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Ryan Giggs

( Midfielder)

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Biography Ryan Giggs
photo Ryan Giggs
Born November 29, 1973 in Cardiff.
. Country Wales.
. Height 177 cm
. Weight 69 kg
. Position Midfielder

. Clubs Throughout his club career spent at Manchester United.
. In the club's football academy in 1987, the team - from December 1, 1990.
. Held for the "DOJ" 544 matches and scored 113 goals.
. Wales since 1991, held for the national team 40 games and scored 8 goals.

. Titles:
. 8-time Champion of England (1992/93, 1993/94, 1995/96, 1996/97, 1998/99, 1999/2000, 2000/01, 2002/03),
. 3 FA Cups (1994, 1996, 1999),
. 1 Cup English League (1992),
. 1 Cup of Champions (1999),
. 1 Intercontinental Cup (1999)

. Sezon-02/03 became the most complex and at the same time the most successful for Ryan Giggs
. On the one hand, . lasted assists drought at Old Trafford (home to the stadium, he could not score for almost four years!), . peak of which was a terrible blunder in the cup match against Arsenal, . led to, . that the fans "MJ" have become long-term pet goose,
. On the other - the first full season in his career, which was not missed because of injuries a match. That was enough - since the new year Welshman has issued a series of brilliant performances, took the curse of Old Trafford and, as in the previous ten years, has become one of the architects of victory, "MJ" in the championship.

. Giggs out of the sort of players, of whom say that any coach would like to have this as part
. For 13 years the best left half of the British, and possibly world football affects all inimitable style game. Charming and the years spent to automaticity (but no less unexpected) feints, fast break, thin transmission - all that Giggs is given as if in passing, without tension. But its main advantage - stability: never in a professional career Giggs not fallen below its level. Today he is the titular of the current Premier League player - only Welshman has won all the titles with "MJ" in 1992.

However, the Welshman he was only half. Motherboard with. Father his Giggs did not know - my mother was brought up by an energetic boy. Perhaps, . it later served as a decisive factor in choosing a team - Giggs, . life lived in England and played four matches for the national team of British schoolchildren, . chose Wales, . as 12 years spared all England, . have not succeeded, after the departure of John Barnes to raise a good left midfielder.,

. Name Giggs fused with the name of Manchester United, so firmly that it is impossible to present any club without a player, either the Welshman in a shirt of another team
. But the first few steps, he did not "DOJ", and ... Manchester City. In 13 years, Ryan has won the title of best football player of England among peers, winning with a youthful team of "City" all the trophies of the season. And two days after the 14-th birthday came home to him the noble guest - Alex Ferguson, then a new coach, "MJ". The conversation did not last long - a few months Giggs put the red form of football academy "United."

The debut took place in the adult team in 1991. Irony: Ferguson went on an unprecedented risk, firing greenhorn youngster as a substitute in the Manchester derby. Giggs took eight minutes to become a favorite of the public - that he canceled a strike from a penalty corner scored the only goal. Since then, the eleventh issue of "Red Devils" did not go into the starting lineup, only if injured.

Giggs, Nicky Butt, Paul Scholes, the Neville brothers and David Beckham are familiar, we can say, from the cradle. When in early 1991, six of them took to the field in a training game and the basic composition of the youth "MJ", then captain of the Red Devils' Bryan Robson said: "The Golden Generation! Future" MJ "in good hands. These Devils will turn the world! Soon I will go out of football - to compete with me senseless.

The Magnificent Six "and on the field and in life is inseparable. In other words, was inseparable. Beckham left for Real. Arsene Wenger, whose Arsenal can not take the throne from "MJ" does not miss the opportunity to gloat a bit over the sale of England captain: "Power" MJ "was in the cohesion of the six. Without Beckham's game will be a completely different. And if suddenly withdraws and Giggs, "DOJ" will be a mediocre team. "

. Rumors about leaving Giggs went early in the season when he could not catch his game, and have increased dramatically in the spring, when he virtually single-handedly buried Juventus in the away match of the second group stage of Champions League
. Matches against the Italians in general, succeed him in the glory. In sezone-98/99 as "MJ" won the championship, Cup and Champions League, he scored the same Juventus' goal, which is then itself called the most important in his career - his last strength equalized in the last seconds of the quarterfinals of the League.

. In the current low season, and Inter, and Juventus have already expressed an interest in Welsh, but the player himself put an end to rumors, stating that it presents itself in another team
. "Why leave the club, which is considered the best in the world? And do not try to persuade me - staying in the" United "before the end of a career.

But these words were uttered before the sale of Beckham. Immediately after the transaction "MJ" with "Real" president of Inter's Massimo Moratti said Giggs - the main object Milanese in the offseason. The proposal has not yet done - say, Moratti is ready to pay for Giggs almost any of his players, including Christian Vieri (albeit with an additional charge by the British). But if Ferguson is going on, it would be tantamount to suicide - to sell in one offseason, both flank midfield team, which the center is very rare, at least silly.

. The only thing that has not made Giggs, this success with the national team
. Until recently it seemed: he had finished his career without knowing the joy of participation in the football forums. But with the advent of Mark Hughes (who, . by the way, . playing with Giggs in the "MJ" in the early 90's) team in Wales has grown from a gray mouse in a menacing lion and has not lost a qualifying match Euro 2004 no points! The key was a sensational victory over the Italians in Cardiff, . tournament and now the situation is so, . that Welsh, . Having played only four matches, . virtually guaranteed a second place,
. And to take first, they do not even need to hitch up points in the second leg with the Italians - just beat the Serbs and the Finns.

Wales Giggs love to distraction. Statisticians have calculated that the name of Ryan - the most common among the Welsh, born after 1994. Giggs himself while being modest: "I have done nothing for Wales. I dream to get to the championship of Europe and - why not - go out, say, the semi-finals. Then you can say that his career in the national team is successful. My dream is to win another Cup with "MJ" - the team deserves it. "

Well, if in the next season of injury will bypass the wizard left-handed side, his dream may very well be realized.

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Ryan Giggs, photo, biography
Ryan Giggs, photo, biography Ryan Giggs  Midfielder, photo, biography
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