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Kolotov Victor M.

( Honored Master of Sports, Honored coach of Ukraine)

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Biography Kolotov Victor M.
photo Kolotov Victor M.
Kolotov Viktor Mikhailovich (1949-2000) was born in the village. Yudino Tatar ASSR. Midfielder. Honored Master of Sports (1975), Honored coach of Ukraine (1986). He played for the team, "Labor Reserves," Rubin "(both - Kazan), Dynamo Kiev (1971-1981). In the championships of the USSR had 218 matches and scored 62 goals. USSR Champion 1971, 1974, 1975, 1977gg. USSR Cup winner 1974 and 1978. Captain Dynamo in 1972-1976 and 1978-1979 he. In the European cup tournament played 37 matches and scored 8 goals. Cup Winners Cup and Super Cup 1975. For the USSR national team has 55 matches and scored 22 goals. Silver medalist of European Championship in 1972, a bronze medalist in 1972 and 1976. Captain of the USSR national team from 1975-1976.

Most beginning of 2000 coincided with the sad news. Died Viktor Kolotov, the most popular football player of the seventies. For ten years he was a key figure in the Dynamo, and in the national team.

The emergence of Victor Kolotova in a big football was very rapid, unexpected and sensational. In fact: little-known soccer player Kazan Rubin "from the second Football League has also filed a statement of transition in Moscow" Torpedo "and Dynamo Kiev. Should not forget that the transition of players from one club to another in those days, unlike today, were still more the exception than the rule. The sensation turned into a scandal. Press in all keys bent Kolotova for unprincipled and mercenary, compared п+п¦я-я-п¦пTпT promised apartments in Moscow and Kiev, concludes discrepancy Kolotova moral development of the Soviet Athlete. In fact, everything was basic to the banality: totally inexperienced in the backstage fight a young footballer was hunted figures from sports, trying to get a capable player in their clubs. Kolotova spared a one-year disqualification. However, played a year in the Dynamo, Victor quickly made everyone forget about the circumstances of its appearance in the big leagues.

Before the audience appeared well-established player - proactive, self-possessed, eager to play. His performance on the field enough for two. He was not idle for a minute: pressingoval enemy at the time of receiving the ball on any part of the field defended by its own gate, long pasami prints to break Blokhin and Onishchenko, he completed the attack however blows. His game was exceptionally meaningful and rational. Nothing superfluous, everything is subordinated to a specific task: to stroke in the middle of the field time is not wasted, but in a difficult situation at other people's gates was not afraid to play individually. His constant during the entire match, the fight for the ball was not carried out the destructive nature. On the contrary, getting the ball, he'd been started a new attack. Over the years his playmaker role is becoming more pronounced. Competitors, aware of this, he paid attention. Stop Kolotova without violating the rules, it was not easy. He fully experienced the whole arsenal of techniques antifutbola: running boards, linings, blows on the legs. He bore it all stoically, with the field would not go away ever, and he never stooped to such responses.

. Evaluating the level of professional skill Victor Kolotova, it is difficult to distinguish something special, so skill was diverse and balanced
. But one thing should be noted: Victor Kolotov included Grigory Fedotov club. Midfielder! The fact that exceptional, and there can not do without numbers. Only in 53 games for the national team Kolotov scored 22 goals. And the first goal he scored in his debut game for the national team against a team from Yugoslavia in 1970. And it was then the second player in the league, speaking for the Kazan "Rubin". Actually, it was after this game Kolotova name and became known to fans. And then - that no game, the goal. In the game with a team in India in 1971 (5:0) Victor in the first half had three goals. In 1975, the match against Ireland, he also scored a beautiful goal in a protracted roll, completing prostrelnuyu transfer. It should be noted that Kolotov was also a wonderful penaltistom, thanks in no small measure to his rare psychological stability. In 1975, the European Championship qualifying match against Turkey, our football team won with a score of 3:0, and two goals from a penalty kick scored by none other than Victor Kolotov. A European Championship - no joke test even for experienced artists.

Kolotov probably one of the few players, which we can say that the fate of their sport has developed successfully. For ten seasons, held in a large football, and he became the champion of the country, and the USSR Cup, and the silver medalist of European Championship and bronze medal in 1972 and 1976. In 1975 it was presented to him after the Cup Winners' Cup victory over Bayern Munich. In 1971 Kolotov was declared best player of the Soviet Union. During this time the name of Victor Kolotova repeatedly called among the 33 best players of each football season. His credibility player was so great that for years he wore the captain's armband and Dynamo Kiev, and in the national team. Responsibility, the key games, the final result define the individual within a team. Kolotov was one of them. Even when the team played sluggishly, lack of initiative (and such games and there were people of Kiev, and a team), Victor never allowed himself to relax. And let it looked in such situations a sort of Don Quixote on the football field, but to stop the fight, just finish the game the match he could not. Of course, in his game there have been setbacks, but more often it was due neslazhennoy team play, not his personal fitness,

Victor Kolotov ceased to act for nearly twenty years ago, in 1981. But in our days, when the requirement to cool the players has increased a hundredfold, he saw a football player exclusive gaming features. The highest physical readiness, the ability to express themselves in any game Role, excellent technical equipment, the talent of an organizer of attack, subtle understanding of the nuances of the game, intelligent interaction with partners, skills, exceptional scorer ... So many just released. Bitter that time on Earth he was given so little.

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Kolotov Victor M., photo, biography
Kolotov Victor M., photo, biography Kolotov Victor M.  Honored Master of Sports, Honored coach of Ukraine, photo, biography
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