is an original fusion of fairy tales, . fiction, . derived from the oral folklore and famous works of children's literature, . where everything finds its place: Walking and bushes, . and living robots, . and cap-nevedimka, . and the three musketeers,
. Addressed to children is the product as it were immerses the reader in the distinctive cultural and literary cocktail of different times and peoples, where the child of today must master according to their particular world view.

The heroine of the series - Alice - features a universal blend of bright contemporary character with the general for all ages features a child: not by chance that she resembles her namesake from the fairy tales L. Carroll, Alice in Wonderland "and" Alice Through the Looking Glass ". True, he Kir Bulychev claims that he borrowed the name of Alice's daughter, but the heroine L. Carroll was also a real prototype - a ten-year Alice Liddelp - nonetheless addressed in the reader's perception has long been a byword. Therefore, it seems, the parallels between the two Alice is not accidental but rather Alice Kir Bulychev - modern heiress Alice L. Carroll - a fearless researcher mysteries of the world around it, visible and invisible to the naked eye.

Generally, with the tale: the literary and folk - the work Kir Bulychev binds much. The mass of overt and covert fairy-tale characters: the good giant GROMOZEKA, three captain reminiscent of the three heroes, doctor Verkhovtsev - a real storyteller, a magician, a bird Govorun. On the mysterious planet empty place, like a fairy-tale, making animals. No less recognizable bag of worms that never ends (br. Green - a pot of porridge), invisible fish and the cap of invisibility. Yes, and Alice herself in relation to what is happening and adults around her - a kind of paraphrase Ivan the Fool's way. Looks naive, simple, not so smart as others, it nevertheless turns out to be very resourceful, ensures victory over the enemy.

The fantastic nature of the works of Alice is evident in the symbolism of numbers - three planets of Medusa, the three captain, three tadpole - and in abundance of wonderful and original language of the text. However, the fabulous by Kir Bulychev organically connected with the fantastic, interpenetration them: "From all-terrain vehicle left three good young man in the red coats worn over suits. Was followed by three more astronaut in luxurious sarafans also worn over suits. Fellows and young women carrying bread and salt on dishes. And when we went to wet a strip of metal komodroma, . they put us on the helmets of suits from the local lush garlands of flowers "- like a combination of ritual and symbolism with the fantastic features of the realities of science fiction is very characteristic for the author,
. Note the combination of these two elements gives rise to often laugh - irony, satire, parody grotesk6 - all this takes place in the stories about Alice. And the beginning of parody in these works is calculated on the perception of the reader familiar with the literature in sufficient depth. Younger students also, not being able to "decode" the complex associative series author, perceived work "directly" - as a kind of fairy tale "novog time".

But not only fairy tale and fantasy, in the main genre features prisutsivuyut in Kir Bulychev. The book is full of images and allusions from other genres of literature: avntyurnogo, adventure, historical novels, romantic literature, etc.. Read - and constantly catch myself on the fact that somewhere already seen it. Almost every character, . motif conjures up some kind, . But such is not mechanical it sinkretiya, . is subject to copyright desire to create original work, . briefly speaking with the best achievements of world culture of childhood and still remains a modern and easy for the reader's perception,

. Organic for Kir Bulychev (and rarely appears in children's literature) is a peculiar feature of "peresmeshnichestvo" (mocking-bird squad passerine, . are well replicate different sounds) - parody of the laws "HRE", . where it joins unconnected and disconnected inseparable,
. It is this way and developed by writer of folklore and literary heritage. And in general, laughter reigns in the works of Kir Bulychev everywhere, in every description - "The morning was cold, chilly and fresh. Meteorologists promised to rain after lunch, but, as always, a little mistake, and the rain spilled during the night, and in any kind of dialogue - "one of the search did not go out, there's a very dangerous animals. But I - the king of nature. - Animals do not know about. They are uneducated! "

Alice's adventure story is always based on the principle of the explanation of a series of riddles, behind which are a kind of big mystery. This puzzle defy attempts of their scientific permits, which are making adult characters, but perfectly solved in terms of children's "naive" common sense, which abounded with Alice. - "The fact that all of you - adult, intelligent people. And you are thinking like you say yourself, logically. I'm not very clever, and think, as the head vzbredet. I think: if tadpole, then it should be a frog. And frogs are always less than tadpoles. You went on a ship with guns and looking for a big monster. And even they were afraid to advance. And I sat trapped in the cabin and thought that probably do not have to always look up and look for something great. Maybe look at the corners and look for tiny frogs "

. All the riddles and mysteries of works Kir Bulychev (not only in the loop about Alice) are subject to the algorithm - the rational scientific thinking is powerless peredzagadkoy, . is easy otgadyvet unbiased thinking child (or close to it in spirit adult, . as in the cycle of fantasy novels for young adults on a space doctor Pavlysh - himself Pavlysh),
. In this writer's love child to a paradoxical view of the world - the key to understanding, imagery and stylistics, and his other works.

