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Zavorotniuk Anastasia

( Actress)

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Biography Zavorotniuk Anastasia
photo Zavorotniuk Anastasia
Anastasia Zavorotniuk was born April 3, 1971 in a family of folk artist, an actress Astrakhan Spectators, Valentina and TV director, Yuri A..

Nastya had decided to associate himself with the theater since early childhood: 'I still could not pronounce the word' actress ', but it has become very much like'. The girl grew up behind the scenes of the theater and knew all the plays by heart. 'It was very funny when I was in the age of five began to suggest the text to some drunken actor. And from the wings could be heard: "This is a catastrophe! Bring a small Zavorotniuk from the hall, display!" 'Nastya all - equal to' come out in the hall, suited to the stage. And if there was any urgency to enter, I'm able to disrupt the play. "

. In his spare time from school Nastia studied music and dancing, took part in the dance ensemble 'Lotus', but the dream of becoming an actress, she never changed, although the parents were strongly against
. Nastya at every New Year to guess only one desire: 'to become an actress. "

Tough Choices

'By this time, when it was finally choose the path, I was scared of something and entered the Faculty of History'. So, after graduating from 37 schools, Nastya came to Astrakhan Pedagogical Institute of the Faculty of History. But after a year there, she realized that she took someone else's place and decided to go to Moscow tried in Theater Institute. Pope supported and traveled with her mother well, and Nastya said that he was going to the archaeological site.

Nastia went to do GITIS, but it did not take. 'I went and told my father that more will not go anywhere, and on that all my efforts to end. But Dad, he believed in me. He said: "No, daughter, went". And we went to the "pike "...'.

. Nastia came in the Moscow Art Theater School, and in the 'pike' and GITIS, but ultimately chose the Moscow Art Theater, the course Vanguard Nikolaevich Leontiev (who graduated in 1993).

. Early career

. In 1991, Nastia starred in his first film, 'Masha', starring on the book by Nabokov (director Tamara Pavlyuchenko), and two years later played the role of the Broadway confused Liza in the adventure comedy Arkady Sirenko 'Likhaya Couple'

In the third year, Nastya was invited to play Alexandra Marina 'Don Giovanni', it was a temporary entry. And the fourth year Vladimir Mashkov Nastya invited to 'snuff', which is produced at this moment 'Bumbarash' and said: 'You have 40 minutes to prove you are you'. And, rehearsing with Yevgeny Mironov, the actor took Nastia's shoulders and said: 'You now have a chance, use it'. Nastia has used this chance and prove that she has much.


In the theater-studio Nastia worked for 10 years. And during that time managed to play in three dozen productions. But the most favorite considers the role of Varya from his first play 'The Passion of Bumbarash': 'When we all worked together on' Bumbarash ', we were so happy, it was such an extraordinary time! All were captured incredible energy Mashkova. It is this performance line up, . combining all the veins of each of the participants in one of the circulatory system, and he fertilizes her literally with their blood ';': is it, . what are you dreaming, . Varia here - this is, . that I dream ';' Later, I played big roles in other productions, . but this will be remembered forever. ",

. Family

. First husband, a German, saw Nastia on cabbage in 'Snuff-boxes'
. His friend invited withdraw act on camera. At first glance, fell in love with the actress, went behind her and kept repeating: 'You - Queen'. And on the fourth day, declared his love, and persuaded to become his wife. The actress went with him to Germany, but soon fled to Moscow.

Anastasia met her true love, who waylaid her on ... road. It was around Christmas. Anastasia seeking souvenirs for relatives and parallel thinking about how to catch a rehearsal. 'No machine can not do' - decided Nastya. Rode up inomarka. The actress told the driver, a young man named Dmitri, about his plans for the Napoleonic. He decided to help - to spend her driver all day. Dmitry told me that he was a businessman, he has a wife and daughter. Anastasia was also married. In gratitude for the assistance Zavorotniuk Dima was invited with his wife on his show. He came one. And the next day reappeared. Then he invited Anastasia's Restaurant.

