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Danil Koretsky Arkadevich

( Militia Colonel, Doctor of Jurisprudence)

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Biography Danil Koretsky Arkadevich
photo Danil Koretsky Arkadevich
Danil Koretsky Arkadievich, . 55 years - police colonel, LL.D., Professor of Law Institute of the Rostov Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia; was born and lives in Rostov-on-Don and his wife Anna, . son Arkady, . grandson Daniel, and granddaughter, Anastasia, as a writer - author of 13 books with a circulation of 15 million copies, as a scientist - author of 150 scientific works, as a lawyer - author of 12 proposals, . included in the laws and practices, . developer of the alternative "of the Arms Act"; favorite writer - Le Carre; car - Daewoo; favorite dish - a shish kebab; hobby: when engaged in science - literature, . when literature - science.,

. Between chases and barbecue
. More than twenty years ago I worked in a beautiful Rostov-na-Donu.

. He is beautiful, of course, in itself, but in this context also because we were young then.

. Funny at the time in that place formed company.

. There was, for example, a law student, who entertained us mnemonic tricks: during the feast of the dispute memorized hundreds of words, which he dictated, and reproduced without any errors
. Then, after publication in Izvestia, he was in Guinness Book of Records, has established a lot of records already on the memorization of thousands of words written several textbooks on the study of foreign languages and the development of memory. And now runs a school in Moscow Samvel Garibyan - both his own name.

Another was a Yuri Ivanov - molder with plant Rostsel'mash ". Those on the work of lugging the heavy mold as a circus strongman, and at night he wrote the original stories that no one printed. Then he left the factory, was the designated recipient of glass and finally broke through with his prose in the local publishing. Now traces of his lost.

Or there was another policeman, who lived in the heart of Rostov - on Theater Square, in the hospitable house, where right in the courtyard roasted kebabs. This a free barbecue and risky work while also wrote "in the table, though not the stories and novels and stories of criminal topics. Then we have in such a harsh and frank manner about the crime did not write - or rather, not published, so that the prospects for our friend without seeing.

. He was a good investigator, but also in the service, he was treated somewhat cautiously because of his aristocratic habits, family and literary experiments
. Even in the party did not accept that hindered career.

Later times have changed. Party of the bodies was gone and no longer interfere with his career.

From the literature left censorship. He became the vogue.

Now in its millions of readers of books, and films to shoot him. And he was successful career in science, in literature. As he expressed Koretsky: cop, writer and professor met in one person.

Recently, widely and loudly took the film on his novel "Antikiller". Another - dvenadtsatiseriyny "Operational pseudonym - is getting ready to show in the autumn on RTR. Coming "Antikiller-2" and "Antikiller-3.

Further, already the thirteenth, his disciple, defended his candidate.

He himself has invented a new science.

A recently born granddaughter Anastasia.

Circle - solid gains after the endless, it seemed, setbacks. Sometimes it is?

. He says it all: just the way it should be.

. Recipes for outsider
. Is there any kind of general scheme, which dramatically displays an outsider in the leaders?

. Here once again before my eyes was the man of the classic underdog hero of the successful
. He began after forty, with no change in almost anything basically.

. Perhaps this is one of the reasons for success? Do not leave the effort, do not change in the main, when attacking a variety of tests, including copper pipes.

. There are in fact on my memory, and a lot of counter-examples
. When even a little luck breaking Rights. Throws in professional limbo.

Here Koreckij clarified when we talked about it.

"Anyone who changes - he said - that in itself is normal. Destructive, in my opinion, only the changes of personality that situation.

For the most Korets is exactly. For the sake of situation has not changed. As he wrote then, when it is not published, and now writes. What do you think, even if it is unpopular, and said.

Do not throw it, even if it does not go or does not work. Believes.

And working more than the rest.

Will the killer leave the sauna?
Once Koretsky arrived with his wife Anya in Moscow to visit me and we went together to the park, where a variety of attractions, a sauna and a bar with her. Koretsky that evening he was invited to transfer, What, Where, When? "Because even sat in the sauna and steam room focused not go. And in the bar suddenly perked up and began to ask the waiter whether there are emergency exit from here and how you can get into the kitchen to the sauna.

"Why do you, Daniel?" - I asked him.

"Fantasy is not enough when you write. It is better to take the texture of life. So I thought: as, for example, there could be a murderer escape from the sauna, if it was anyone of you? "

We did not even offended. Person works, what can you do?

He was to be the Don
When he was born, his father wanted to give him a name in honor of his brother, who died in the war - Don.

The registry office refused to register the baby Don. They said that in any lists no such name.

- But the man once was! - Arkady said Koretsky. - Here's documents.

. However, the Soviet system was of more formal obvious.

. Then the boy recorded Danilo, which contradicts the classic option - with one "and" (probably because of irritation of disputes).

