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Kinal Giorgio

( football player)

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Biography Kinal Giorgio
photo Kinal Giorgio
Country: Italy
. Date of Birth: January 24, 1947
. Place of birth: Italy, Carrara (Tuscany)
. Position: Striker
. Clubs: Swansea (1965-1966 gg.), England; Masseze (1966-1967 gg.) Internapoli (1967-1969 gg.), Lazio (1969-1976 gg.), All of Italy; Cosmos (1976-1983 gg. ), United States
. National team: Italy international has played in 14 matches and scored 4 goals (1972-1975).
. Matches / Goals: played 429 official matches and scored 319 goals (only in official matches of the strongest divisions of the national championship)

. Achievements
. Club:
. Serie A Champion (1 time): 1973/74 years.
. Champion USA (4 times): 1977, 1978, 1980, 1982.
. Personal:
. -Serie A top scorer (1 time): 1973/74 years.
. -USA Championship top scorer (5 times): 1978, 1979, 1980, 1981, 1982.



Scudetto, won Lazio in 2000, the second in a row in the history of the club, was the product of a large group of superstars
. Sometimes the situation was the first championship title of sky-blue - from 1974, when the international ensemble of celebrities was not, and could not be. Not only because Lazio did things like that at that time a lot of money, simply have acted embargo on foreigners. According to popular belief, this Scudetto alone pulled to a Kinal. That is why it was named the best player in the centennial history of Lazio. He became the first player, designed to "skuadru Azzurro" from the second division club.

. Kinal made himself a great career, not only in Italy but also in North America, not only lost in the mass of popular players, rushed there in the 70 years to earn a living, but also becoming the leading scorer in NASL (with a large margin)
. In 1980, he scored in the championship league phenomenal 50 goals, and after this mark none of the players appearing in the first divisions of the world will no longer be reached.

Tall and powerful, Kinal had a gun attack on the right. Its advantages were speed and ability to reach the goal by the shortest route. He skillfully used polushansy and famous for the ability to score "from nothing".

Lanky JOHN

Kinal was born in the Tuscan town of Carrara shortly after the war. Since then the work was extremely tight, and many Italians went to work in other countries. Father Giorgio destiny brought to South Wales. Giorgio himself for some time stayed at home, and when he was eight years old, he went to reunite with their parents, who by then had to profiteer own restaurant.

His childhood was spent in Cardiff. In 1962, when he was 15, he enlisted in the club "Swansea", which three years later signed a contract with him.

Sezon-65/66, the first in professional football, no glory Kinal not brought. He appeared as part of a total of six times, and "Swansea" departed from the English second division in the third.

This was the first and last season he spent in the UK. In 1966 his father decided to return home and, acting as a manager, he betrothed his son to the club with a series of "Masseze" from the city of Massa. A year later it was sold to another club of the same level - currently non-existent "Internapoli" from Naples.

. The situation in the Italian football at that time was that the scouts from big clubs redoubled zeal, roamed the cities and villages, he goes about arranging all the talent that appears in the lower divisions
. After the fiasco "skuadry Azzurro" at the world championships in 1966 to buy foreign players abroad again been banned, so the demand for the domestic market has increased sharply.

. The young striker, nicknamed "Long John" (The Tall John), which he brought with him from England, got to note the many breeders once scored 25 goals two seasons in Internapoli "
. Lazio showed the greatest perseverance and paid for Kinal about 200 000 dollars. In Rome, believe that it was the most efficient expenditure of money in the history of Lazio.


FIRST "Azzurro" Series in

Sky blue, when it came to Kinal, who had just returned from a series of elite
. Giorgio released on the field as a substitute in the second round match with the "Bologna". A week later he was playing in the starting lineup against the holder of the Cup of Champions - Milan. It was the day Kinal, who scored the only goal of the match. Received a long pass from defender Giuseppe Wilson, surveyed Milanese Angelo Ankviletti and spun the ball past goalkeeper Fabio Cudicini. This brilliant goal finally convinced the coach of Lazio, Juan Carlos Lorenzo (who headed the team of Argentina in the World Cup in 1966) in the ability Kinal, and now a place in the starting lineup was allocated to him without question.

