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Ortaca Serdar

( Musical Performer)

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Biography Ortaca Serdar
photo Ortaca Serdar
Serdar high school went there in Suadiye. At the Lyceum Suad Serdar felt very bad. But his father came once in high school and said that he would like to become Serdar kozhevenschikom - like his father. Father was a strict man and Serdar could not resist him. I had to finish high school in the Lyceum at the Department of Haydarpasa leather case. At the same time he started his career. He wanted to, he started his career from the bottom and climbed up the ladder.

He began working with his father in the workshop. But something he did not work. Not going well it hides.

Odovremenno Serdar developed an interest in the English language.

Once he gathered his courage and talked with the father and honest heart to heart. It turned. His father enrolled him in English language. And not very insisted that Serdar was working in his studio. These English language courses Serdar opened the door to the university. He joined the Department of English Language and Literature Bilkent University. But soon after the start of the course, he changed his mind. He considered that he did not have the patience to finish university and went out of him.

After this period (as specifically for Serdar) on radio and in clubs started being DJ's. Serdar dabbled in singing. He had an interesting tone. From the first time it was difficult to determine who is singing - man or woman. This interesting tone and softness of manners to talk soon brought him popularity as a DJ of local radio stations.

At this time Ortaca decided to release an album. In the end it all worked out and he released the album "A?k in" ( 'For Love'). Not expected that it would be sold for more than 30 thousand. copies of the album. But, to the great surprise of all, the album sold over 700 thousand. copies. The song 'Karabiberim', judging by the results of 1995, became the Christmas song. In the clubs, bars, many young people greeted the new year to this song.

Most of the songs on the album "A?k in" was written by a girl, in which Serdar was in love with 18 years. These relations were left so impressed with Serdar that he could not starts a long-term relationships with women because he was looking for a relationship with the passion he experienced at that time.

. In the song "Seven Dalgalar" he expressed his passion: I want to get rid of this pointless pain, I suddenly wake up without you, Pozabudutsya these lines, but my heart will wait for you endless nights ..
. Karabiberim, Zakkum +iekleri - songs about the same love.

Everyone knows that Serdar he still had not found the love that was looking for.

In recent years, his name is among the first ladies' man in Turkey. But Serdar does not recognize such a nickname and said that the reason for frequent replacement of the beloved is the search of the only girl of his dreams. He says: 'If I meet a woman who will combine the best qualities of the woman of my dreams - perhaps I will focus on it. But I say 'stopped', but people understand as 'married'. While married I do not think, but also did not anticipate that I will live a long time one. I know - there is a woman waiting for me in this country. God willing I will soon meet it. Waiting .. '

About love says: 'Love - a very complicated thing. And her weight is great. The largest scales in the world will not be able to weigh it. Love can carry on their shoulders only Herk+l. So I want a couple of shoulders that could make my love. As soon as I find them all go much easier I think. " But the music - this is not the only gift of Serdar. He also enjoys painting at the amateur level. It is called 'romantic prince of pop music'.

He likes to produce their own videos. In the clips he likes most of all 'water' stories.

We Serdar got a very famous and popular not only in Turkey but also in Mexico. Version of the song "Ben Adam Olmam" in Spanish ( "Loco Para Amar") has become one of the most hit songs of local radio stations and has long ranked first in the Mexican charts. Serdar This success earned him the title 'first Turk, who became famous outside Turkey, singing in Spanish. "

. The most amusing incident which could recall Serdar - when one of his fans tore up and ate his picture before his eyes.

. In the art world, his closest friend - Ebru G+nde?
. We can not say, however, that he is very good terms with Hyuley Av?ar. There was a case where Serdar angry at her because of the fact that she did not put his name under the penalties, which he wrote for her "Aradn m" handed to it in court. For this reason, among them began a protracted controversy.

The most difficult period in his life began in 1999. This year he was caught and jailed on suspicion of avoiding military service. 63 days he spent in Mamakskoy Prison of Ankara. Serdar said that he was grateful for this time because he was able to look at life on the other hand. This period gave him maturity.

. He was later released for lack of evidence.

. Albums:
. "AK +N" - 1994;
. "YAZ YAMURU" - 1996;
. "SERDAR ORTA+ 2000 (BLSEM K)" - 1999

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    Ortaca Serdar, photo, biography
    Ortaca Serdar, photo, biography Ortaca Serdar  Musical Performer, photo, biography
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