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Florian Albert

( football player)

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Biography Florian Albert
photo Florian Albert
Country: Hungary
. Position: Striker
. Born: 15.09.1941g.
. Held: All the championship in Hungary for 'Ferencvaros': 351 game, 256 goals.
. Results for 'Ferencvaros': 537 matches.
. Hungarian national team: 75 matches (11 - as captain), 31 goals
. First leg: June 28, 1959 with Sweden (3:2) in Budapest
. Last Match: May 29, 1974

. Team accomplishments:
. Hungarian Champion 1963,1964,1967,1968;
. Hungarian Cup Winner 1972;
. Fairs Cup winners 1965;
. Third European Championship winner 1964;
. The third prizewinner of Olympiad 1960.

. Personal achievements:
. European Footballer of 1967; Hungary 1966-1967;
. Top scorer World Cup 1962 (4 goals);
. Top scorer championship Hungary 1960,1961,1965;
. Top scorer junior European Championship (1959).

. September 15, 2001 Champion of Hungary 'Ferencvaros' Florian Albert congratulated - the only country in the history of football player who won the title of best football player in Europe - with 60-year anniversary
. Albert received numerous gifts, including a T-shirt 'Bavaria' with the number '60 'on Franz Beckenbauer, for failing to get out in Budapest at a festive ceremony and witnessed the opening of his own statue in the clubhouse in Budapest. And then at the stadium 'Ferencvaros', . for which the winner of 'Golden Ball-67' appeared for 16 seasons, . held an exhibition match, . in which today's team met with the, . that in 1995 the first and until recently earned a place among the participants of the Champions League.,


He took the example of Hidegkuti

While in the eastern part of Europe, Albert personified the sample athlete era of triumphant socialism, . West, . When it comes to it, . sorry, . that he was not born 10 years earlier,
. In this case, he would have found the command 'Great Magyars', in which shone Puskц¦s, Kocsis, Hidegkuti and Bozsik, and having a number of partners, even better would open his talent.

. But Florian was the only approach to adult football, when in 1956, Soviet tanks entered Budapest, and a number of outstanding artists had to break with the homeland
. Those who did not dare take such a step, went down because of age.

In the late 50-ies the Hungarian national team re-created almost. For this reason, young talent immediately, barely played their first matches in the national championship, got in her carte blanche. Albert was 17 years old when he was in the summer of 1959-th first donned the national team jersey. On that day, Hungary beat the second team at the time of the world - Sweden (3:2), and 72 thousand fans at the 'NцLpstadion' enthusiastically welcomed the newcomer.

Albert dedicated his life to one club - 'Ferencvaros'. How he had arrived at the age of 10, so for over a half a century he served in one capacity or another. A young man he had predicted to become one of the strongest Hungarian defenders, be seen as continuing the traditions of the famous defencists past - Horta, Piffaro, Pataki.

But experts were wrong. Florian retrained in Frontline and still grew up in one of the largest figures in the history of Hungarian football. Skills play defense, by the way, it is very useful: he deeply studied the destructive trade, it was easier to deal with experienced defenders.

. The model he chose for himself Nandor Hidegkuti, who, playing a central striker, intuitively felt the effectiveness of drawn-out manner of playing
. Albert tried to act the same way and also courted a manner with some success, although on a purely technical and physical characteristics significantly different from its predecessor.

. He was pretty mediocre developed physically, he was sometimes criticized for a lack of firmness and energy
. But this list of deficiencies of Alberta and ended. Next came some dignity. He played a great head, had a great blow delivered with both feet, unique, 'sliding' style of ball. Has perfected false swing, which came across all without exception. He was well oriented in a very confusing situation, and natural intelligence allowed him to cope well with the functions of playmaker.

Hungarian football was originally based on the technique and his strong personality. Over time, wiping out the communist ideology is the beginning, killing one of the most distinctive schools in world football. But while this process is not managed to gain traction, there was Albert. This was the last truly brilliant personality 'labdarugasha'.

Welcome to marital bed

By 20 years, Florian managed to make a lot of 'feats'. In 1959, became the leading scorer in junior European championship a year later won a bronze Olympic medal, then made a stunning hat-trick at the gate of the Yugoslavs, played a key role in the victory of the Hungarians in the 'product' with Germany.

. At the World Cup in Chile 20-year-old Albert went already very well known and highly quoted in soccer, which were placed in a number of potential stars mundialya
. And in principle, he lived up to expectations. In the first match against England FlцЁriц¦n implemented a brilliant solo passage, and that his goal was victorious (2:1). Next opponent - Bulgaria - Albert just broke: it was only 50 seconds from the start, when he had first disturbed the Bulgarian Grid. In the sixth minute he did it again, and designed the second-half hat-trick. It turned out 6:1. Hungary is not destined to advance in the tournament far: they fell in the quarterfinals at the hands of the Czechs (0:1). but even there, Albert did what he could: scored a goal, which was not counted because of offside. As a result, its result - 4 hammered the ball - no one to beat and could not, even though it was repeated five more players.

