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Ken Aston

( Football referee)

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October 26, 2001 died on the former British referee Ken Aston, who went down in history as the inventor of cards. They are so firmly and organically included into the everyday life that already seems strange why they were introduced so late - only in 1970.

Ken Aston was born on January 9, 1915 in Colchester. He was 44 years working in education, including 18 years teaching school. During the war he served in the British army and rose to lieutenant-colonel. In sports other than football fond of cricket, sprint running and boxing. Had the experience of boxing refereeing.

Judge football began in 1936. Refereed Matches world championships, the most difficult of which was the Chile-Italy match on Mundiale 1962. The match was interrupted three times, scuffles, and were even involved the police force.

. After graduating in 1963, the judicial career, he has four years - from 1966 to 1970 served as chairman of the judging committee of FIFA, showing himself as a very creative person
. It was he who approved the current design of judicial forms. This he developed and introduced the concept of the fourth referee. This he modified the box side judge, that he caught the eye. It was he who organized the first workshops for arbitrators to standardize the rules. And, finally, he came up with the card.

. The most striking pieces of his biography Aston outlined in his biography: "Do you, . I was, . probably, . sole judge in the world, . who served the match with a steel helmet on his head, . respirator around the neck? "In 1940, during the war, he served the game in the factory, . which had to be interrupted due to air attack.,

. After the last FA Cup final, he won a gold medal from the hands of Queen
. Most of all he loved to just play in the Cup. "In August, hundreds of teams of small towns and villages are beginning to beat each other on the play-offs. In November, joined by professional clubs. This spectacular, . when the team village with a population of five thousand people playing with Manchester United at Old Trafford in front of 45,000 fans! Sometimes these games bring sensational results, . and then the dwarf, . winning giant begin to call "giant killer".,

. But most importantly: how Aston occurred to invent a card? At the World Championship in 1966 was very difficult for refereeing the game England-Argentina
. She served the German Kraytlyayt, which besides their own language, no more understood and generated because of this mass of contradictions. The next morning, Charlton brothers learned that they received for the Prevention. They indignantly called the directorate of the tournament, where they confirmed that this is true. "I knew about this case. On that day, heading home, I passed the intersection, but did not turn on the yellow, then red. This was repeated three times more. At the third intersection it hit me: this is a way to avoid language problems! I promoted the idea of cards and carried it to the next Mundiale. In a few weeks, this practice has spread around the world. If I had patented his idea - probably would be a millionaire.

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Ken Aston, photo, biography
Ken Aston, photo, biography Ken Aston  Football referee, photo, biography
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