. Highly valued his mentor and "skuadry Azzurro" Ferruccio Valkaredzhi, who included it among the 40 candidates for the application for the World Cup-70
. In Mexico, he was not picked up due to lack of experience of international meetings. Nevertheless Kinal debut in the national team was only a matter of time.

However, at club level, he's not all evolved safely. In 1971, Lazio was forced again to leave the Serie A. Argentines Lorenzo was fired, and was replaced by Tommaso Maestrelli, a former player "Roma".

During the craze kattenachcho Maestrelli ventured to give Lazio attacking style, which acted on the tip Kinal. In sezone-71/72 he scored 21 goals, ensuring their club second place behind "Ternanoy" giving the right to return to the elite.

Even as a player in the series, Kinal debuted June 21, 1972 in Azzurri. This was the first such incident in its history. He not only made his debut, but scored a minute after his arrival on the field. The Italians have brought in a draw game with intense while the Bulgarians in their field - 1:1.

Scudetto BEHALF Kinal

In sezone-72/73 Lazio became a real discovery of the series A. Never before or after this event, the team had risen from the lower division, was not so close to winning the champion title. The struggle for the Scudetto was conducted by three clubs - Juventus, Lazio and Milan, and was conducted with a rare tenacity. Last round of matches took place simultaneously, and for five minutes before the end of the applicant, all three were on a par, with 44 points on. At Juventus, at that time was equal in remis in Rome with "Romoy" (1:1), in Lazio - in Naples from "Napoli" (0:0). Milan is hopelessly lost in Verona (2:5) and nothing has changed for the better could not.

If established by the time the alignment is preserved, would have to undertake a further three tournament teams. But the 87-th minute Kukkuredu in Rome brought forward Juventus, but on the 89 th and Lazio missed a ball from Naples Damyani, rolled away as a result of 3rd place.

Sky Blue have taken their toll a year later. In the last home game against terminating "Foggia" they needed a victory to advance, for the tour until the end, to secure gold. At the 60 th minute when the score was 0:0 Lazio received a penalty. To take responsibility? Of course, Kinal! 90 thousand tiffozi with bated breath, watching the way he picks up the ball, set on a point, running away and sends it to the grid. 1:0 survived until the end of the match. First Scudetto. It was an unforgettable army of fans for Lazio day. A Kinal led with 24 balls scorers in the competition.


Outrageous MUNDIAL

In the course of the triumphant season Kinal managed to win the competition for a solid place in the first team team
. He replaced aces such as Roberto Boninsenya of "Inter" and Pietro Anastasi from Juventus, and was an attacking duo with Luigi Riva.

. In November 1973, Giorgione (a nickname he gave fans in Italy, it means "Big George") conducted the most memorable match in his international career
. The Italians went on a visit to the British. The 86 th minute Fabio Capello pushed the ball into the goal, receiving it from Kinal. So "skuadra Azzurro" for the first time in his biography has achieved victory at Wembley. English clubs were at the time of the visit, the hunt for him, but left with nothing. It left with nothing and AC Milan, who was ready to lay out for Kinal record for the world football at that time the amount - 1.2 million. President of Lazio Umberto Lentsini realized that if he just give a hint of agreement on the deal, as in Rome, immediately place the uprising.

FIFA World Cup in 1974 ended in failure a new Azzurri. She came to the tournament's disgusting trained and overburdened people, taken only for past services. As a result, got everyone and Kinal fell "under the distribution". Italians have a very long to print the gates of his outsider groups - the Haitian national team. When Kinal replaced and he left the field, it rained hail of objects from irate fans. He was embarrassed and somehow awkwardly waved from flying objects. It was the most embarrassing moment in his career.

ITS irresistibly drawn to the Cosmos "

Coach Maestrelli Giorgione became a second father. The couple often dined together at dinner and discussed the tactics and ended Lazio. Even says that Kinal recommended that the coach, which players must buy. But sezone-74/75 when Lazio defended his title, all of a sudden went ashes. We Maestrelli diagnosed with cancer, he was forced to give up football and one year died. With the departure Maestrelli Lazio abruptly rolled down from his champion's halo has disappeared, and in sezone-75/76 he led a desperate struggle for survival in Serie A.

