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DADA Idi Amin

( The dictator of Uganda)

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Biography DADA Idi Amin
The former dictator of Uganda (1971-1979), Idi Amin fell into a coma, he is connected to a respirator, and doctors say, may die at any moment. In the fashionable Hospital King Faisal of Saudi city of Jeddah at the bedside of 78-year-old high blood pressure day and night duty his four wives. Here, in the Islamic kingdom, Idi Amin, who became a Muslim in 16 years, as a fellow "was granted asylum in 1979 after it was expelled from Uganda, Tanzanian troops and local dissidents. And here is this monster, which destroyed, according to various estimates, from 200 to 250 thousand citizens, seem to peacefully end his days.

. A couple of years ago, his relatives appealed to President Museveni of Uganda Yoser request to allow Amin to return home to die under the roof of his home
. "Please, just at first he will have to appear in court and answer for their sins," - the answer. Amin, of course, stayed in Saudi Arabia, where he continued to receive a pension, drive a Cadillac and Chevrolet, to learn Arabic and read in English "The history of the Second World War" - its only handbook. Ibid, at Jeddah, with 23 of them were officially recognized 50 of its children.

The life of this man became a nightmare for his compatriots and contemporaries for nonsense. Here's what he wrote about Amin, former Education Minister of Uganda, Edward Rugumayo: "He is a racist and a fascist, a murderer and a blasphemer."

. Idi Amin was born in a family of shepherds in a small hut with a grass roof, helmet-shaped (the majority of researchers believe that in 1925)
. Weighed at birth almost 5 pounds, and as an adult - 110 kilograms during the growth of 1,92. Since 1946, Amin served in the Army - assistant chef. Then he claimed that participated in the Second World - fought in Burma, and even alleged to have been awarded for bravery. In 1948 raised himself in the corporals 4 th Battalion of the Royal African Rifles. In shoes, always shiny, sitting in perfect shape Amin was absolutely illiterate and "signs" fingerprint. In 1966, Brigadier Amin had been in Kampala (the capital of Uganda) house with a guard and Cadillac. He patronized the Prime Minister Milton Obote.

In January 1971 the second Obote went to Singapore, where he heard on the radio that Idi Amin, major-general, declared himself the new ruler of the country. The coup was almost bloodless, but then began a monstrous terror. Chief of Staff of the Army Suleiman Hussein murdered in prison, then his head delivered to the homes of Aminu. According to the guard fled, he liked to get the head of Hussein from the refrigerator and keep her conversation. Three weeks after the coup were killed 70 officers and about two thousand civilians. Corpses were fed crocodiles.

Idi Amin never anything myself not displeased - neither in deed nor in the admissions. "I ate human flesh. It is very salty, even more salty than leopard meat - he once. - In war, where nothing to eat and some of your comrades hurt, you can kill him and eat to survive ... "

Uganda, where Muslims, then it was only 10 per cent, Amin in the second year of his reign declared part of the Islamic world. He severed relations with Israel and switched to an alliance with the Arab countries (the closest friend is Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi). The government in 1977 there were 14 Muslims from 21. In the army of 17 units commanded by fifteen Muslims.

August 4, 1972 First Amin said that during the night in a dream God instilled in him the idea to expel from the country of all persons of Asian origin, who "milked the economy of Uganda". Radio blew the song: "Farewell, Asians, you milked our economy for too long. You milked the cow, but did not feed it ". It was announced that within 90 days of all "Asians" (50 people) should leave the country. What else to do?

In 1974, Amin suggested that the headquarters of the UN in Uganda, because it is "the geographical heart of the planet". In 1977, the most famous world leader, "as he called himself, personally shot the Archbishop of Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi Yanani Luvuma, before this accident causing pray for peace in Uganda.

. But perhaps the most notorious event was the famous "Raid on Entebbe" (1976): Four Palestinians kidnapped aircraft from Air France, en route from Tel Aviv to Paris
. Pilots forced to land in the Ugandan city of Entebbe. Amin prepared for militants hot baths and rest rooms, provided the guns, and 258 hostages, guarded by his soldiers. But the Israeli special forces conducted a lightning operation: 50 minutes the hostages were released, but all the terrorists and 20 Ugandan soldiers killed. Amin lost 11 MiG planes - the foundation of its air force.

By the end of the reign of Amin, Uganda was one of the poorest countries in the world. The army spent 65 per cent of GDP. Resistance to the regime grew with each passing day. The opposition has created the National Liberation Front Uganda, and April 11, 1979 under the onslaught of Tanzanian troops fell Kampala. On the personal plane Amin fled to Libya, from there - in Iraq, then - in Saudi Arabia.

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DADA Idi Amin, photo, biography
DADA Idi Amin, photo, biography DADA Idi Amin  The dictator of Uganda, photo, biography
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