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( Soviet speed skater, a master of sports of the USSR)

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Biography SHILYKOVSKY Vladimir
photo SHILYKOVSKY Vladimir
Shilykovsky Vladimir, . Soviet skater, . Master of Sports of the USSR (1955), . Member of the USSR team in skating (1955-1961 yy), . Champion of Moscow (1955), . medalist championship of the USSR (1955, . 1956), . Champion of the USSR (1958), . the USSR and the world record in the run on the 10000 m (1960), . Vice-champion of the world and Europe in 1958, . participant of the Olympic Games 1956,
. in Cortina d'Ampezzo and 1960. in Squaw Valley. Mechanical Engineer (in 1955. graduated from the Moscow Institute of peat), Ph.D. (1969), author of 25 published works and inventions.

. From the book Honored Master of Sports of the USSR, Honored trainer of the USSR IY Anikanova "When the victory was big" (Published by "Soviet Russia" 1976, SS
. 203-205):

": I could not help go over in memory, and their immediate disciples, who were strongest in the cohort. I can not speak without enthusiasm of Volodya Shilykovskom - man challenging fate and the extraordinary merits. In six months he suffered a serious illness and lost his right hand. But even as a child set a goal to keep anything from the other. Including in the sport.

Arriving from Vladimir to Moscow, Vladimir began to train in the society Shakhtar have Galina Volkova. It hit the national team, played together with Proshin, Letchfordom, Krasilnikov. Then he moved to Spartak, we began to work together. Intelligent, honest, hardworking, open - this is the man. In Volodya struck all. Despite his infirmity, he was a first-class swimmer and cyclist, he did much of that can not afford perfectly healthy people.

. First they said about him - "unpromising" athlete "December" (for the whole season not enough Silenok) and other nonsense
. In Volodya did not believe in faith and killed him.

. We are with him carefully, page by page examined all of his previous blogs, disassemble errors, rebuild the system of training, by introducing into it a lot of special exercises, given that the pole he could not work
. Volodya perfectly mastered much. For example, he is so well mastered the technique of hopping simulation, that was the best team in all its indices.

To achieve significant victories in the sport, it is necessary that you have a little luck. Winter 1958 Volodya was head and stronger than others. I told him: "This is your season, my friend!".

In the first two days of February in the Swedish town of Eskilstuna was played soccer continent. It was the absolute winner Oleg Goncharenko. In second place was Volodya Shilykovsky. And in both the long distances he completely won Oleg. "This is a finished champion of the world," - issued in Stockholm, wrote a sports newspaper in its special review.

The title of the strongest runners world played out in Helsinki. After the first day of Vladimir became a leader, finished third at 500 meters (in front of Oleg) and won a five-kilometer distance (Goncharenko was here third).

. After the lorry (in Goncharenko first place, Volodya - fourth), it became clear that victory for Shilykovskim, because of long distances, he played better Goncharenko in the year.

. Began running races for 10 000 m
. The first is our Boris Tsybin. Its result - 17 min. 20 sec. Shilykovskogo cause at the start, and at this time over the stadium, Stadio Olimpico drops a thick fog that literally a few steps you can not distinguish between human. We ask the judicial panel to hold off, but the tournaments of the highest rank their rules and their laws. Includes spotlights, but they do not save the situation. It is hard to breathe, even when you go. In these circumstances Shilykovsky is truly phenomenal distance - 17 min. 17,1 sec.

Ends and the race: the fog disappears, as if it was just a theatrical scenery. The sun's shining. Fluor. Dazzling. Overhead the blue winter sky. Oleg Goncharenko come across in a pair of one of the best stayers world record holder at that distance Thorstein Seyersten. He goes for 17 mins. 10,8 sec. We Oleg - 17 min. 15,3 sec. He is the absolute world champion, Vladimir - second place. His bad luck this time it was so obvious, and skill is so high that the sports newspaper in Finland wrote: "Shilykovsky - Silver World Champion". But anyway, he left an unforgettable mark on the sport. "

: I have before me a small book by Norwegian Thorstein stayer Sayerstena "Sticky ice". He wrote: ": We were fascinated by guys from Russia. Oleg Goncharenko, Boris Shilkov, Vladimir Shilykovsky - these are great athletes. They and their comrades have done a lot for our sport. With them was a cozy, warm and fun at the ice stadium planet.