'We turned some ridiculous period of courtship - three days. And on the fourth day Dima has made a proposal. And it became clear. At that time we both were not free: he is married, I married. We had a sharp break with all that we have. Dima has always been very strong. No wedding was. Even the parents are not invited. Quiet celebrated together: I think that our acquaintance was not by chance. Fate brought us'.

A few years and gave birth to a daughter, Anya. 'Sitting in one place is not for me. I love experimenting! So a few years ago we, along with her husband and daughter Anna went to the U.S., where doing business. It turned out that this is so exciting. "

'I lived there for three years. Then, all mingled together: the desire to live abroad, to try yourself to the life, try to do business. And to understand something for myself, and relax. I did not have any one particular purpose. Came to Moscow, playing shows in the beloved "Snuff-Box, again leaving for America. I was very suited, and all was good. If I had just gone to live there, for me it would be difficult, and those three years gave me the opportunity to evaluate everything calmly and weigh. I got all there. But I realized that I want to live here and practice their profession. "

And she came back to Moscow, although the likes of Los Angeles ( 'city-holiday') 'Probably because there was born Misha. City of the Sun, laughing, just like my son '...

'My Fair Nanny'

In the episode, Nastya came quite by accident, as the actress herself 'I was just lucky'. At a time when she called and invited to sample, she vacationed in Anapa with children. She immediately, without hesitation, went to Moscow, although before that it is not approved in the TV series "Poor Nastya". About the casting, she did not know, . nothing about it, . it lasts for a year, . nothing about it, . that the role of the nurse Vicki been tried as early as 1, . 5 thousand people: 'You know, . probably, . my happiness, . I reported this did not know anything! None of this crazy casting or about, . that are looking for an actress,
. I got a call, apparently at the most have some last minute, and I was in the south with children and quite well, in general, enjoy life, sea, sun and their babies'.

The focus of the nurse Vicky transferred from Olga Block Mirimskaya, actress Tabakov, where Nastia played ten years. According to the stories she Nasti, arriving from his native city of Simferopol, often tell interesting stories about local residents, saying their emphasis.

The shooting lasted from early morning until late at night. Home with the children sat nurse, Tatiana. At all points of similarity Anastasia and Victoria, she replied "We are very different from her women '. And after talking with her at least a minute, it immediately becomes noticeable.

The series completely changed his life Nasti. She became famous, went out of the theater-studio Tabakov. Even some changes in the locker room, she began wearing brighter things, although he had preferred, mostly black. Get rid of many complexes. Previously, she never wore short skirts, and even could not imagine how you can get in such a people, but gradually got used to.

. Jobs Kiev

. The success of 'My Fair Nanny' has led to the fact that the actress being invited to a variety of popular shows
. In 2005, Anastasia became the leading 'good songs', which took place in Kyiv. Festive atmosphere they created in the hall along with Alexander Tsekalo.

But the leading celebrity chef Anastasia Zavorotniuk was accidentally. 'Anastasia was a guest' Culinary best-seller ', - says the producer of entertainment television programs ICTY Alla Lipoveckц¦. - 'While filming the transfer, to know it closer. When later the idea to make a program on the book Darya Dontsova 'Cook Book lazy', a concept which included the inability to lead cook, I realized that Nastya - the ideal candidate. She's told me that an experienced cook is not, but not against learning ... First, the actress feared: thought it was just a culinary program, you must be superprofi in this issue. But we explained to her the essence of the transfer, and she agreed '. Transmission filmed in Kiev, where Nastia came in 3-4 days, and during this time had time to remove the whole block transfers. On cooking show gathered people from all over Ukraine and even Russia. Specially invited guests told their stories, and they said why they want to learn how to cook. Then Nastia invited them to his kitchen, and together they cooked ...

