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Parfenovich Vladimir

( Soviet athlete (rowing and canoeing), Honored Master of Sports)

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Parfenovich Vladimir Vladimirovich was born in 1958. Soviet athlete (rowing and canoeing), Honored Master of Sports (1979). Olympic champion (1980 - deuce, 500 and 1000 m, single, 500 m), world (1979, 1981-83), USSR (1977, 1979, 1981-84) in kayaking.

"Since 1979, over five years in a kayak, alone I just won. In kayaks, sculls crew of Sergei Chuhray we got to the memory of Julia Ryabchinskoy in May 1979 the first, because his partner was ill Volodya caches. Just felt that the boat goes.

Before the Olympics was a sure win. Several times came to me dreams in which the advance saw what was happening then in reality, including the World Cup finals-79 and the Olympics. Perhaps it's Providence. Of course, before the finals this was no longer thinking, just beat willies.

But five minutes before the start came a calm, such clarity of thought! I completely control the race, could add. But understand that my goal - to win and retain power: 1 hour 20 minutes was coming finals deuces.

As for the boycott (in Moscow came to athletes only 80 countries), the rowing gathered all the strongest. Beside me rowing stars such as Romania, Vasile Rack, Australian John Samedzhi, Yugoslav Milan Janjic.

Doping control was in Moscow a very, shall we say, peculiar. But for yourself and your partner will answer: We were absolutely 'clean'. I was and remain a principal opponent of the use of doping agents. Actually I think that there more psychology. I always won by opponents as much as wanted. At the World Championships in the 79-m we Chuhray on 'pyatisotke' show time, which then no one could improve on for 12 years. Only when the design changed the oars, the results went up. So it is quite possible to live without illegal drugs. With the use of doping, as well as drug addiction, and must be fought on national and international levels.

. Regarding non-participation in the Olympic Games in Los Angeles, then to the present mind I would have said and acted under the flag of the International Olympic Committee
. If an athlete has won the right to participate in the Olympics, you can not take away this right.

Perhaps the Olympics in Moscow was the best in terms of organization. The country has invested in a soul. "

At Olipiyskih Games in Moscow, Vladimir Parfenovich made inaccessible before any kayaker in the world: won one Olympic Games in three distances.

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  • lazaro cuello for Parfenovich Vladimir
  • Hi Vladimir , my name is Lazaro , I am from Cuba , I have been study all the canoeing star for years, and my conclusion is that you are the number one ever for your consistency and always winning gold , your carer is incredible , I live in England , I hope you coming to see London2012 , so I can meet you, about your particular technique I have a question , did you always pull the blade close to the kayak or at some distance ? Thanks Lazaro
  • matteo for Parfenovich Vladimir
  • Ciao Vladimir,sono un canoista ' e ti considero il piu' grande velocista del kaiak sprint nei 500mt . Vorri chiederti due cose , perchй npn hai piu' gareggiato dopo i mondiali del 1983 ? Perchй non hai provato a sfidare Helm nei 1000 mt? Ciao campione
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    Parfenovich Vladimir, photo, biography
    Parfenovich Vladimir, photo, biography Parfenovich Vladimir  Soviet athlete (rowing and canoeing), Honored Master of Sports, photo, biography
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