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JAMES Elmore

( American blues guitarist, singer)

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Biography JAMES Elmore
photo JAMES Elmore
Elmore James - American blues guitarist, . singer; pioneer technology game slide on electric guitar, one of the most outstanding musicians of the era heyday of Chicago blues, . whose innovations have had a tremendous influence on the further development of the blues, . and the formation of rock music.,

. Born in the Mississippi Delta region into a peasant family
. Learned to play on a homemade guitar with one string. It is likely, this circumstance was his desire to find their first incredible style of guitar playing. From adolescence moonlighting on weekends performances in nearby pubs and at fairs. In the region in 1937 met with Robert Johnson (Robert Johnson), legendary guitarist of the Delta of Mississippi, and took over from him as some elements of the blues guitar in general, and technology play a slide in particular. About the same time met with Rice Miller (who had yet to become Sunny Boehm Williamson II (Sonny Boy Williamson II)); they often performed duets, Elmore James sometimes accompanied to Boy Williamson and Sunny during his legendary radio concert, . at the very first recordings.,

. From 1943 to 1945 he served in the Navy
. After demobilization he returned to the Delta, and organized probably the first in the region electric blyuzbend. In 1952. under his own name released debut record on a tiny local company "Trumpet" (which was recorded and Sonny Boy Williamson II). Writing was an authorized version of the blues of Robert Johnson's "I Beleive I'll Dust My Broom", performed on acoustic guitar with a glued pickup. But if the issue was known, but a tool - is primitive, then the response was extraordinary. Elmore James extracted from the guitar sound extraordinary emotional. The record became one of the best-selling ritmendblyuzovyh year. Larger record company rushed to the proposals to Elmore James, under pressure from their far indelicate Elmore James moved to Chicago and began making records for the company "Meteor / Modern". Organized them in Chicago blyuzbend, called the most famous hit single "Brumdasterz" (Broomdusters), was considered at one time the hottest blues-Band, the city, surpassing even the popularity blyuzbend Muddy Waters. The group played a pianist Johnny Jones (Johnny Jones), . saxophonist Ji-Ty Brown (JTBrown) and guitarists James Houmsik (Homesick James) or Eddie Taylor (Eddie Taylor) - they were all countrymen Elmore James, . as he, . played a significant role in the formation of the Chicago style of urban blues.,

. Elmore James recorded in the period from 1952 to 1963 - slightly more than ten years
. He died of a heart attack in 1963. A few years before the British musicians who were to become superstars: Eric Clapton, Peter Green, Jimmy Page - are trying to discover the secret of his unique playing technique. We agree that the Elmore James is too often repeated and melodic passages of their songs, and performing tricks. But the bright original musical signature and emotional intensity is more than atoned for the same type, which after the first steps would put an end to career of less gifted artist. Without this unique slide the entire history of the blues would have gone differently. Perhaps, though an exaggeration, but it is true, what is really in his repertoire were only two tunes: the fast and slow. If only it were so, but without two of his songs, fast and slow - Shake Your Money Maker and Sky Is Crying - impossible to imagine the history of blues. These songs beat rock musicians four decades, and they still remain in a constant repertoire of blues and world stars, and blyuzbendov local significance.

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JAMES Elmore, photo, biography
JAMES Elmore, photo, biography JAMES Elmore  American blues guitarist, singer, photo, biography
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