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Biography ASSUN+O Fabio
photo ASSUN+O Fabio
Fabio was born August 10, 1971 in Sao Paulo and grew up in Vila Mariana. When he was little, he said he wanted to become a doctor, but art has always represented for him the most interest. He loved to listen to, as a neighbor plays the piano and once told his father that also wants to learn. Fabio received lessons for 2,5 years. He also received lessons on the guitar and singing lessons.

Fabio's dream was to become a guitarist "Rolling Stones". Knowing how to play guitar and piano at the age of 15 years, he opened his own group and called it the "Delta T". But due to lack of money for equipment, his dream of a musical career was cut short. So his life took another course.

Assuno some time filming in advertising, but once he heard the message of acceptance in the class theater in Sao Caetano do Sul, and he enrolled in. This was the beginning of his successful acting career. After one week of filming for TV Globo, Fabio was casting for his first telenovela "Meu Bem Meu Mal". Then came the "Vamp", "Sonho Meu" and he did not stop. Now we can enjoy and evaluate his work in many productions Globo, film, theater and many others!

11 years ago, Fabio moved to Rio de Janeiro, to work on television. Now he lives with Priscilla Borgonovo. This model. He likes that it is not an actress. He says that life is more interesting and varied. In the last years, Fabio was seen with actresses Christiane Olivera and Claudia Abreu. But now he lives with Priscilla.

After Fabio and Priscilla were 5 years together in November 2001, they obyaaili wedding.
Fabio said this: "The sexiest woman in the world - my. The next year, we secure their relationship officially ". The ceremony was held April 20, 2002 in the "Jockey Club" in Sao Paulo.

Sunday night, a day after the wedding, Fabio and Priscilla went to honeymoon in Italy.

Fabio and Priscilla, like walking on the sea with their dogs. They love to walk together in the theater and watch movies together. They traveled to Japan and Bali, as well as on a long trip to London and Seyshelskie island, a great place for diving, which is one of the favorite hobbies Fabio. He also loves to read and listen to music. U Fabio has a collection of CDs of various styles. His favorite color - blue. Assuno loves football, he is a fan of the command "Corintians".

One of the main qualities Fabio - his complete dedication. He is able to reproduce and treacherous villain, and the regular guy and gentleman of the last century.

Gallery characters Fabio vast and diverse. Many incentive he needed to portray a particular character. One of the first, without a doubt, George - an evil doctor from "Sonho Meu". Fabio only became an actor and at that time played the role of bad guy. George was a pervert and a scoundrel, Performance by an Actor Fabio was excellent, remarkable, that at once showed his undoubted talent.

Then there was Marcos Mezenga, naughty and wild guy. Long hair and a cowboy hat is fully described his character in "O Rei do Gado". In this series he worked with Antonio Fagundes, an actor, which Fabio says, as an incredible actor and person. Fabio played Marcos and was praising for this role. In retrospect, we can say that Marcos Mezenga - one of the most beloved and unforgettable characters Fabio.

His third was Andre role in the television series "Labirinto". For this character, Fabio had to cut his hair and paint them the color blonde, and tan. He even put some stunt tricks. In the role of Andre Fabio often and a lot of running, and from the police and the assassins of an important businessman. As a result, he lost 10 kilograms. Andre is also a former champion in the fight. In real life, Fabio - not an athlete, he does not like sports, he only carries them because there is a need. But his work has always been a huge success.

We can not forget and Ignacio of the telenovela "Forca um desejo", gentlemen of the 19 century. U Fabio, it was peravya telenovela in an old-style. Ignacio - a mixture of secular society and gentleman farmer. Fabio said that it was the most difficult part of his role. As always, Fabio did his best to make the perfect character Ignacio. He has dyed his hair black and avoided the sun whenever he could. He made Ignacio real prince.

Fabio likes staged performances in the theater. He made a lot of roles and even played the role of Jesus. He also worked in film: "Biu, a Vida Real Nao Tem Retake", "Duas veces com Helena" "Bellini ea esfinge" and "A Hora Marcada". In the future, Fabio is going to study film, and he has hoped to become a director of his own movies.

Fabio charming, shy and very romantic. Acting looks so natural because of his dedication. He is now - part of the television, without which there. With the growth of 1.79 cm, with its wonderful blue eyes and a great talent. See it on TV is really great.

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ASSUN+O Fabio, photo, biography
ASSUN+O Fabio, photo, biography ASSUN+O Fabio  Actor, photo, biography
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