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Paul Breitner

( Footballer, midfielder, defender)

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Biography Paul Breitner
photo Paul Breitner
Born September 5, 1951.
Country Germany.
Position defender, midfielder
Clubs: ERU Freilassing (1961-1970), Bayern Munich (1970-1974, 1979-1983), Eintracht Braynshveyg (all Germany) (1977-1978), Real Madrid (Spain) (1974-1977),.
Total in D-1 had 369 matches and scored 103 goals in t.ch. conducted in 282 Bundesliga matches and scored 93 goals.
. Titles: World Champion 1974, . Vice-World Champion 1982, . European Champion 1972, . Champions Cup Winner 1974, . Champions Cup finalist 1982, . Champion Germany 1972, . 1973, . 1974, . 1980, . 1981, . Champion of Spain 1975, . Cup Germany 1971, . 1982, . 1975 Spanish Cup, . Best footballer of Germany 1982.,
. In European competition had 55 matches, 15 goals
Team 1971-1982: held 48 matches and scored 10 goals.

To 22 years has won all that can

Hair, which he grew in his youth - exorbitant size curly hat with equally impressive fuel tanks - had a kind of caricature. A pity that Breitner not seen popular at the time the Soviet cartoon about a lion Boniface. He would have recognized the main character in the movie itself. However, this applies only to external data. The good-natured character of Boniface was the complete opposite of hairy and ugly nature of Paul.

. Then he stopped, not only their hair cut, and shave, and in the late 70's - early 80's with his beard strongly reminded of another literary hero - Robinson Crusoe
. Here the similarity is not limited to appearance: Breitner was not alien to the spirit of asceticism.

. Now, when Paul barely crossed the threshold of the fiftieth (Jubilee, he said in September), the once luxuriant hair, which borders it strongly grown old person, pretty pouvyal and silvered
. But the folk memory had retained him in such, . it was in the best years: one of the most popular hits, . now sung in Germany, . called Der Afro von Paul Breitner (looking at this "Boniface", . does seem, . that no African blood can not get along).,

. Paul's childhood was divided roughly in half between the two neighboring Bavarian town - Kolbermoorom and Freilassing
. At first he was born and played football with the age of 6 to 10 years, in the second - a soccer continued their education under his father, an accountant by profession. His father taught him wisdoms game until the transition of Paul in "Bavaria" in 1970.

His transition from the remote provinces in the star club was not so sudden and vertiginous, as it may seem. Breitner was long enough in front of breeders, with 17 years represented Germany at youth level (played 16 matches). His partner on the junior team was Uli Hoeness, and both of them Udo Lattek resulted in Bavaria in the summer of 1970. Beckenbauer, Mц+ller and Meyer had just returned from Mexico with a bronze tan and bronze medals of the same world championship. A couple of juniors boldly, on the move introduced in the main part of the heroes Mundialya, and this company has become even stronger.

. Bayern Munich was the backbone of a winning team in Germany at Euro 72, and 20-year-old Breitner, which debuted a year earlier it was not the least important element of the team, which equal in strength in the history of German football was neither before nor after.

. Paul's career unfolded like a fairy tale: in the 22 years he has become a three-time champion Germany won in the national Cup and Champions Cup
. In the summer of 1974 the first gold medal in the European Championship added a similar global award. All that one could wish, fell at his feet, when he was only 22.

At the World Championships-74 Breitner scored three goals, while his left-back position is less suited for plugging heads. His goal against Chileans, only one in the match, became a true masterpiece - a powerful blow to the right with 30 meters in the most "spider's web". If it determines the best goal of the tournament, this fantastic ball probably would have taken the first place.



From the early years Breitner took to shock the audience with their statements - direct and pointed,
. "The fact that each of us knows, but does not dare say aloud, be sure to fly off from the language of Paul" - once said one of his buddies.

. Breitner fond Maoist literature, his favorite reading matter in his youth was the Chinese Communist newspaper "Beijing-Rundschau" in German
. "I admire Mao - he said. - When one person gives to each of a billion of their fellow citizens to a handful of rice a day and the whole billion satisfied, it can not but admire ". After such a confession to him stuck nicknames "Maoists" and "Red, Paul". In 1973, the New York Times called it nothing less than "a symbol of alternative German culture."

Red Paul "continued to cut the" truth-uterus ". Journalists crowd went after him and recorded in notebooks of his utterance, for example, are:
. "We, the players from the Bundesliga - gladiators of our time";
. "Franz Beckenbauer, or even I - just small lights in a gloomy crown of capitalist society";
. Trade players, vyplachivanie transfer fee for them - is immoral and contrary to basic human rights and its essence;
. "While I am good, I can afford all";
. "Bavaria" - a trashy komandishka
. Here no one really knows how to celebrate holidays! "

Can understand the leaders of "Bavaria": this "pravdoruba" endure for a long time it was impossible to. Already in 1973 the president of Bavaria, Willy Noydekker was trying to sell Paul. "A little more - and we will prevail in the team the same customs, which ruled in the institute hostel," - he said.

