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ANDRADE JosL Leandro

( football player)

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Biography ANDRADE JosL Leandro
photo ANDRADE JosL Leandro
Born November 22, 1898 in Montevideo.
Died Oct. 1, 1957 in Montevideo.
Country Uruguay.
Position Midfielder.
Clubs: In 1920-1933 played for the Uruguayan club from Montevideo, Uruguayan, "" Miramar Misiones "," Reformers "," Wanderers, "" Bella Vista "," Nacional "," Atlanta ".
Titles: Olympic champion 1924, 1928, World Champion 1930 (best player of the tournament), South American Champion 1923, 1924, 1926
Held over 800 matches and scored 300 goals.

SOMETIMES better to have black skin

In 20-ies of Europe discovered the South American Football. For fans of the Old World was the revelation that in football you can play as artistically, as did Uruguayans and Argentines (all Brazilians make furore comes later).

. Primarily, of course, it concerns the Uruguayans, in spectacular style won two consecutive Olympic Games - Paris in 1924 and Antwerp in 1928-m
. And it was only part of the rich crop of titles, which they then collected. At home on the continent, they excel in 1923, 1924 and 1926, winning three times America's Cup, and in 1930 crowned a glorious victory in the first decade of the World Cup.

. For several years, owned the status of Uruguay's leading football nation in the world
. If about someone wanted to say that he is playing great football, said: "He plays as a Uruguayan". This should take into account that this is a country whose population was then only two million people!

. The core team comprised of Uruguay defender and captain Nazatstsi, midfielders Andrade and Pendibene attacking Cea, Castro (known for his one-armed) and Scarone
. They were all outstanding players, superstars of his time, more or less equally deserve the right to enter into history.

The highest place in the classification of players of the twentieth century from this galaxy (29 th) took Jose Leandro Andrade. As far as can be judged according to eyewitnesses, he was not the most important element of the game of the legendary "Urus". And the World Cup in 1930, some of its partners, for example, Hector Scarone acted much more efficiently.

But Scarone entered into the classification under the 40-set tiebreak, and he had a separate conversation would later. So making the same Andrade walked to his popularity, the depth of impressions left in people's memory?

The reasons are two. First: in the wonderful ensemble of actors Football Andrade was the most outstanding. Not the most efficient, but the most artistic - it is an undeniable fact. He was an artist is not even in the figurative, and in the fact that neither is a sense of the word: such was his profession.

. The second reason, oddly enough at first glance it sounds, was in black color of his skin.

. This was the era when blacks are kept away from large sport
. The road was closed to them there. And in those few cases where black athletes still fought their way through bans, they do so at the expense of their extraordinary abilities. Such cases (in Uruguay, in particular) at the beginning of the century were extremely rare.

Andrade was not the first black man, entered the history of the Uruguayan Football. The first was Isabelino Gradina - a versatile athlete, who achieved success in various forms, including in football. Gradina was the idol of 10's and early 20-ies, and it even lay down a song.

Was Andrade and the first Negro Olympian. Black sports pioneers at the dawn of the century became a cyclist Major Taylor, and weightlifter Jack Johnson. Behind them came Haitian Silvio Katori, who at the Games in Antwerp in 1928, broke the world record in the long jump - 7 meters 93 centimeters.

. But what exactly belongs to the championship Andrade, it is that he was the first Negro football player, who gained international fame
. Not surprisingly, a circumstance which caused him extra attention.

UNIQUE Juggler

Fame, attention - in this case too inexpressive features. After those things which he vytvoryayut matches in the Paris Olympics, the capital of France, the talk was that of Andrade. "He plays football like a musical instrument" - it is the newspapers.

His so-nicknamed: "Musician of Football". And yet - "Black Miracle".

Preserved film shots, which were sealed, as Andrade juggles the ball, taking different positions - lying, sitting, standing, lying down again. Even on these frames can be seen that he possessed a very rare motor coordination. Around this, what distinguished later another person in bringing this perfection - Diego Maradona.

. In the match against Yugoslavia at the Games in 1924 Andrade pulled the ball across half the field, juggling his head that made the deepest impression on all
. This trick and others like him, he repeated later in other matches. Italian Alfredo Pitt, who played against him in the Olympics-28, said: "I am confident that Andrade could easily hold the ball in the center of Milan on a holiday, not lowering it on the ground."

. Yugoslavia was the first competitor Uruguayans at the Games in Paris
. Not a clue about what class a player is, no one was. Yugoslavs have delegated "spies" to train newcomers from overseas. Found out about this, Uruguayans took a cunning hoax: pretended full clumsy and deliberately hit the gate so that the ball crossed the front line somewhere at the side flag. Spies had calmed down and with a sense of satisfaction was told his companions: "Yes, these profane, we are divided one left!"

