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Biography TEVETOGLU Tarkan
photo TEVETOGLU Tarkan
Tarkan Tevetoglu was born in Germany October 17, 1972 in a suburb of Frankfurt, the town of Alzey. He was the fifth child in a family of six children. The Adventures of his active and interesting life began when he was still in the womb of his mother. His mother Nexe Hanim being pregnant to them, got in a car accident and a month was in a coma. Doctors in such a situation were advised to do a miscarriage because the baby at birth could be serious. But the father Tarkan Ali Bey in a dream he saw his son with a star on his head and realized that his son was born healthy. And the parents are determined to have a baby.

. Judging from the words of his mother Nexe, Tarkan, when he was born, was sobbing so wonderful that one of the nurses in the hospital as it could not help not to notice that a child with such data is sure to become a singer.

. Tarkan grew up and his parents noted that he has a good voice
. It was decided to give the child a musical education.

But education was not expecting such as Tarkan. Wind dreams of his father on a huge house with a garden he brought their family in Turkey in 1986. In Turkey, Tarkan went to high school and took lessons in solfege musical society Karamyursel.

Tarkan began to sing the works of Turkish folk music housewives in tea houses Chynardzhika and thus earns a tea. Then he wanted to get an education engineer at the University of Mimar Sinan, and arrived in Istanbul, took off with his two friends house in Besiktas. Examination he was unable to pass, but the charm of the city it captured the. In those days, I began to light up a fire in him to become a mega-star and win all or not - is unknown, but in those days in the summer he returned to Chynardzhik and sing Turkish folk music to earn some money.
. At the same time he awoke strong desire to show the beauty of his voice to a wider audience
. He decided to go to his elder brother in Germany. At the same time, his close friend at a music school Karamyursel Alpay Aydin introduced him to Mehmet Soyutoglu - the future partner of Tarkan.

. Tarkan began to prepare his first album at a time when young people a taste for pop music and began to search for their stars
. For the first album was produced 15 songs that Tarkan has composed music and invented words Alpay. The case has a serious turn when, in December 1992 released their first album of Tarkan 'Again, without you' ( 'Yine Sensiz') with the first hit 'Kil Oldum'. The album has sold a quantity of 700 thousand. copies. In a short time Tarkan got a lot of fans and believing in what he can achieve our goals, continued its recovery in May 1994 album 'Aacayipsin' supported by Sezen Aksu. He has already become a new star in Turkey and wanted to become famous in Europe.

The new manager of the American dream in America was Tarkan Ahmet Shang. Shang signed in 1995 in New York the center of a contract with Atlantic Records Ahmet Ertegyunom and told the press on the preparations for the album of Tarkan in English. Thus was launched the American Dream. But success will not so easily let himself. Ahmet Ertegyun lamented the fact that the alien is very difficult to untwist abroad and difficult to find suitable songs. A year later, Tarkan said that his American dream destroyed Ahmet Shang and broke relations with him.

. After studying for about two years in New York in Barouch College Tarkan well learned English and earned millions on advertising campaigns of famous companies
. Sales of his album 'Aacayipsin' in Europe reached 700 thousand. copies.

After this, his third album, 'I shall die for you' ( 'цvlц+rц+m Sana') was released in 1997. Only Turkey has sold 3 million. copies. After this album, he could give concerts that are easy to dial the full room in any city in Europe.

. Director of the branch "polygraph charts Records" in France, Alain presented at the music market in France and Belgium, the single 'цvlц+rц+m Sana'
. The song won the 3rd place in France and 1-st place in Belgium.

In 1999, Tarkan was Word Music Award as the best-selling singer of the year from the Middle East. At the same time on the agenda was a question of service in the army.

He signed a solid agreement with Western companies and refused to return to Turkey to serve. But ... had. After the execution of short term debt to the motherland, he returned to his creativity: he left for New York and locked himself in the studio.

. After lengthy creative exploration and continually delayed timing of the album's release, he let them and forcing their fans to wait, released his fourth album 'Karma'
. Released first single from the album 'Kuzu kuzu' made its beneficial effects and now almost every song of this album took place in the tops of the charts.

. Following the 1998 Turkish Association of Journalists called Tarkan "The most successful artist of the year".

. Tarkan with his remarkable and spectacular performances again at altitude and have referred to as mega-star.

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  • I love Tarkan for what it is! For his excellent, either with the incomparable voice! For beautiful eyes and stunning looks!
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  • Tarkan you are super.I adore your voice.You are mega star not only in Turkey but in the world.
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  • Russia Fan Club Tarkan www.tarkasha.mybb.ru
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    TEVETOGLU Tarkan, photo, biography
    TEVETOGLU Tarkan, photo, biography TEVETOGLU Tarkan  Musical Performer, photo, biography
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