. Nevertheless, a mystical relationship with his uncle Don had remained
. Not only that, he lived on the Don and beautiful this place did not recognize. But that was transmitted to him, it seems, from his uncle a special intuition, at times tragic, at times creative.

Well, life, farewell ...
My uncle was a pilot. He died in the war. But how exactly - not known for a long time.

Father Daniel - Arkady L., he fought, spent much time and effort to learn the truth. And he learned, printed in the newspaper "Evening Rostov article entitled" The Last Battle's brother ". Here are some lines from it:

"March 19, 1944 269 Fighter Air Division participated in a large transactions. In the battle of Lake Pskov Don, covered with a division commander, was seriously wounded. He was almost unconscious on the plane pulled to their base. Beside him was flying Divisional Commander Colonel Dodonov. When my brother ran out last strength, he miraculously landed on the ice near one of the islands at the mouth of the River Great. Near landed Divisional. He crawled to the plane's brother, but it was too late - the plane started to go under the ice. Don, leaning his arm on the edge of the cab, tried to leave the car - and could not ... When the divisional commander crawled to the ice-hole, he saw the snow cut off his hand ... "

Danil told me that his father, learning about these details, was shocked and grieved by the end of life.

Uncle Don wrote poems. And in one of his poems were the words:

"Well, life, farewell, and a spin machine is rushing down there waiting for her land. There was an explosion, and debris erupted, and the corpse burning gasoline enveloped ... When people ran to the car, there was only ashes, nothing more ... "

How to predict trouble and avoid it
I have long noticed that Koretsky some unusual insight. There were times when he, for no apparent reason suddenly gave a sort of prophecy.

The last time - with our mutual friend, Sokolov.

He gathered the past New Year's Eve in the country to meet. And before from Moscow to Rostov called - Koretsky congratulate. Danil suddenly and said:

- You should not, Sanya, gathered at the dacha. It is better to sit at home, you'll tselee.

Sasha did not listen, I went and got a big accident.

I then have Koretsky asked: what is he became Sokolova warning?

He said that there was nothing unusual in that there. Analysis, pier, and a sober approach. The New Year, they say, the movement of stress, the risk is always higher.

In general, says can not be insured at 100 percent, but at 90 - can. In this view, the basis not only intuition but also creativity. Illumination is ten percent. The rest - the calculation and labor.

Do not wax and forshmachit
- When you "in the table" he wrote, we'll read as samizdat. Then, because the truth about the crime not published. And now - print what you want. Not hurt that you dissolve into the general flow?

- No. I see that they do not dissolve. To write the truth, it must know. A few scholars, writers. This is felt by readers. And the characters are so much more.

- How do you know their response?

- If and work and in life. Once in Chaltyr, near Rostov, we were in the cafe with our common friends Vinnikov, and recall me from the table very criminal personality. You ask, Koretsky? Exactly, I say. And they are: thanks, that did not have paraffin and forshmachite. We have read.

- And what does this mean?

- Paraffin and forshmachit to thieves language - forms of humiliation and shame. These guys told me that they were from the lads, my books are read and consider them to be truthful. They sat in the jeep and drove away.

Chain gangster so that he does not shoot
- Well, what of the other writers do not know what you know?

- Details. And the spirit. Details, of course, immediately apparent. Here on the set of "Antikiller" look like Gosha Kutsenko pistol without a holster belt for stuffing, and explain: so can he fails in his life in some way embody the side belt. Or recently shown on television: a policeman on the right hand attracts the criminal, and they are. A pistol he hangs so that the offender can safely shoot them all. But the details - little things, although I think its important because they determine the confidence of the reader and viewer. If you're lying in the details, means, and in the main can. And the spirit - serious. One writer once said: if you must, they say, I admire directories and write. But tell me, in which reference is written, the smell bullpen? In a written reference where to begin questioning? Where to read, as to compel people, which lead to brood? And that in the eyes of the person interrogated?

. - Maybe it would be in those eyes?

. - Miscellaneous
. I especially well remember my first case. There are sharp impressions were a novelty that has not yet met to describe. Especially as much as times have changed, quite differently perceived.

- Tell me, I will describe.

Against the bribe, the prosecutor and the district committee
- Well - one of the first cases. I was absolutely green sledak, less than a year worked in the prosecutor's office. And he - head kvartbyuro Kirov district of Rostov. Took bribes at the time fantastic - he has seized about 30 thousand rubles. For me and my friends - shock. We could not think that bribes can not be calculated 25 rubles. He wore a worn suit, borrowed from his colleagues for a drink. And at home - Warehouse. I did searches: a carpet on the floor, another rug on the carpet. One on the wall - another on the opposite wall. And two of the carpet tube folded, standing in the corners. And the sets we have described, probably about four hours.

- How did you come to him out?

