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Edgar Davids

( Footballer)

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Biography Edgar Davids
photo Edgar Davids
General information:
. Born March 13, 1973 in Paramaribo (Suriname).
. Country Netherlands.
. Position Midfielder
. Height 169 cm
. Weight 68 kg
. Clubs 1991/92 AFC Ajax (Amsterdam, The Netherlands) 13 / 2
. 1992/93 AFC Ajax (Amsterdam, Netherlands) 28 / 4
. 1993/94 AFC Ajax (Amsterdam, The Netherlands) 15 / 2
. 1994/95 AFC Ajax (Amsterdam, Netherlands) 22 / 5
. 1995/96 AFC Ajax (Amsterdam, The Netherlands) 28 / 7
. 1996/97 AC Milan (Italy) 15 / 0
. 1997/98 AC Milan (Italy) 4 / 0
. Juventus Turin (Italy) 20 / 1
. 1998/99 Juventus (Turin, Italy) 27 / 2
. 1999/2000 Juventus Turin (Italy) 27 / 1
. 2000/01 Juventus (Turin, Italy) 26 / 1
. 2001/02 Juventus (Turin, Italy) 28 / 2
. 2002/03 Juventus (Turin, Italy) 26 / 1

. In the Dutch national team made its debut April 20, 1994 in the home match with Ireland (0:1)
. Held for the national team 53 matches and scored 6 goals.

. Intercontinental Cup (1995), . European Super Cup (1995), . European Champions Cup (1995), . UEFA Cup (1992), . Champion of the Netherlands (1994, . 1995, . 1996), . Champion of Italy (1998, . 2002, . 2003), . Dutch Cup (1993),

. Biography:
. Davids - the son of apprentice and cleaners from Suriname, has not received any education, except compulsory
. He was born in the capital of Suriname, Paramaribo, but grew up in Holland, in Amsterdam, where he went with his parents. Edgar lived in the north, the most disadvantaged areas of Amsterdam. He grew up on the street, and when the little football player found "good dyad of Ajax, he led a band of the same black teens. At Ajax he immediately made friends with other Surinamese, especially Clarence Seedorf and Patrick Kluivert. They formed the core of "new wave". They held each other's painful to respond to any racist incidents, whether real or imaginary, and not too get along with the veterans and coaches.

Already in the 17 child Davids got the basis of Ajax, and in 1992 won the UEFA Cup. The year 1995 was a triumph for Ajax and Edgar as well.

By age 24, in his collection of trophies already have the victory in the Champions Cup, European Super Cup, Intercontinental Cup. In addition, three Davids was a champion of Holland and once won the Dutch Cup.

He barely had time to recover from the trauma of the eye 1996 and reach the European Championship. The first championship match he had faded and was removed from the base the next game. Immediately followed by a conflict with Hiddink and then disappeared from the team for 2 years. In anticipation of the Euro-96 Pitbul "replaced" Ajax "to" Milan ". But it was AC Milan, who began "free fall". Davids broke his leg and damaged relations with Fabio Capello. "The arrival in Milan was a big mistake - admit Edgar. - It was the most bitter experience in my club career. But tried to learn a something positive in this situation. Namely: I realized that being a world-class footballer - so keep yourself under control. "

In the middle of the season 97/98 Juventus bought the Davids in order to strengthen the composition before the decisive stage of the Champions League. While in the "Bianconeri were any, Edgar came" black and white "to the court, was one of the leaders.

Despite the hostility between Hiddink and Pitbul, the first could not take the Davids at the World Cup in France. And has not lost. Slam Davids in the final minute match against Yugoslavia brought the "orange" out in the quarterfinals.

. The "Bianconeri" in the 98/99 season were big problem, but Edgar, together with partners endured all, and soon (in 2002, 2003) won the championship in Italy
. Output in the Champions League final in 2003 was a failure. that could spoil the whole season Davids. Rumors of its sale in the "Roma", "Bars", but Edgar still decided to extend contract with Juventus. Davids is one of the most popular players of the world and one of the best at his position.

Giovanni Van Bronckhorst: "He just midfield, which is no longer. The first time I saw him in "Ajax" - he was a couple of years older than me, but even then he had great ability and tremendous dribbling. However, it is none other than the player who knows how to win the ball, who understands that the team always comes first. Like Roy Keane, Edgar - the soul of any team. His spirit is incredible. "

Patrick Kluivert: "It is very important midfield player: very aggressively fights for the ball, but very correct. He did not hit you just as if you know what I mean. Such a player like Edgar Davids need any team. I like his style of play, and he's very good friend. "

Mario Melkiot: "I do not cling to Edgar because he is one of my friends. I think he's one of the best midfielders. He is an excellent command of the left foot, he could, he fights and he's so strong. Maybe he's small, but in this small "package" has all. He knows when to defend themselves when attacked, he had great positional sense. When he really wants to take possession of the ball, he, like the wasp, revolves around you, until you win. Off the field he can make jokes all the time, but on the field he otlkyuchaetsya. "

Points Davids
Edgar Davids - only in football bespectacled, became one by accident. In his right eye revealed glaucoma, caused by eye injuries, received in 1995. Underwent surgery. But since he began to need sunglasses. FIFA special decree allowed Davids take "illegal" drugs and play in the "safe" glasses. In discussing the issue at a meeting of FIFA and remembered some of Hannibal Frossi, . bore ordinary minus glasses, . but won in 1936 against Italy in the Olympic Games, . and of course, . great basketball player, four-eyes from the Los Angeles Lakers' Kareem Abdul-Jabbar,
. Davids ordered a pair of the same points as Karim.

Specially done for me - boasted Dutchman. - High technology! ". Points really unusual: similar to the submarine, almost weightless (20 g), with a "blow", so that the orange shatterproof "glass" does not sweat. Davids first tried them on Sept. 4, 1999 in a friendly match against Belgium (5:5). The eye has long been in the order, the doctors allowed Davids play without glasses, but he still wears them almost always. They have become part of his image. By the way, Edgar signed with the company that produces glasses million advertising contract.

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Edgar Davids, photo, biography
Edgar Davids, photo, biography Edgar Davids  Footballer, photo, biography
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