. At the next World Cup in England, Albert did not score a single ball, but his reputation foggy Albion rose to a new level
. The match with Brazil (3:1), in which the Magyars literally ridiculed the once great team for eight years has been on the football throne, became a stellar match throughout his career.

. Albert was a pioneer of almost all attacks, as if clearing his clever, accurate and timely pasami the way to the gates of the Brazilian partners - Bene, Rakosi and Farkas
. A classic example was the third goal, plunged bikampeonov in knockout. Albert took over the ball in the middle of the field, walked one after the other three Brazilians, and did it so brilliantly that it seemed not in the least changed his straight forward. This was followed by threading a perfect pass Ferenc Bene. Tom did not even have to handle the ball and only had to transport it to touch Farkas and Farkas completed the masterpiece, the run shell slid into the net. The game took place at Goodison Park in Liverpool, at the stadium 'Everton', and fans of this club accounted for a significant share of the audience. By the end of the match they did not stop chanting: "Albert! Albert! " They are so 'sick' Albert, . that one of them later confessed to the press - and this funny story received wide recognition, . - That, . 'if, . coming home, . I saw Albert in bed with his wife, . immediately ran to the kitchen to organize him a cup of coffee. ",


Refused 'Flamengo' on moral grounds

Florian meanwhile was absolutely no need to rush to not sparkling, the bulk of the beauty of British missions, and especially Mrs.
. His homeland had its own queen of heart - the young actress Eva Balint. When opened, they have a novel, it was seen as a surprise. Above Albert teased: you, . Mol, . not drink, . not smoke, . all the time sitting on fees, . you're a fanatic regime, . sample socialist Athlete, . and when you just managed to win the heart of such beauty? Eva and Florian signature and quickly brought into the world of two kids.,

. Interestingly, and in Brazil after the Liverpool match Albert became extremely popular
. Knowledgeable expert in football, the Brazilians were placable and in 1967 invited him to stay and play a few matches as part of their top clubs. In 1968, when Brazil staged in Rio de Janeiro on the occasion of the anniversary of its independence match against the UEFA Cup.

Inclusion in the list of Alberta world stars do not even discussed: it was granted. His skills again produced a profound impression on all, and 'Flamengo' offered him a lucrative contract. Albert replied polite refusal, which seemed Signification probably Brazilians gobbledygook:

. 'Transition to a foreign club is not consistent with the socialist morality of sport'.

. 1966 was the star for Albert, but when it came time for a referendum 'France Football', he was forced to skip ahead of her other masters such as Bobby Charlton and Eusebio
. This is understandable: the purely material they have to mundiale more than Albert, who settle for fifth place in the individual rating stars.

. But in 1967 the journalists returned to his payback, 'on set' of all his exploits raised him to Olympus
. In the same December day, he received two stunning news: the assignment of his 'Golden Ball' and the birth of his son - Florian Jr. (who later went to his father's footsteps, . settled in 'Ferencvaros', . but any noticeable footballer and did not).,

. Being 'lifetime a classic', Albert from the height of his reputation could have on the sports leadership of his country far more influence than it was allowed to it not crowned with the laurels of his comrades
. Sometimes he used his exceptional situation that gave rise to jealousy, oppositions.

. At that time, Albert in his 26 years was in his prime, played nearly 70 matches for the national team, and seemed bound to beat the national record Jozsef Bozsik, who played 100 matches.

. But fate decided otherwise
. June 15, 1969, in the qualifying match and M-70 against Denmark in Copenhagen, Florian seriously injured - broken leg - in a collision with goalkeeper Knud Engedalem. He did not play more than a year, and when he returned, the former Albert did not become, without speaking of former luster until 1974.

. However, his skill is sometimes made themselves felt, as, for example, occurred in the semifinals of the Euro-72 in Brussels against the Soviet team
. Albert did not participate in previous matches of the Hungarians, but for the European Championships was prepared specially.

Coach Illovski not put it in the main team, firing on the replacement of a 60 th minute, when Hungary lost 0:1. He explained later: 'I kept the Alberta to final. But the game with the USSR team has developed so hard that I realized: if you do not use it now, then it's too late '.

Albert was the last chance to save the situation of Hungarians. And the veteran, released under very rare for that time, the number - 24-meters, did everything in his power. Six minutes before the end he broke through our defense and was shot down. At the gate Rudakov was appointed the 11-meter. The efforts of Alberta, however, flogged his partner Zambo, whose strike has turned tepid slack. Rudakov, had guessed the direction of flight and hit the ball, not letting the game go to the additional time.

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Florian Albert, photo, biography
Florian Albert, photo, biography Florian Albert  football player, photo, biography
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