- Call the Attorney-off: there OBKHSS picked upravdomshu, and it gives testimony to the Chief kvartbyuro. In fact, the prosecutor said to me, this is nonsense, because he is a decent man, a war veteran, plus to all my personal friend, but still see what's what with the testimony. I went and listened arrested, and did not seem that this is nonsense. Moreover, my father was on the housing lists as a war invalid and could not get anything. We lived in six of 30 square meters. Do you remember this apartment, it was absolutely terrible. And I realized that the testimony is worth. He began work on this case. But I was a kid. Detained him at your own risk. The prosecutor knew me is: who is allowed? I said: I myself have the right to detain for three days. He told me: not the man to take, I am in the party district committee called it a misunderstanding. I say: it has already been exposed to the confrontations.

- And the prosecutor has surrendered? What are they with district committees were weaker, as you call it, "Green sledaka?

- Perhaps, underestimate me. And then, not so easy to hush up the case, as sometimes seems. When I was warned that the prosecutor is going to examine (it was 10 o'clock in the evening), I managed to record the testimony on tape. Remember, tape recorder "Comet", weighed fifty pounds? I myself was a thin, barely his doper. We quickly then recorded testimony, designed the protocol: "I am so and so took a bribe in the amount of twenty thousand ..." Signature. Came prosecutor, sees such a thing. I asked: are you having dinner? Yes, I have not had dinner, I answer. But what nobody told me I would have bought pies, says. And then I realized that he was scared. What kind of pies, I was a workhorse! Now, you said, and an asterisk, and the Order ... I immediately realized: I do not get any promotion. It happened. I brought this case, it went to court, gave twelve. By the time we turned it unprecedented.

- This was your first job?

- No, one of the first. About the first thing ashamed.

- How so?

We Gestapo interrogation of one person
- I planted a rapist. Although if I were older, smarter, I would not have planted, because the rape was in terms of everyday morality questionable ... She drank, she went to his home. But he beat her ... He was given three years, and I wrote a protest from the prosecutor's office to give seven. Although three - a lot. But it now costs youth.

- You did not meet with anyone who planted?

- With those who planted, not met. Met with one, too, by the way, the inspector kvartbyuro. I had evidence that he was a bogus act of a survey of housing conditions for the two bottles of cognac. I called him on May 9, then it was still a working day, and was "stabbing". And he suddenly said: here you are so young, but 32 years ago this day, I sat in front of the Gestapo interrogator. At first I was indignant: that is, they say, for comparison? And he said: it does not compare, and match, I was a pilot, I was shot down, and that's exactly the day I was interrogated by the Gestapo. In fact, it turned out, so it all and it was. We talked with him, I realized: of course, it is this act was a dummy and two bottles of cognac swallowed. Typical alcoholic: red nose, his hands trembling. But for two bottles under a court to give? It is better to let a good witness. And although I was a kid, I say: you - the combat pilot, and dirty from head to toe. Frankly: I do not want you to plant, but think about it. And he went. There were many such conversations! And once the food in the bus, sits next to a man in the form of Civil Aviation. You - Koretsky, said. - Yes. - I'm such and such. And calls his name. I say: wow, you do not know! Spout white, only the veins remain. A gallant bearing. You know, said I was so impressed by our conversation, I understand that you make me miserable for two bottles of cognac clap in jail. Indeed, the bribe is a bribe. And if you take these two bottles in two installments, the second - has re-bribe. There sanctions from 8 to 15 years. And especially with this one was not joking. He says: I quit drinking, went out of this cesspool - Apartments, retrained. Now - in the auxiliary fliers ...

Two green sledaka
Another meeting with the continuation of that time I remember well. In the 1973-m-night to me as a young investigator on duty fell. Normal people - for the festive table, but here - service.

Whiled away the night with the same green sledakom from the Ministry of Internal Affairs - he, too, as the youngest pripahali duty.

But we do not sorrowed. On the contrary, it is interesting - Romance! He - Lieutenant, I - Lieutenant. Whole life ahead. What it will be? This New Year is the time to dream. But still on alert. What nasochinyali not only about the future. But, of course, I could not imagine that I would become a writer, professor. And then my teammate - Lieutenant Kolesnikov - hardly saw himself as Colonel-General, Deputy Prosecutor General.

. A secret rite at 33
. Only now I found something that did not know at the time of Korets even we, his close friends
. It turns out that he being in the service in the bodies of most Soviet times was secretly baptized at home at the age quite suitable - 33 пЁп+п¦п¦. He came priest. Everything was done in strict secrecy, if the service learned - scandal! But then the church is in the temple and cross never took off.

. In the life of Fox - is Rublev
. - Well, in life you knew the characters, similar to those that operate in your books? There still is, in your opinion, the police and security services supermen?

