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Milan Baros

( football player)

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Biography Milan Baros
photo Milan Baros
Born October 18, 1981 in Ostrava.
Country Czech Republic.
Position Striker.
Previous clubs: Banik Ostrava.
Height: 184 cm.
Weight: 76 kg.
In Liverpool: December 2001.
Team 8 games, 4 goals.

Ostrava Maradona

Before the season, "Liverpool" does promote its newcomers - Salif Diao, Bruno Cheyrou and especially El-Hadji Diouf. But they have not shown anything special. But suddenly flashed one of whom say the least, Milan Baros. 20-year-old Czech rapidly made his way into the main structure, which is now difficult to imagine without this rapid forward

. How many matches must be played in the championship of the Eastern European countries, . to earn the supply of such clubs, . as "Inter", . Juventus, . BV Borussia Dortmund and Liverpool? Season? Two? Baros sezone-2001/02 enough in 12 matches in the Ostrava vs. Banik,
. Having scored 15 goals in their striker was invited to the youth national team, which included created a furor in the Euro-2001. It was then followed him and began to hunt European grants. Defeated Liverpool, who paid the Czech club 3.6 million pounds - twice that offered by competitors.

. Arriving in England in December last year, Baros sat on the bench - to get into the basis for the "live" Owen and Anelka was not easy
. However, subtle psychologist Houllier took the Czech custody and did not consider it shameful to personally congratulate him after a successful game in the youth team of Liverpool, where the striker scored in almost every game.

. Baros has scored once for the 'junior' four goals in 15 minutes and received from mentor luxurious gift - a way to replace in the Champions League with Barcelona
. But the real hour Baros struck this season. Being top scorer "red" in the offseason, a Czech, but received no seats in the composition in the first matches - Houllier had to continue the "promotion" Diouf. "Helped" Owen squandered chances to score one after another. Coaches decided to experiment, and in the sixth round match with Bolton Baros came from the first minutes together with Heskey. Two beautiful goals finally convinced the football world that at Liverpool kindled a new star. In the next round of Ostrava Maradona (the nickname Baros was still at home for the phenomenal dribbling) scored the winning ball into the goal West Brom, . A few days later in the match against FC Basel showed, . perhaps, . his best game of the season, . scoring a goal and creating a few more moments of the faithful.,

. The fact that a pass in the main team for the Czech formally became a bad game Owen is a special meaning
. Both forward are very similar in style - fast, energetic, boldly go to the stroke. In Owen's a better developed sense helps, but Baros is taller and has better head. By releasing them together, Houllier denies the attack diversity. In games when scoring Baros, Owen was invisible, but in the final round was all the contrary - the best footballer in Europe last year, scored a hat-trick, while the Czech nothing special about themselves did not show, though I tried.

. - I dream of that day, when Milan and Michael to play - then no one will stop, - says Houllier
. And now they do not interact for only one reason both too fast. When one begins to jerk to the gate, and another behind it just did not have time. They need to start with - it will be a perfect storm.

Sam Baros, as a rule, refrain from the interview did not have time to learn English. Moreover, according to the same Owen, he was a little shy and not accustomed yet to the popularity. Helps him two compatriots - Patrik Berger and Vladimir Smicer, because of which Baros and chose Liverpool to other clubs. Main guardian is Berger, who believes his young partner, the most talented Czech footballer of the last decade.

- In Milan, no weaknesses - considers Berger. - Already this year he spoil a lot of blood rivals, but in two or three will be one of the best forwards in Europe and team leader of the Czech Republic.

. The main disappointment in life Baros believes the failure of the national team in the play-offs with the Belgians for the permit for the 2002 World Cup
. However, he has a lot of time, and help the team he still has time. In the meantime, all thoughts are connected with the upcoming match against Spartak.

- Champions League - a real holiday - says Baros. - While we can not show in the League all that we are able. But have no doubt that Liverpool will come from group. If possessed first win, everything goes like clockwork.

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Milan Baros, photo, biography
Milan Baros, photo, biography Milan Baros  football player, photo, biography
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