Kinal was shocked by the death of a friend and teacher. When sezon-74/75 coming to an end, he unexpectedly announced the leaders Lazio, which exhausted the last three championships, is tired and wants to go on a vacation in the United States and obtained their consent to play a few games for one of the American teams.

. But as soon as Kinal left Rome, it was discovered that he had no special publicity has sold an apartment, furniture, car, and its share in one of the traders
. All the money had been transferred to the American town of Englewood - home of his wife Connie. It seriously looked like an escape.

Ten days of manual Lazio has attempted to locate the fugitive, but he was plumb gone. When Kinal yet revealed to him sent a delegation of three. Giorgione told them that he was resigning (27 years), in Italy no longer speak to, and if they will play, then for one of the American clubs. It soon became clear that Kinal made a proposal to the New York Cosmos, who recruited and Pele.

Leaders Lazio did kontrhod, saying that less than two million dollars they will not yield Kinal. The Americans responded that such a substantial sum, they are not going to pay. "Well, let it remain in the United States - the president has threatened Lentsini. - Without our permission, he would still not be able to play. And we will find a new Frontline. I am tired of his whims!

. Lentsini embodied its threat to life: Kinal refused to cancel the contract, and to be forced, after a three-month absence to return to Italy and pay a club fine of 4 million lire (in dollar terms - 14 thousand)
. Its earnings in the previous season (for comparison) was 120 million pounds (420 thousand dollars), excluding bonuses. He was one of the most highly paid players Kalchiev.

. Return Kinal attracted attention also because in an interview with Italian television he was very strongly expressed on the subject of slavery footballers in Italy than that incurred the wrath of the leadership of the federation.

. Kinal just had time for the match between Lazio and Odessa "Chernomorets" in the first round of the UEFA Cup
. In the first match in Odessa "latsiali" lost - 0:1. In response, by 0:0 lasted until the penultimate moment, when the side "Chernomorets" was appointed penalty. Kinal realize it, but additional time scored two more goals from the game - 3:0.

A few days before his escape Giorgione made another visit to the Soviet Union - at the Unexpected. Italy ceded - 0:1. This was his last appearance in "skuadre Azzurro.



Almost an entire season Kinal forcibly continued to play for Lazio, while in May 1976, the leadership has not agreed finally to let him go with peace in the Cosmos
. In total he scored 98 for the Romans chempionatnyh goals, including 77 - in Serie A.

. In order to worship his fans Lazio understood and not condemned him, he went to the unusual step: buy a whole page advertisement in the newspaper Corriere dello Sport "on this band explained the reasons for its departure
. It laid emphasis on the fact that his wife Connie does not want to live anywhere except the United States, and that he must live with it.

In "Cosmos", he was side by side with great company - Pele, Beckenbauer, Carlos Alberto. Playing with such a galaxy was a pleasure. The league NASL there was no trace of any kattenachcho and Kinal, that is called, took heart.

Already in his debut game against the Los Angeles Aztecs, May 17, 1976 he made a double, and the Cosmos won - 6:0. Five consecutive seasons (from 1978 th and 1982 th), he was leading scorer in the league.

Peak performance Kinal reached in 1980 (at 33 years of age), when scored in 39 games 50 goals. This amount is formed of 32 goals in 32 matches of the regular season and 18 (!) Goals in 7 matches playoffs. In one of the games - with "Tolsoy - Giorgione managed to hit the target seven times. Since then, after more than 20 years, but none footballer of the world is no longer able to reach fifty per season in the national championship.

February 25, 1978 Kinal became an American citizen. A total of eight seasons in the Cosmos, he scored 243 goals - far more than anyone else. 193 of them came to 213 matches of the regular championship, 50 - 43 game playoff.

In total, the First Division in Italy and the U.S. Kinal scored 319 goals in 429 matches. With this asset, he took 33rd place in the list of scorers of all time. Immediately after the completion of his playing career Kinal returned to Italy and became president of Lazio. But in this capacity, he was unable to demonstrate his "magic". In 1985, his club once again suffered exile in Serie B

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Kinal Giorgio, photo, biography
Kinal Giorgio, photo, biography Kinal Giorgio  football player, photo, biography
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