For Kir Bulychev characteristic attraction to the cycle of works, united by characters, plot basis, the general idea and stylistics. The said cycle of Alice organically adjacent cycle of novels about Dr. Pavlysh, whose prototype was the ship's doctor cargo ship "Segezha" Glory Pavlysh. (In "Segezha writer traveled as a correspondent for the magazine" Around the World "in 1967, . romance and friendship for "Segezha", . traits of its sailors, . relations board, . unusual and inhumane expanse of the Arctic Bulychev endured the first novel in the series "The Last War",
. In subsequent works of the cycle - "Snow Maiden", "Great Spirit and the fugitives," "Law of the dragon" - presented by the characters began to develop, acquire aesthetic autonomy and identity). In spirit it is adjacent to "The Witches Cave". The works of this cycle combined central idea - humanity should be the measure of all on Earth and in space; sleep of the soul (and not the mind!) Produces monsters. This is the most traditional part of the writer's work, which he paid tribute to the early works. Later in his works a spirit of triumph "Alice", although "traditional" fantasy Bulycheva beloved by many readers.

Another "constant theme" Kir Bulychev - a town of great DULCIMER-PLAYER. It has its geographical prototype - Great Ustyug. During his stay in this city the writer has witnessed the "failure" on the main street of the city, a piece of pavement has failed in some ancient cellar. And Bulychev "saw" it DULCIMER-PLAYER great town and its inhabitants, whose name he borrowed from the Address Book of the city of Vologda "in 1913, gifted writer, director of the local museum. Since then, he managed to come up with 68 stories and novels about the Great DULCIMER-PLAYER and its inhabitants. All this - funny adventures of ordinary or even everyday characters caught up in exotic situations and circumstances. Stories guslyartsev - frankly ridiculous, full of biting sarcasm and multiple allusions.

A particular facet of creativity Bulycheva - it works, experiments are often non-"periphrastic" known stories and novels. So the novel "Village" - space Robinsonade descendants shipwrecked kosmoplavateley-echoes the cycle of "Worlds Rokanona" Ursula K. Le Guin. In the story "Save Galya!" apparent consonance of "Roadside Picnic" br.Strugatskih. However, in these works essentially redefined the originals, they are given a kind of coloring, which determines the unexpected denouement.

Surprise - a principle that B. uses often in his novels, non-literary pkralleley, but based on an original idea. So in the story "You can ask for Nina?" phone is contact between our contemporary and girls living in 1941. In the novel "Choice" hero is an alien, an infant who fell to Earth. It was found by tribesmen, but the hero refuses to return; human life is dearer to him than. Hitler and Stalin from the story "Meeting at Rivne" both are aliens. Their war - some cruel experiment. Many of these works-have the character of the paradoxes of provocation or an alternative (most of them included in the Security. "Apology")

. In general, the author's characteristic noted earlier tendency to "buffoonery", . "ernichestvu", . focused "antics", . rethink and parodying well-known and traditional (one can speak of the author's tendency, . close creative experience gr,
. "Oberiu" 30-40-ies.). It seems that Bulychev - not only creates a fantasy as such, how many "plays" in it, using different coordinate systems. It is possible that this "set of unfettered game" - otgadka multifaceted creativity Bulycheva.

Since 1989. Kir Bulychev wrote a great novel "River Chronos", the first parts of which were published in 1993-94. Until recently, the writer - researcher at the Institute of Oriental Studies, Doctor of Historical Sciences.

All fairy tales and fantasy IV Mozheyko written under the pseudonym of Kir Bulychev, tk. under his own name, he wrote only non-fiction works and acted as a researcher. In 1982, Mr.. name was revealed in connection with the fact that the writer has received the State Award for the screenplay for the movie "Mystery of the Third Planet" and "Through thorns to the stars".

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Bulychev Kir, photo, biography
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