The result turned out stunning - 7:0. Against one of the strongest at the time of European teams! Then Uruguayans easily passed the U.S. team (3:0) and France (5:1), . while in the second of these meetings, Andrade made a long solo in the 75 meters, . defeating the course of seven contenders, . and knocked the ball, . after which the score became 4:0.,

. More intense duel with the Netherlands was formed in the semi-finals (2:1), . then on June 9 Uruguayans waiting in the final at the Stade Colombes "acting, . as they said, . Champion of Europe - Switzerland (of course, . not in the modern sense of the term).,

. The match has caused an unprecedented boom
. It was attended by 50 thousand spectators, and revenues in terms of the German currency amounted to 130 thousand marks. Both had a record for the continental football.

We in the Swiss had their own superstar - scorer and manager Max "Ksam" Abegglen. Who's Who, wondering Press: "Ksam" or "Black Miracle"? None of this intrigue did not turned out - Andrade "eaten" Abegglena, and Uruguayans scored another major victory - 3:0.

Europe was shocked. Whatever she had been taught British, unquestioned authority in the football world was in ruins. Template soccer unconditionally surrendered to the artistically-unpredictable.


PARIS At his feet

Almost all the Uruguayan national team players deserve recognition, but the lion's share of admiring glances collected Andrade
. As one of the journalists of that era, "see the Negro so well playing football, was just as unusual, as seen an Eskimo in a bathing suit."

. Were from the poorest and most disadvantaged in overnight showered such honors and invitations, which, as he thought, only happen in a fairy tale
. All Paris suddenly fell at his feet. "Black miracle" it was impossible to defend from fans autographs. All repeated his gestures. His name was vying with each other - that at some special event, then participate in a fashionable ride, then a cabaret. A young lady hoping to get him as a bridegroom.

His team had left Europe and returned home, while Andrade is bathed in Paris in the rays of glory. Conducted an active night life and played in nightclubs and vaudeville. Its popularity is not inferior to that popularity, which has acquired several decades later, Pele. By the way, Andrade returned to Montevideo a few months later, dressed in all the rage. Subsequently, he has frequented in Paris with a tour. By the way, at the same combined performances on the big ring with the representations in Paris entertainers another outstanding athlete of his time - American boxer Sugar Ray Robinson.



During the, . When professionalism in Uruguayan football is only just emerging and even when the prima donna paid for participating in matches pennies, . Andrade made a living music and the art of dance,
. At the traditional carnival in Montevideo, he was considered the uncrowned king "kandombesa" - the national dance. In the native quarter in the south of the Uruguayan capital, he created his own dance group called "The poor Cuban negros". Perhaps his ancestors were originally from Cuba.

. The perfect sense of rhythm, phenomenal coordination and gracefulness with which Andrade was dancing the tango, samba and rumba, he transferred to the football field, using as a partner of the ball.

. Regarding his club career, then it began to "Bella Vista" and "Nacional", but most of it took place in "Pearol", with whom he became the champion of Uruguay.

. At the end of the first World Cup, where the Uruguayans defeated Argentina (4:2), Andrade somewhat disappointed
. It is unnecessary to explain his emotions, as well as the fact that it began at that time to overcome injuries.

After mundialya football career "Black Miracle" went on the decline. In 1932, Uruguay formally introduced professionalism, which has led to increasing demands for players. Andrade did not feel reluctant to visit the increasingly frequent training sessions. If one considers that for 1932 in the "Uruguayan" there were 36 training sessions, the word "participation" in the modern reader may cause the ironic smile, but for the time it was a lot. Of the 36 studies Andrade missed 20, but only in five cases, warned about his absences in advance, and in 15 - to ignore workout without notice.

Accordingly, he began to get less and less in the number of major players. The last match in the starting lineup "Pearol" was played for him on Sept. 17, 1932 against Resinga "from Buenos Aires. "Uruguayan" won 1:0 (gol on account of Pedro "Tiger" Yang).

. After leaving Pearol "Andrade has replaced three of the club -" Atlanta "(Buenos Aires)," Bella Vista "and" Wanderers ", but each of them appeared only for a short time and eventually left football in 1933.



His personal life Andrade almost not be made public
. We only know that he was married twice. For two decades, he disappeared from sight, while in 1957, no word came that he died of tuberculosis in a shelter for the poor. For the soul he did not have a penny.

Apparently, he was born too early. With modern means of communication and total commercialization of football Andrade probably would have avoided such a dismal fate, and would become a highly paid players of the planet.

Although both say. His creative and free as the soul can not tolerate the discipline, and perhaps he is just lucky to live and play in that wonderful time when football and even got on stage in a harness when he was left to himself. Perhaps only at this time and could place the phenomenon of football-dancer.

In conclusion, we note another unique feature of Andrade, more precisely, his family. From it came the world champion two different generations. After Jose Leandro won the title in 1950, his nephew, Victor Rodriguez Andrade. Nephew, who is more old age became a politician, served on the field the same position as that of his uncle, - right midfielder.

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ANDRADE JosL Leandro, photo, biography
ANDRADE JosL Leandro, photo, biography ANDRADE JosL Leandro  football player, photo, biography
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