. - There is such - for example, a veteran of the Interior Ministry Nikolai Bychkov
. He has worked in the NKVD with Beria, walked behind the German lines as part of a subversive group, with its "write off" the characters of several novels. You could also take a couple of films. Inspector of Criminal Investigation Anatoly Rublev, nicknamed Fox became the prototype ANTIKILLER Koreneva. It was not like Superman, but many episodes of his life went into a novel and widely perceived as a sophisticated fabrication. Unfortunately, he died young from a heart attack. Another acquaintance of mine is a guy in command of a group of capture, fought in Chechnya, his biography - Rimbaud do nothing. In addition, writing songs, very good for an amateur, true - the creeps ... I do not know about supermen, but people who are dedicated to the cause and take risks for his life, not extinct.

Exactly how Cain killed Abel
To arms Koreckij always been indifferent. As a teenager, he and a friend staged a duel at 13 paces from the pneumatic gun. The case ended with minor injuries.

Then he had a hunting rifle, service weapons, now - Author PM and the awards presented by the recently admirer of his work - the director of weapons shop crossbow.

Every week - in dash. The ratio was performs flawlessly: 9 seconds for the extraction of weapons, dosylka rounds in the chamber, opening fire and defeat the four targets.

He is convinced: weapons effect on a person fascinating. Looks in this philosophical and historical meaning. Posted lot of research. The first story - even in the second year. Some of his scientific works read like bestsellers.

In one study, as an example, he considered the killing of Cain Abel. Why?

- It's the first to describe the killing. So there is a scene of the murder - the field. There is a motive - jealousy. A way to describe. I began to think: how could he kill his brother? With his bare hands - it is unlikely. Even strangle man is not so simple: you have a certain skill. Under no stones or branches suitable. Darts or the sword of Cain could not be, because he is not of the warriors. The only explanation: he killed Abel with a knife. Crudely forged a strip of metal, which dissolves the cheese, sliced meat, and that's the case with the murdered brother. If it were not for the knife, then the story might be different. I have a whole section: "A weapon in human history."

. - Section of what?

. - Science, which I developed.

. Criminal pizza
. - And how is it called? Is there any practical benefit for from her?

. - Armalogiya Crime "- interdisciplinary teaching about weapons and measures to combat armed crime
. Traditionally, these problems are studied and criminal, and administrative law, and criminology, and criminology. On the boundaries of science there are inconsistencies and contradictions. Imagine a pizza stuffed with "assorted". Usually it is cut into sectors: one caught mushrooms and sausage, another - olives and seafood, the third - vegetables ... Everyone - his feelings. I also cut out the central part and get a complete picture of the stuffing. As for the practical application ... Many examples. Once, say, on the basis of its development, I spent the statutory service and expertise in the criminal case on the use of weapons policeman. Incidentally, this case is described in "Antikiller-2". As a result, the accused sergeant was released from custody in the courtroom, even though the prosecutor asked him for 12 years. This fact alone is enough to assume that years of research spent.

. The story is not novel, but candidate not a doctor
. When Koreckij master's thesis, his official opponent Kharkov Dan'shin professor said to him:

. - But now you have to finally make a choice between science and literature
. You know why? Write stories and also master's thesis is still possible, but to combine with the doctor's novels - this is, excuse me, is absolutely excluded.

Koretsky thought and agreed with his colleague theoretically. But in practice this theory refuted, because he has his own on this score. He has PhD and wrote novels. Nothing begun not throw. And success comes sooner or later. It must be said, only believe.

- How is the conflict between the "thieves in law" and "scumbags", as referred to in some of your books?

- They found a compromise, often work together. Besides the new gained strength, crushing them under a "blue" will not be. Is this good or bad for a normal person, layman, it makes no sense to analyze. The rule of law still must provide the state, not the criminals of any color.

- Do you still think that the fight against terrorism in civilized ways impossible?

- I believe. Successfully fight can only adequate method. For example, take a hostage of terrorists' relatives. This - talion law, known since Babylonian times. The forces of opposition should be stronger than aggression.

. - And in general in the fight against crime, according to you, we need more stringent measures?

. - I agree with the formula of American criminologists: "The risk of crimes committed should not exceed anticipated benefits from the crime."

. - Left something unplugged from the time when you're not published anywhere?

. - One short story, which I returned from the "Izvestia" on the smasher
. I was 12 years old.

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  • Reva, Dmitri A. for Danil Koretsky Arkadevich
  • Hello, I am looking for direct contact with Koreckij Daniel Arkadievich, . I am instructed to convey greetings from the writer Savinova Eugene A., . which in turn, . very much like to talk about his review of the manuscript. If possible please telephone, . or direct e-mail box Koretsky. Thank you in advance. Reva, Dmitri A. Phone,
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    Danil Koretsky Arkadevich, photo, biography
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