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Franco Baresi

( Footballer)

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Biography Franco Baresi
photo Franco Baresi
His career may be regarded as one of the most striking examples of devotion to football. He put a lot of victories which brought its red-black T-shirt under six rooms more than twenty years. It is easy to guess that this is a great advocate of Milan Franco Baresi. We said many victories: if you want to remember? The figures speak for themselves: 6 championship titles ('78 / '79, . '87 / '88, . '91 / '92, . '92 / '93, . '93 / '94, . '95 / '96), And 4 Super Bowl ('89, . '92, . '93, . '94), Italy, . 3 wins in the Cup of Champions (seasons '88 / '89, , . '93 / '94 - Champions League), . 3 Super Bowl ('89, . '90, . '94), . 2 Intercontinental Cup ('89 i'90), . 1 Cup Mitropa ('81 / '82),
. While Baresi was a defender, he has 33 times to know the joy point is scored. Throughout his long career he spent 716 games. Baresi played 18 times for the youth team in Italy (2 goals), 10 times in duplicates of 81 and held a match for the national team (10 times and was captain and scored 1 goal).

Franco Baresi was born May 8, 1960 in Travalyato (Brescia). He began his career at Milan in the age of 14. He arrived at the headquarters of the club "Milanello" after a series of tests. First, try your luck at Inter, but he preferred that his brother, Giuseppe. Baresi tried three times to get to Milan, and finally his dreams came true. He first appeared in the Series A April 23, 1978 in the away match against Verona, culminating in victory for the hosts 2-1. Starting next season, he began to regularly go out in the first team. We can say that between the historical figure for Milan, Gianni Rivera and captain of this young player was a kind of symbolic link. However, at the beginning of the 80th in Italy there was a big scandal of match-fixing, in which several players were implicated Milan (but not Baresi), and eventually the team flew out of Serie A. "Milan" was soon able to rejoin the elite league, but only for a year. This was not a very good time, but Baresi ever played through.

Progress began in 1986, when the club president Silvio Berlusconi has. In 1982, the Spanish national team of Italy became the world champion. Baresi was listed in the application team, but never went out on the field. Coach Enzo Bearzot ignored them. Bearzot then tried to use his position to the midfield, but the game in the team did not bring him pleasure. Instead, he gained recognition at club level. "Revolution" in Milan coincided with the arrival of Silvio Berlusconi. Advances Milan also had a hand in the coach Arrigo Sacchi innovator. Under his leadership, Baresi and AC Milan have won not only in Italy but also abroad: 1 title in Italy, 2 Champions' Cup, 2 Intercontinental Cup. This was the time of the Dutch trio: Gullita, Rijkaard and Van Basten. Receiver Sacchi, Fabio Capello has become: in the interval between 1991 and 1996, AC Milan has won numerous titles, including 4 Scudetto and Champions League.
. As already noted, Baresi did not like to play in the team due to the fact that Bearzot put it in different positions
. However, after Bearzot situation has not changed. And even after he achieved a permanent place in the starting lineup team, Baresi constantly harassed frustration. In 1990 World Cup in Italy Caniggia equalized in the semifinal match, then the Argentines won on penalty shoot-out, shattering the hopes of the Italians on the way to the final. "Skuadra Azzurro" disappointed the expectation of fans, taking 3rd place. Baresi was one of the pillars of the team. Under the leadership of Sacchi he played in the World Cup final in 1994 against the Brazilian national team in the U.S.. A miss in a penalty shootout, and the whole world saw the crying Baresi.

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Franco Baresi, photo, biography
Franco Baresi, photo, biography Franco Baresi  Footballer, photo, biography
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