. The newspaper "Soviet Russia", February 2, 1960, from the article "The handwriting Soviet skaters:
. "In the highland Medeu strongest skaters finished the country's traditional competition for the prize of the Council of Ministers of the Kazakh SSR
. In the course of wrestling outstanding result achieved Muscovite Vladimir Shilykovsky. 10 thousand meters, he ran for 16 min 13,1 sec. This is a new record of the Soviet Union, exceeding the official world record. "

The newspaper "Soviet sport"? 72 (11691) March 26, 1986, Mr.. Article Honored Master of Sports of the USSR RM Zhukova "Next on the ground" in the category "Sports and Personality:
. "Third place and bronze medal at the 5000 meter race in the championship of the Soviet Union in 1955 won Shilykovsky Vladimir (Moscow)."

. Already ceased to vibrate multiplied echoes the voice of a loudspeaker at Medeu, and the third step on the podium is still empty
. The bronze medal was in the hand of the Chief Justice, waiting for medal winner. And whoever it was intended, at this time sitting in the locker room:

Vladimir Shilykovsky ran the distance in the starting pairs. Then it was still cold and ice rolled. And then, after his race, unexpectedly sharply warmer, ice Medeo (still natural) became catastrophically melt. Those who fled to him, were deprived of any hope of success.

Then Shilykovsky and refused the medal - thought it undeserved. Runs up to him friends, coaches. Perplexed, tried to persuade. But the third step on the podium and remained empty. Later, in conversation with a reporter, he explained his action thus: ": It's not some seconds and recruited glasses man alive. There are many other things: ".

Olympic champion and world champion Boris Shilkov, a friend of Vladimir Shilykovskogo, summarized the attitude to sport run before his generation: "Sport - is the people around us, the memory, this knowledge of the world, society. Sport - every minute is a sense of self, its nature, its capabilities. In our years after the finish often lacked the strength to raise their hands and publicly rejoice on the victory. We gave her all the forces without a trace.

What recalled Volodya Shilykovsky, sitting in the locker room during the award? It may be that the very fate supposedly predestined him the right to indulgence, of particular relevance to his. In early childhood, Volodya had lost his right hand. But never - not a teenager or an adult - he did not agree to this particular, the patronizing attitude. He demanded to be treated as an equal in everything.

One of the main qualities of the human person, I think, is the ability to give up the benefits, privileges, benefits in the name of justice. Shilykovskomu this ability has always been characterized. Could Vladimir in the locker room and think about how to come to Moscow from Vladimir to study at the institute, he came to a section of a skating coach Galina Volkova. The coach took him, believe him - together they have achieved good results.

But once at a training session came from the "visit" one of the leaders of urban sports committee. "Are you now on the disabled bet skaters doing?" - Angrily inquired of the head. Oh, how often we put a label on everything that is not stereotypical! And then the real education (and sports - it is primarily education rights) converted to hunt for points, in seconds, of employed persons. A man in such a system of relations is only a line of text with the name against which you can put the numbers seconds. How many fates broken in such situations? Fortunately he was above offenses. And always proves his right to be in sports - to prove the results, the real thing.

. Then, . sitting in the locker room Medeu, . Volodya, . certainly did not know, . that would be a candidate of technical sciences, . will deal with the problem of mining from the seabed, . will teach at the institute, . help in establishing order, . who will take the place of teachers in the USSR team, . educate daughter, . and then granddaughter.,

. And then, in 1955, everyone knew Vladimir Shilykovskogo skater as brave, capable of winning in the most difficult circumstances.

. Were Volodya victories, the triumphs of
. It included among the best athletes in the country and abroad, wrote about him, said he admired.

After the European championship in 1958 in Sweden, where he won the silver medal, Shilykovsky participated in the World Championships in Finland. At the final stage ahead in all-around, and only Oleg Goncharenko managed to win back his 0.1 points. Shilykovsky again won the silver medal.