Some time Nastya conducted in Kiev yet another transfer, but the radio station 'Radio Adults'. Transfer was called 'Baby Monitor'. There Zavorotniuk gave all sorts of advice: for traditional medicine, the choice of mascots, names, etc.. His advice was accompanied by a Leading jokes than uplifting for the whole day.


November 18, 2005 Naste handed TEFI in the nomination "For best actress in the film / TV series'. It was marked by her work in the TV series 'My Fair Nanny'. This award was very important for the actress, but until the last moment she did not believe that it will.

'I really do not expect to get' TEFI ', side by side, with Inna Chourikova and Svetlana Kryuchkova, this is some incredible situation. And suddenly, eight votes for me. Even I can not remember whether I was breathing at that time or not: '- says Nastya.

Feature Film

Probably every actress wants to be known not because of serials, but rather participate in the full-length films. In 2007, Anastasia was invited to play a major role in the film by Vadim Shmelev 'Apocalypse Code' - a picture with a budget of more than 400 million rubles. The plot pattern is common for western fighters: a main villain, . crazy idea to make large-scale destruction in the largest cities of the world, . these destabilizing the international situation (he played a famous French actor Vincent Perez), . as opposed to him an experienced intelligence agent, . this time the Russian,
. In the role of the charming and resourceful savior of the world and made Anastasia Zavorotniuk.

Perhaps confused by the many choices the director - it's too stuck to the actress's image Babysitting. At first doubted his partner and Vincent Perez. 'But it turned out, fragile external image does not match the power of this woman - he said. - I can guarantee that the blows that I got from it were very serious. We did it for 12 hours a day, and I realized that Nastia has great strength - both physical and mental: '

Also in 2007 the country entered the picture screens director Alexei Zernov 'Shakespeare never dreamed of'. In this merry musical comedy, snchtoy explanations of ancient Russian vaudeville, commented about the adventures of four swindlers posing as a troupe of artists. The film played by actors of the series 'My Fair Nanny' - Anastasia Zavorotnyuk, Sergei Zhigunov, Boris Smolkin and Olga Prokofiev.

. Zigzags privacy

. It often happens that the relations between the characters the actors carry the real life
. It happened in the case of Sergei Zhigunova Anastasia Zavorotniuk. For their novel watched the entire country. Someone has supported them, someone condemned, but for two loving hearts this really important? For the sake of each other, they both left their families. Zhigunov left his wife - actress Vera Novikova, and Anastasia on her husband Dmitry. Seemed a wedding - it is only a matter of time. But ...

In early 2008, Anastasia Zavorotnyuk, being host of a popular show, "Dancing on Ice ', met a new love in the face of 37-year-old skater Pyotr Chernyshev. In early October 2008, they quietly and modestly signed for one of Moscow's SCP. For actresses, this marriage was the third, and for skaters - the second. Registration took place without fanfare, distinguished guests and noisy feast. Also more important event in the life of Anastasia and Peter was ahead. The couple decided to unite their destinies, not only in the registry office, but in the church. Wedding ceremony took place on October 11, 2008 in Crimea. Love arrived in Simferopol, together with family and friends.

Zhigunov very hard going through the gap with Anastasia, but - the heart is not prikazhesh ... Together they are now found only on the set the series 'My Fair Nanny'. As recognized herself an actress, with Peter, she really happy.

. Filmography:

. 1991 Masha
. 1993 Likhaya Couple
. 2001 Untouchables
. 2002 Heir
. 2004 My Fair Nanny - TV series
. 2007 Shakespeare never dreamed
. 2007 Apocalypse Code
. 2008 Artifact
. 2008 My wonderful nanny-2 - serial
. 2008 non-ideal woman

. Awards:

. Honored Artist of Russia (2006)
. Golden Ostap Award 'for best female comic role'
. Cover of the Year Award 'Breakthrough of the Year'
. Award 'Top X Sexy' 'The sexiest actress'
. Award TEFI 'performer of female roles in the TV movie / series'
. Laureate Glamour 'Television Actress of the Year'


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