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Lorenzo Lamas

( Actor)

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Biography Lorenzo Lamas
photo Lorenzo Lamas
Lorenzo Lamas - the son of the famous actor Fernando Lamas. Prior to the famous "battle of soap" (TV series "Renegade") handsome lit on television only once in the grand drama series "Falkon Crest". I hereby also his debut film can be regarded as "CIA-2. Purpose of Alex, "in which he played in a duo with his ex-wife Colleen Kinmont.

Lorenzo was born 20/01/1958, in Santa Monica (California), grew up in Los Angeles and New York. He successfully graduated from a private school and the admiral's Academy. Then, in 1975, armed with the blessing of his father and mother Arien, a young man walked on the acting path.

Now a movie star has two weaknesses - tattoos and motorcycles. Tattoos had only four, and each has its special significance. Three are located above the waist, and one - below the "equator". Lamas gently calls them "eternal love tattoos". "The most interesting and curious of them is on my back, . - Shares his secret "Renegade", . - Women of her ecstatic. "Incidentally, . in an indescribable thrill fans not only injected funny images on a soft spot handsome, . but its luxurious hair,
. "Yeah, - sighs the actor - if my dad saw the stern now these" thickets "that necessarily would declare me the cold war."

Of all the varieties of motorcycles actor prefers the famed "Harley". His collection of motorcycles, he saves as the apple of an eye. It and no wonder, because "man on wheels" (his nickname from the press) has never found himself on them in an accident. But the steep turn on a Honda finished for him raskroennym skull.

Lorenzo Lamas passionate admirer of oriental philosophy: "It is - my life's path. I have studied oriental art for 15 years and am confident that before taking any action, it should count at least up to three. This is somewhat dampen your ardor, release from negative emotions and help to make the right decision. "

In East Lamas took a great interest in women. 27.04.96g. all his relatives, friends and fans were just happy to congratulate the actor on the significant event. On this day in the house of her mother's Lorenzo gave a magnificent reception on the occasion of his fourth marriage. At this time the bride's veil was adorned with a charming head mannequins Shaumy Sand. For two years they joined the happy couple, but: Who knows, these Hollywood stars. For example, a marriage with a previous wife, Kathleen beauty Kinmon lasted for four years and ended in divorce and division of property superskandalnym. In 1991, Lamas decided to organize their own motorcycle races on the survival. The idea of the rally relished fellow bikers and in a few months, the competition became wildly popular. The best part is that this step Lamas went "not for personal gain, but merely at the call of his noble heart. All funds received star remitted to the World Children's Fund transplant.

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Lorenzo Lamas, photo, biography
Lorenzo Lamas, photo, biography Lorenzo Lamas  Actor, photo, biography
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