From Helsinki route was in Oslo, which hosted the meeting Skating in Moscow and Norway. At this time the Norwegians have taken and the world hockey championship. Our athletes were invited to play Canada-United States, . and, . when the radio announced, . that the stadium there are World Cup winners on skates (as in Norway like and understand skates), . Oleg Goncharenko and Vladimir Shilykovskogo invited to go to the center of the field,
. The whole stadium stood welcomed the winners. Gromov discharge raced many thousands: "Shi-ly-ing-ing!". So grateful fans expressed their recognition of the courageous man.

But always the most important thing for Vladimir to overcome the desire to remain themselves, reveal themselves in yet unsolved, to get people to believe: human capabilities are limitless. Man can do everything.

Volodya could remember how, when he was famous stayers, suddenly began running sprints. And not just run, but win. He said: "Flee like everything that you're looking for?". He was regarded as a stubborn. But he could not imitate. He could only go by unknown means, he would find his own style, his handwriting, his manner of running. Think, think, think again on the track.

Inspiration, insight, talent? Yes, he does not deny this. But the only insight and inspiration, managed and directed by reason.

. I think this idea Shilykovskogo especially important now, when the sport is increasingly becoming a social phenomenon, is increasingly becoming a means of communication between peoples, a means of promoting peace and friendship
. Therefore, more than ever, we need an athlete-personality, athlete intelligence, carrying in their victories, and some ideas, thoughts and new discoveries. Vladimir Shilykovsky was such an athlete.

Sometimes if it difficult? Probably. Sometimes it hurt? Undoubtedly. Were defeat and resentment? Naturally.

"For an athlete with all its failures and breakdowns there should be only one law - to continue the fight". It is his word.

Should not think about Vladimir Shilykovskom, as the "Iron" man without nerves, standing on the circumstances, a man without a doubt. But he was able to create around himself a kind of force field. Field courage. Field morality. Field conscience. Next to these people ashamed to lie, to throw up in the fight. I would call this action potential.

For some, sports is a means of expression, for others - to achieve popularity, someone fascinated by leadership. For Vladimir always primarily been the first - to express themselves. We are all walking on the ground, leaving some trace. The traces are different, as in melting snow. They then freezes in history, human memory, the future.

And then, in 1955, still hear the music, brings flowers to the winners, applauding spectators. And sitting in the locker room bronze medalist Vladimir Shilykovsky. Sitting together with those who ran after him and unfairly lost. "No one seconds and won points man alive. There are many other things: ".

From the article Honored Master of Sports of the USSR RM Zhukova "The man lives. Good call on Vladimir Shilykovskom "(under" Ways and destiny "), published in the magazine" Sports life of Russia, No. 2 (384) 1989. (instead of the obituary):
"I want to tell about the man for whom every day was to overcome the natural tendency of the spirit. I am writing about Vladimir Shilykovskom not primarily as a great athlete, but as a person. It would be the same and not being an athlete, a champion. Sports just made these as a more convex. Sometimes we give out the official awards and titles to those who are no longer among us. They deserve the recognition of the people, not becoming a "deserved" to rank. Posthumously - easier. But Volodya and there was unlucky. When he died, in the "Soviet sport" was not even placed the obituary, even though he was Shilykovsky and champion and record holder many times, the honor of the country abroad defended. In 1958 he became a winner at the World Cup. For obituary someone installed "owed" - the proverbial pecking. But despite this, people learned about the death of Vladimir. Tribute to him at the trains arrived, flew on planes, came. And not only friends and acquaintances. They came to strangers - those who saw Vladimir on the ice track or just met him in a train compartment. They did not forget this wonderful human beings.

This man never, in that he did not complain. Not knocked thresholds. He was above the personality of those who sat in these offices. They betrayed the last threshold. He was not. And. Pretended there was no. And people kept coming and going, filling up grave with flowers. Shortly after the funeral to send letters to various authorities: why was not informed of the death of this amazing man. "

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SHILYKOVSKY Vladimir, photo, biography
SHILYKOVSKY Vladimir, photo, biography SHILYKOVSKY Vladimir  Soviet speed skater, a master of sports of the USSR, photo, biography
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