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Paracelsus Theophrastus

( German physician and naturalist)

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Biography Paracelsus Theophrastus
photo Paracelsus Theophrastus
Aureol Philip Theophrastus Bombast von Gogengeym was born November 10, 1493 near the village of Eynzideln (Canton of Schwyz, Switzerland). The whole world he is known by its nickname Theophrastus Paracelsus. Following the example of his father Paracelsus soon began to study medicine, which traveled to Germany, France and Italy.

Even in years of study, Paracelsus became interested in chemistry, which as a separate specialty at that time not taught in universities. Theoretical aspects of chemical phenomena discussed in the course of philosophy, and experimental work involved in apothecaries and alchemists.

In 1515 Theophrastus was in Florence degree of Doctor of Medicine.

According to him, he listened to lectures medical luminaries in major universities, medical schools in Paris and Montpellier, went to Italy and Spain. Was in Lisbon, then went to England, changed the course of Lithuania, came to Poland, Hungary, Wallachia, Croatia. It is everywhere inquiring and memorized secret art of healing not only for doctors, but barbers, Banshchikov, sorceress. Then Paracelsus practiced oprobyvaya everything that I learned during my search. He served some time doctor in the army of Danish King Christian, participated in his campaigns, worked as a nurse in the Netherlands army. Military practice gave him a wealth of material.

1526 scientist held in Strasbourg, and the following year he was invited for the post of city physician in a major Swiss commercial city of Basel. He was invited to take the chair of medicine at the University of Basel. At the first lecture, before the eyes of students burnt the works of Galen and Avicenna, and said that even ties his shoes, they know more than these ancient mokrotniki and began to lecture medical students in German instead of the traditional Latin.

His philosophical views (rather the "left" for even the present) Paracelsus stated in many works. Were as follows: between nature and man must be a harmony. A necessary condition for the establishment of a reasonable social order are the joint work of people and their equal participation in the enjoyment of material goods. As a result (in 1528) Paracelsus had secretly leave Basel, where he faces trial for free -.

In Colmar he could heal the sick, which other doctors considered hopeless. His popularity grew. However, his independent behavior, harsh judgments of fellow guild occurred to their liking here, the more that Paracelsus was engaged in alchemy, diligently studied the works of Eastern magicians and mystics. Began to spread rumors (it was clear that they are subject to special) that Paracelsus entered into relations with the devil. Paracelsus could indict a heresy, and to inflict upon him the massacre, and he went to Nuremberg.

There, he managed to publish four books, but the persecution continued - followed by a city magistrate's decision to ban any further printing of his works. The reason was the demand for professors of the medical faculty of the University of Leipzig, mutinous writings of Paracelsus.

Upon learning that Shtertsinge plague, Paracelsus is in this city, but when the epidemic was over, Paracelsus was not needed and Shtertsinge. Again he wanders on the roads, changing the city in the country ...

In Ulm, and later published in Augsburg, his work "Big Surgery", and only then began to talk as an outstanding medical. Paracelsus believed that man consists of soul and body. The body consists of various elements. Violation of the main elements of mutual equilibrium leads to illness. Task doctor - to clarify the relationship between the main elements in the body of the patient and to restore their balance. The broken balance can be restored with the help of certain chemicals. The priority of Chemistry, Paracelsus believed their search for substances that could be used as drugs. To this end, he checked the effect on people of various compounds of copper, lead, mercury, antimony, arsenic. Paracelsus gained particular fame, successfully using mercury drugs for the treatment of syphilis at the time.

After the book had changed the position of doctor Paracelsus. His take in the best houses, to call him nobles.

Eventually he arrived in Salzburg, where he continued practice medicine. September 24, 1541 Paracelsus died.

In fact, he made the transition from alchemy to chemistry, declaring that the main objective of chemistry - cures (not making gold).

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Paracelsus Theophrastus, photo, biography
Paracelsus Theophrastus, photo, biography Paracelsus Theophrastus  German physician and naturalist, photo, biography
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