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RTkk Marica (Ilona)

( Actress)

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Biography RTkk Marica (Ilona)
photo RTkk Marica (Ilona)
Born Marica (real name Ilona) RTkk in 1913. From the age of 11 began performing in musicals in New York, London, Paris. By nationality - an Austrian of Hungarian origin. First film role played in the movie "Kiss even sweeter in 1932. The real take-off in his cinematic career Marika RTkk made in 1935-38 years, . when I started to come into the life of escapist concept Goebbels, . who considered, . that people should have fun in the cinema and relax, . forgetting about the military reports or animal woes,
. By the way, curious about the national composition of the movie stars of the Third Reich. Certainly, the studio UFA were completely cleared of Jews, but German cinema was not uniform and mononational. One of the most popular German actresses - Sarah Lee, shines through in the melodrama was a Swede. Just as Christina Ludendorff, who played the role in the ideological films (such as victim-offering "). Lilian Harvey - Englishwoman known Olga Chekhov - Russian. They are all the movies playing German women, though he never concealed his nationality and even spoke German with a strong emphasis. From movie stars germanskogo German women were only Magda Schneider (Romy Schneider's mother, widely known in the USSR) yes Marlene Dietrich, who had gone "while it" in Hollywood. National diversity characteristic of Directors. For example, Marika RTkk starred in the director of Jacobi, Hungarian by nationality, in the years 1936-38 in several films. Among the operators in the UFA and the Vienna-film work (until the very last days of the war), many Russian. Thus, we can speak about a kind of European cinema Internazionale in the Third Reich.

But back to Marike RTkk. She starred in the film entertainment. Critics noted her good actor data, visual appeal, as well as grace and plasticity. The most famous films - "Hello, Gianni", "Queen of Czardas" (1939), "Koroteri" (1940), as well as the first full-length (before that were just short) color film in Germany, "Women - the best diplomats" (1941).

. We also know that after the capture of the Soviet army in Vienna, in the studios' Vienna-film had a lot of unfinished films, in t.ch
. and Mariko RTkk. Soviet filmmakers have completed their rent and let in the cinemas of the USSR, which brought considerable income to the treasury. But where those movies now - no one knows they are lost. For all the time filming a movie Reich Marika RTkk role played exclusively in musicals and melodramas. This trip is a German in any country. Positive heroes from Sweden, Argentina, Spain, Hungary, North Africa, the island of Mallorca, at least from England; negative - the French and Italians for some reason. All German cinema sang and danced: Sara Lee sang, danced, Marika RTkk. In movies Germans greeted each other with the words "good afternoon", "Good evening!" etc., greeting "Heil Hitler!" and displaying a portrait of the Fuhrer entertainment pictures is strictly forbidden. Certainly, in the Third Reich produced and ideological films, but take them off for special occasions. Marika RTkk not withdrawn in any such film. All her roles have been innocent, and entertaining films. And yet, somehow, more than any other actors Reich suffered exactly it: it refused to withdraw. When the 60-ies leftist director Peter Chamonix removed Marika RTkk in one of his films, he was subjected to obstruction from colleagues. As a result of an actress for a long time did not appear on the screen. In the end, she got the role in the studios of Austria and Germany, which were taken before 1981, then began to act only in the operetta.

. Until comparatively recently, namely in its 79 years, Marika RTkk served on the boards of the Budapest Operetta Theater, performed fire-dancing and perform complex pirouettes, not always available to young actresses
. Just before the last days before the hospital, she remained in good physical shape, always laughing and making jokes. But even in our time, German actress could not get rid of the stigma Western audience. About RTkk mentioned only as a "well-known Hungarian operetta actress". The German newspaper Bild, has published an interview with Recke, which was taken in the hospital of Baden. In this interview, correspondent's question about how she managed to keep the elderly such youthful appearance, Marika RTkk said: "The Lord God gave me this face and this body, but he forgot about wrinkles."

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RTkk Marica (Ilona), photo, biography
RTkk Marica (Ilona), photo, biography RTkk Marica (Ilona)  Actress, photo, biography
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