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Rodrigo Santoro

( Actor)

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Biography Rodrigo Santoro
photo Rodrigo Santoro
Full name: Rodrigo Dzhunkveyra Dos Reis (Rodrigo Junqueira Dos Reis)
. Nickname: Rodrigo Santoro (Rodrigo Santoro)
. Date of Birth: August 22, 1975
. Place of birth: Petropolis, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
. Profession: Actor
. Height: 1.90 cm
. Weight: 81 kg

. From his father - an Italian has inherited the hot blood of the south, from the mother love of the arts
. Rodrigo Santoro loves sports, especially he likes to perform tricks on a bicycle, to invent their. He admires Jesus Christ, Buddha and Alan Kardec. In 18 years, Rodrigo did not visit any nightclubs or bars, no discos, as all young people. He does not smoke or drink a lot of sleep, eat well and all the time playing sports. As entertainment prefers theater, cinema and meeting friends in a calm atmosphere. Santoro supports all organizations. dealing with the welfare of the environment and animals, such as Greenpeace. About Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, Fernanda Montenegro, Meryl Streep and Juliette Binoche Rodrigo Santoro speaks with great respect and dreams in the future to become as famous as they. He also said that he would like to play in a good movie, which would become known around the world. He gradually succeed. He has already starred in several American films, one of which is a hit world cinema - Charlie's Angels: Full asphyxia. Although the role of small, it looks chic. Rodrigo played a magnificent handsome, out of the sea with a surfboard. Lover Brazilian serials from around the world following his release and were very satisfied. The beautiful appearance of nature, a magnificent sporting and form a natural tan, gave rise to many sleepless nights girls. But Santoro did not refuse after world fame from his "Brazilian" life (in any case!), He still appeared on the series, and delights his every appearance. His last series - Women in Love (Mulheres Apaixonadas), . character Rodrigo - Diego, . son of Lorena (Suzana Vieira) and Rafaela (Claudio Marz), . pet mother, . works in the travel agency, . The car and his friend Claudio, . in the past he had an affair with a cousin Luciano (Camila Pitanga), . marries Marina (Paloma Duarte), . daughter of his boss, . because she was pregnant by him,
. Rodrigo Santoro as we have seen in the telenovela "gentle poison" in the role of the handsome-artist Eliseo Vieira, tempted by the youngest daughter of the protagonist (Lavinia Vlasak). All serials he seduces someone! This happened even when he played a priest Frei Malthus. But he is not tempted. He tempted ... It was simply impossible to resist! It was a very famous Hilda (Ana Paula Arosio) in the TV series "Unrestrained Hilda! But we need to take into account the fact that he was a priest, and she - a prostitute ...

. Actual love (Love Actually), 2003
. Charlie's Angels: Full asphyxia (Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle), 2003 - Emmers (Emmers)
. The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone (Roman Spring of Mrs
. Stone, The), 2003 - a young man (Young Man)
. Carandiru, 2003 - Lady Di (Lady Di)
. Women in Love (Mulheres Apaixonadas), 2003 - Diogo (Diogo)
. Behind the Sun (Abril Despedacado), 2001 - Tonio (Tonio)
. Brain Storm (Bicho de Sete Cabecas), 2001 - Neto (Neto)
. Estrela-Guia, 2001 - Carlos Pimenta, Charles (Carlos Charles Pimenta)
. Trapalhao ea Luz Azul, O, 1999
. Tender venom (Suave Veneno), 1999 - Alice Vieira (Eliseo Vieira)
. Unrestrained Hilda (Hilda Furacao), 1998 - Frei Malthus (Frei Malthus)
. Amor Esta no Ar, O, 1997 - Leo (Leo)
. Depois do Escuro, 1996 - Dirceu Lustosa (Dirceu Lustosa)
. Explode Coracao, 1995 - Sergio (Serginho)
. Patria Minha, 1994 - Fernando (Fernando)

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    Rodrigo Santoro, photo, biography
    Rodrigo Santoro, photo, biography Rodrigo Santoro  Actor, photo, biography
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