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Shakhlin Boris Afiyanovich

( Soviet athlete (gymnastics), Honored Master of Sports)

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Biography Shakhlin Boris Afiyanovich
photo Shakhlin Boris Afiyanovich
Shakhlin Boris Afiyanovich was born January 27, 1932 in the city of Ishim Tyumen region. Soviet athlete (gymnastics), Honored Master of Sports. Champion of the USSR (1957 - 64), Europe (1955, 1963), Peace (1954, 1958), Olympic Games (1956, 1960, 1964) in certain types of all-around artistic gymnastics. Author of the book "My gymnastics.

The most successful for Boris Shakhlin became XVII Olympiad. Here's what he remembers about it:

"Today I can say that the most difficult and most responsible for me was the speech at the XVII Olympic. We had to mobilize not only all his skill, but the whole experience over eighteen years of gymnastics, - after my victory was in great need of a team.

. Even before the beginning of the XVII Olympic Games, we knew that the Japanese gymnasts in the strongest terms, we are prepared to give battle on all counts: in the team competition and all-around, and in certain types of
. For many years they have carefully studied our system of training, in all competitions filmed a combination of Soviet gymnasts on film, to win us to our own weapons.

. And so began a decisive battle.

. We were not mistaken in their assumptions: the Japanese were brought to Rome well trained team
. From the first type of mandatory program, they are ahead of us, and after each shell gap continues to grow. We are losing and the team, and in the fight for the title of Absolute Champion XVII Olympic Games.

After the mandatory program ahead confidently vdet old acquaintance - Takashi It. I left behind at 0.25 points. Yuri Titov took third place and losing more. When this gap is difficult to count on victory. And since you do not want to give the title of Absolute Champion won at the XV and XVI Olympics Victor Chu-Karin! But we still wrestle, no matter how difficult. In gymnastics wins, who knows how to fight and always fights to the end!

The day we were resting: on a mandatory program competed women ... And here again we go out on the platform. How will our business in any program? In the morning we go through three. In the team competition, everything remains unchanged: we are unable to recoup, markedly reduce the gap. And in the fight for the title of Absolute Champion? I am looking forward to Alexander Semenovich, he sadly smiled:

- It's OK - you lose It has 0.3 points ...

Wow! Frankly - do not expect. I not only failed to reduce the gap, on the contrary, it increased by another 0.05 points! I know that in my victory not believe no one: neither the spectators nor the gymnasts. Is that Alexander Semenovich still hoping for a miracle. It is a miracle: after the end of the competition is only three species.

Yet we believe that our coach is not really an impossible task at all. As always, we will fight till the end. Moreover, the chance to win still there.

We Mishakova always tried as best as possible to explore the possible rivals, to learn more about them. In order to win equal skill must have good knowledge about them above all - their strengths and weaknesses. And not only in technical and physical training.

. ... Previous meetings with Tokasi It showed: in unforeseen situations, it is usually very nervous, and we decided to use it.

. In the evening of the performances, our team will come to the shells, the Japanese, which should well help me
. If I can achieve the highest ratings for yourself, then greatly complicate performance leader: It will know my grades, even see, perhaps, my statement. He understands that to achieve the final victory, he will have to exert maximum effort, and it can knock him out.

. Only such an option - take the final three species are very clear, to get each of them the best possible assessment, now acceptable to me
. This means that in the first place I'll have to fight for every tenth or even hundredth of a particle points to the most recent release of the projectiles. Now everything will depend on who is more excited - me or my chief rival.

All this we Aleksandr Semenovich discussed further in the Olympic Village. And in the evening I went to competitions with a determination to do the best possible plan.

The first is for our team - kick on the horse. Four years ago, this is the shell brought me in Melbourne, Australia's first gold medal and, incidentally, the first victory over It. Such pleasant memories. But now I do not think about how to keep the title of Olympic champion in this form. I have a more complicated task: to achieve such high ratings that it helped to turn around the main fight for the title of Absolute Champion. I try to be as collected, with the first movement trying to get into the necessary rhythm of many circles, swings, crossings, implement them as good as I can, as used. Finally, all. What will the judges? 9,75 points. Very good score!

The next shell in our team-ring. Here's to them, in our strategic plan, I must strike Takashi It is a decisive blow.

Like all gymnasts. It knows that I had never shone in the exercises on the rings. Consequently, if now I'll show you a high score, it literally stunned leader. Moreover, it should see my presentation: the Japanese had already arrived, immediately after our performance on the rings they come to the platform. It is doubtful whether it will resist the temptation to see my performance on the rings. That's good to teach him a surprise.

