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Charisma Carpenter

( Actress)

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Biography Charisma Carpenter
photo Charisma Carpenter
Hobbies: roller skating and riding
. Favorite book: The Greatest Salesman in the World
. Favorite singer: Chet Baker
. Favorite actor: Jack Nicholson
. Favorite actress: Holly Hunter
. Favorite song: Kiss Me
. Favorite sport: skating
. Favorite movie: Heathers
. Favorite TV show: Party of Five

. Charisma Carpenter was born on July 23, 1970 in Las Vegas
. His exotic name, she is obliged to a mother who named her daughter in honor of favorite perfume company "Avon". The girl hated my name. She hid it from their friends and classmates, calling themselves simply Chrissy. "When I appeared, people thought that Charisma - is a pseudonym. What I have called so intricately, wanting to attract attention, "- says the actress. Maybe it was because of the name of the girl, in her own words, "never for a moment did not get out of trouble, and even disgusting studied stole his father's car. One school after another, eventually graduated Charisma School of the Arts in San Diego, specializing in classical dance. After high school, spent some time in Europe, Cha went to college. During her studies, she worked as a secretary in a shop and intstruktorom Aerobics. In 1992, she came to visit her friend in Los Angeles. For many reasons she had to stay there and start working as a waitress in the restaurant Mirabelle on the famous Sunset Boulevard. "The waitress from me was just disgusting," - remembers Charisma. When she once again heard in his address: "You should try yourself as an actress" - she began to attend classes on acting. There she found her first theatrical agent. After that, everything was like a beautiful Hollywood fairy tale. Views, castings, flickering in dozens of commercials ... Cordelia Chase - a former girlfriend of Xander Harris. In the series "Angel" working at the office of the Angel. "The funny thing in these promotional filming was that no one shall never know on the street. People just fit in and ask if I have not studied them in school. Or ask to tell them where they know me "- says now with a smile, actress. Rollers useful: the producers have noticed the beautiful series "Baywatch, where she received a cameo role. Start a stellar career was laid. Almighty creator serials Aaron Spelling invited the charisma to the role of villain Ashley Greene in the miniseries "Malibu Shores". Since filming this series, was late for half an hour, Charisma rushed to the sample in the "Buffy". As an apology for being late she timidly said high commission ... great pizza Charisma auditioned for the role of Buffy, but the result was just the role of Cordelia. Her character was not originally been conceived as a permanent character, but the requests and fan mail have done their job. Cordelia Chase remained in the series for next season.

. Having worked in the television series "Buffy" 3 seasons (1997 - 1999), Charisma now plays the role of the same Cordelia in the series "Angel" by working together in the former star of television series "Buffy, David Boreanaz.

. When asked what would be her future, she replied that the game in the series "Buffy" so changed her professional career, that now she was very careful to refer to any proposals
. "I'm not going to engage in what has been done in haste or halves. If I have no love for the cause of that deal, then I will leave it, - said Charisma. - Generally speaking it would be great to get married, have children and live somewhere outside of town ... "

. "Angel" - from 1999
. "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" - from 1997 to 1999.
. "Pacific Blue" - 1996
. "Malibu Shores" - 1996
. "Josh Kirby ... Time Warrior: Chapter 6" - 1996
. "Josh Kirby ... Time Warrior: Chapter 2" - 1995
. "Josh Kirby ... Time Warrior: Chapter 1" - 1995
. "Boy Meets World" - 1995
. "Baywatch" - 1995

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Charisma Carpenter, photo, biography
Charisma Carpenter, photo, biography Charisma Carpenter  Actress, photo, biography
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