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BEAR Vladimir

( Brazilian footballers, goalkeeper)

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Biography BEAR Vladimir
photo BEAR Vladimir
Born November 8, 1928.
. The country of Yugoslavia.
. Position goalkeeper.
. Clubs' Hajduk ', Split (1947-55),' Red Star ', Belgrade (1955-60),' Aachen, Aachen (1960-62), 'Victoria', Cologne (both Germany) (1963-65).

. Yugoslavia squad played 60 matches.
. Honors Champion of Yugoslavia, 1950, 1952, 1955, 1956, 1957, 1959, 1960.
. Cup of Yugoslavia 1958 and 1959.
. Member of FM 1954, FM-1958.
. 2 nd winner XV OI 1952.

. Vladimir Beara was born in a small village near Split
. The first real football jersey was Split 'Hajduk', where he arrived in 1947. Eight years later he moved to Belgrade 'Red Star', where he played for five years. In 1960 he moved to Germany, where he graduated from his brilliant career. Won seven league titles champion Yugoslavia. Twice won the National Cup. Sixty-held games for the national team.

. However, it is impossible to bring his speech to the dry figures, . which can not explain, . why the 50-ies in Yugoslavia called 'Decade of Beara', . why in newspapers around the world called him 'panther between bars', . 'keeper with steel toes', . 'fearless heart' and other nicknames.,

. In just two years young country boy has gone from novice to football goalkeeper
. His debut came in the match, in losing to the Austrians with a score of 2:7, the only advantage of the match was that, who replaced 10 minutes before the end of the game Bear did not score a single ball.

. So out it in the field Nov. 22, 1950 in the first team against the British in London, did not cause perplexity
. According to statistics, he hit at the day 30 strokes of the gate, and six fail to take. 'The stadium was shaken in a loss. Beara played, not perceiving the reaction nor the fans nor the players, entering a trance, and seemed to be drunk in front, beating one after the other 'dead' attacks British '. After the game, ending with a score of 2:2 press wrote about him only in glowing terms, awarding him the nickname 'Great Vladimir'

Only thanks to his talent, the team managed to reach the final of the Olympic Games in 1952. First, was easily defeated India 10:1. Leading to 1 / 8 final against the USSR national team with a score of 5:1, the team missed the victory and only with difficulty restraining a draw. Their defense was crushed by Soviet players and a game Beara saved many episodes: they were and acrobatic jumps and parrying attacks from 5-6 meters. 3 goals scored Bobrov, one Trofimov and Petrov) in the rematch, which took place a day later, July 22, the victory of 3:1 (for the USSR national team again scored Bobrov). Quarterfinals, vymotanye two-legged fight with the USSR (and substitutions did not yet exist) Yugoslavs vymgrali from Denmark 5:3. In the semi-final defeated Germans 3:1. In the finale, however, they were replayed team of Hungary: Puskц¦s, Kocsis, Bozsik, Tsibor throughout the game bombed gate Beara and two missed the ball does not reflect its character. He took at least seven of the most difficult goals, including a penalty kick, taken from the tightly Puskas in the first half.

Talked about Bear after the World Cup 1954 in Switzerland, which brought him world fame. It was the second championship of Beara, but the entire World Cup-1950, he sat on the bench. In otborchnom tournament at the World Cup 1954 Yugoslavs played in the same group with Greece and Israel, all 4 games ended in victory for Yugoslav national team 1:0. At the 1954 Championships Yugoslavs won 1:0 France (Goal Milutinovic), a draw with Brazil 1:1 (Tsebech and Didi), in 1 / 4 finals lost to Germany 0:2 (own goal in the 10th minute Horvath and naked wound in 86y).

Then there was an amazing match in Cardiff. Branko Kralj, former understudy Beara in 39 games (assuming that he was a brilliant goalkeeper), recalls: 'Especially memorable episode in which John Charles, at a speed surpassing the three players shot on goal from fifteen feet. I contend that the ball flew into the web. Charles has already raised his arms joyfully, because he had no doubt, like any other, who was at the stadium - the ball in the net. Bear took off like a catapult, almost touched his fingers, but it is enough to make the ball hit the crossbar. He jumped right on the incident Olchera who, without pausing to put a blow. To all, I think, remain a mystery how Vladimir covered blow Welshman. But this is not everything, he threw the ball Mantulov, who made the transfer Veselinovic, and Yugoslavia led to a 1:0. In the end, we won 3:1 and it was a benefit Beara '.

May 12, 1957 in Zagreb, was defeated by Italy 6:1. It was a cold shower. Time and again Boniperti, Gratton, Chervato went on strike position. Vain. Chervato scored the only goal from a penalty kick when the score was 5:0. Italian journalists called the Bear 'ballerina volante' - flying ballerina.

. How he got into football?

. In 1946, 'Hajduk' conducted regular training, . in the presence of young fans, . the day, both were injured and goalkeeper coach Yozho Matoshich, . himself a former goalkeeper, . chose to replace them instead of one of them stood a young man: 'Get up in the goal and not be afraid, . I tell them, . so much passion is not bili'v players immediately forgot indication coach, . but the newcomer proved himself with the best hand - played no fuss, . with dostoinstvom.Sam he said: 'Until the day I never dreamed of playing football, . but Matoshich changed my destiny ',
. Bear studied ballet and moonlighting as a car mechanic. Experience ballet gave him an unrivaled graziozny playing style - the style Beara.

After the Swiss championship, he became the first superstar of the Yugoslav football. In Yugoslavia, the country's amateur football were two hidden professional club in Belgrade and Zagreb. On the eve of one of the matches of the Cup Mitropa Beara disappears from Split.

In Belgrade, he was hiding under the protection of bodyguards from the vengeance of leadership and fans. Club after escaping player costing polkomandy, who had helped in winning three league titles did not receive any compensation. Yugoslav Football Association, sympathetic 'Red Star' more than the Croatian club pedaled the case. Split lived revenge, every game between the clubs turned into a battle, he Beara never played in Split, while remaining in Belgrade.

. By the 1958 championship team came up the winner qualifying group, having played a draw away matches with Greece (0:0) and Romania (1:1) and defeating them at home (4:1 and 2:0)
. In the final part of the world championship he had three games in the group (1:1 Scotland, . 3:2 France (both goals scored by the French Juste Fontaine) and 3:3 Paraguay), . team advanced to the quarterfinals, . Beara but was unable to participate due to injury and the team lost to West Germany 0:1 (like 4 years ago, . Goal Ran).,

. In 1960, Bear has signed a contract with the club 'Aachen' from Aachen, but in the first season was a double fracture of the leg, was able to play only in 1962
. The team went unbeaten, leadership in the championship in Germany, but on Nov. 25, 1962 in a match against 'Borussia' in collision with a player Dortmund Klaus Beara again breaks his leg.

. In essence, this was the last game Beara.

. Then there was an attempt to return to the football team 'Victoria', Cologne, but failure - permanent injury resulted rasstovaniyu with great football
. He graduated from the coaching courses at Sepp Gerbergera. Coached 'Freiburg', Dutch 'Fortune', then returned home, worked with 'Riek', then got an offer from 'Hajduk', in which forget old grudges.

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BEAR Vladimir, photo, biography
BEAR Vladimir, photo, biography BEAR Vladimir  Brazilian footballers, goalkeeper, photo, biography
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