Now everything depends "on one thing - if I can show good performance?" Perhaps I can. At the last "estimations" team before going to Rome I was able to get the rings 9,8 points. Ah, would repeat the same combination on a good grade and now! I try to remember every detail, down to the smallest detail, as do the exercise then.

And here I am on the rings. From the first movement with the joy I feel that exercise is a clear, smooth, clean, as they say, without a hitch. Just do a perfect dismount, clear to land.

Finally score. Wow! I managed to surprise not only this, but himself! There is desirable 9,8! For me it's like that for another "ten". It is not difficult to imagine how stretched face my rival. If there is anything as such a surprise to me precisely on the rings It is not expected!

... We go to the locker room, a break, you can relax. I'm not going to follow the actions it on the floor exercise, I'm completely useless. At the platform is Alexander S. with his constant pad-he sees all the record and then tell me. I have the best possible way to relax, keep fighting spirit to speak and not to cool down before jumping.

In the locker room for us to begin with Jury Titov anguish. In Rome is incredible heat in the throat from dryness pershiy, unbearably thirsty. But not to drink: water relaxes the muscles, so you have to endure. And our comrades violate this rule. Before the finish line is just one type - vault, there are given two attempts, one of them can be successful, even if "razgovetsya" vodichki. And the team struggle in fact, already finished: we are much inferior to the Japanese, in one form can not play that lost the previous eleven. We will not be the first, but we will not and the third - behind the rest of the team is stronger. So what can and drink water. And we can not with Yura! We still are fighting, is still too early to relax, we must go to the vault in the head -. Incredible stuffy in the small locker room, but we put on woolen Titov Tracksuits - need to better preserve "working heat" warmed muscles.

We sat down with his back to all. And behind the so-tempting gurgling water is poured into a glass! If only one sip! Not! We must be patient, it remains quite a bit.

Included Alexander S.. Quickly, however, flashed a look, it's time we return to the platform. The person the coach impenetrable, but I feel that our tactical plan failed, acquitted themselves. Then, immediately after the competition, Mishakov show me the records, and we cheerfully rassmeemsya. We really managed to bring It out of balance, made him restless and nervous. And how! Already in the first form of the evening program, in the exercise of free exercise, it received 9.55 points. That is, he immediately lost those 0.45 points, which I gleaning two shells. This meant that the fight for the gold medal in the all-around is still possible!

And here we are again on the platform. Our team begins to perform vault, the Japanese gymnasts - kick on horseback. In their teams, we It is the most recent. I managed to see the performance of It. But the assessment did not see it - there comes my turn to perform a jump. Best of my two-count again 9,75. That's all I finished and nothing more I can not help myself. Now the "help" I can only rival, which is still waiting for the exercises on the rings. I looked questioningly at Semenycha, who had previously introduced in notebook assessment Ono, and now makes my. In the last three types, I lost 0.7 points. It made so far in two forms, but have lost five-hundredths of more. Anything can happen. Especially since I have a very large sum of all-round - 115.95 points! Alexander S. sighs philosophically proclaims:

. - We wait and hope ...

. Hope - this is understandable, but where to wait? In the locker room? Or go take a nice shower at this moment? No
. I elbow Titova eye is indicated on the bench of the Japanese gymnasts. We sat down next to rivals. Perhaps they are so unpleasantly arrogant intrusion on their "sovereign territory". But from our side is another kind of tactic: let it prepares for final output and acts under our intent gaze, let our presence once again remind him that the struggle continues.

. Finally, it all really - the judge showed the latest - evaluation It
. Alexander S. brings her notebook, and his mouth breaks down "Hurray!". We won! Y Takashi It the second sum-115.90. Five hundredths of points make me an absolute champion XVII Olympic Games! That title, which won twice in a row Viktor Chukarin now managed to win me! "

. At the same Olympics, Boris was still a champion in the exercises on parallel bars, horse and jump, and bronze medal at the crossbar.

. After a sports career Boris Shakhlin became an assistant professor department of the Kiev Institute of physical exercises
. Then he worked in the Sports Committee of Ukraine. He became vice-president of technical committee of the International Gymnastics Federation.

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Shakhlin Boris Afiyanovich, photo, biography
Shakhlin Boris Afiyanovich, photo, biography Shakhlin Boris Afiyanovich  Soviet athlete (gymnastics), Honored Master of Sports, photo, biography
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