"Maoists" lasted another year, but then the inevitable happened: it was sold for 1,4 million marks in Real Madrid. In parting, he showed "trashy komandishke" how to walk, having covered the table in a Munich restaurant "Four Seasons". Invitations were extended to all except Noydekkera.

Without the participation Breitner not treated, no conflict, he willingly went to the exacerbation and was inclined to try on the image of a martyr. Especially revealing was his behavior during the conflict, team players with officials of the German Football Association about the prizes for winning the World Cup. The talks were held at the training base in Malente, mediator acted bundestrener Helmut Schoen.

The parties could not agree long. First, officials offered to 30 thousand marks in the snout, then raised to 50 thousand. Then he said: "Well, our last word - 60 thousand". Players continued to persist.

Here is what Franz Beckenbauer: "At some point, Shen lost patience. After another conversation with the officials, he ran out of their room and lashed out at us: "I am disappointed you!" You athletes or hucksters? This is a bad style of behavior. And I know who you Turns - Paul Breitner, the instigator, the Maoist "Then the phone rang. This was the chief of the Football Union of Neuberger. He said that he agreed to 70 pieces. We had leafjet: We strike a bargain or try to raise them to 75? Opinions were divided - 11 to 11. As usual in such cases, the casting vote was for me as a captain. Using the full force of his authority, I began to entice kids to make agree with the last sentence Neuberger. I did it.

But the problems did not end. Resorts Gerd Muller and reports: "And you know that Paul is going to run away?" He already is packing suitcases ". I went up to the room to Breitner. It was a calm voice, Paul said to me: "Well, you expressed the same opinion, you do not let me work with a man again:" With that he slams the lid of the suitcase and hissed through clenched teeth: "In the coffin, I saw that your football!"

. This is just one episode, indicating a very difficult relationship in the German camp, hidden behind a great game of team and fantastic results
. It is no accident immediately after the victory at Mundiale a whole group of players refused to continue to play for. Among them was, and Paul Breitner.

Mayor Freilassing took the initiative to assign Breitner title of honorary citizen with handing him a commemorative gold medal. But residents of the city, taking into account not only its sporting achievements, but also the current around a scandalous reputation, voted against. There were new vote, and it also gave a negative result. "I do not feel more German and certainly not feel Bavarians" - a "fig" Paul has shown in response to the city for many years to his former relatives.


GOLD Beard

In the Pyrenees, his life was definitely better
. After three years spent there, he said: "In Spain, I learned that you can, it turns out, the players are treated humanely and with care". But "pure sport" is a three-year period was so-so: "Real", in which Breitner played a couple with Gц+nter Netzer, took two domestic league title, but has not won anything in Europe.

. While living in Madrid, he was parallel with the football played in films (the film "Potato Fritz" with Hardy Kruger), poured out on the pages of "Die Welt" his impressions of the bullfight and logistical support of some of the strikers (selecting them 25 thousand marks).

. In 1977 he returned to the Bundesliga Breitner
. The vast majority of clubs, he was too tough, . but the host Eintracht Frankfurt (Braunschweig) and the owner of a liquor factory Gц+nter Mast, . who had a morbid passion for luxury, . not stinted roll away for him Real Madrid are not just two, . not the three (no one knew exactly, . many) million marks.,

. In Eintracht Frankfurt Paul for the first time felt as a lone star on the background of a mediocre team
. His praise, but others blamed. Breitner was annoyed, urged partners, but they responded sluggishly, and coach Branko Zebets to old age finally took to drink, and thinking only about how to drink sitting inside a "green dragon", lost control of the team.

. At this point, the president of Bavaria "Neuberger made a surprising confession:" But we have with Paul is not so bad to understand each other! " Everyone knew, . that the boss was ready to close their eyes to old quarrels, . only to once again put on his feet lax "Bavaria", . which sezone-77/78 one time stood on the flight, . but out in one piece for 12 th place.,

. "Bavaria", which left Beckenbauer and just about had to leave the old masters Mueller and Meyer, needed new leaders
. Breitner, whose Munichites paid 1.85 million marks, was one of them. In the second grew Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, the star of a new generation. "Braytnigge" as they became known as a bundle, for the year raised the club to the 4-th place, and a year later resulted in "Bavaria" for its first six years title. Paul's relationship with the leadership were not in the example is more loyal than before. A sign of that loyalty Willy Hoffmann, who took in the "Bavaria" president after Noydekkera, gave Breitner gold pin, studded with diamonds.


Breitner HELP Yashin

After mundialya-74 Breitner succumbed to a common fashion and announced the resignation of team
. But quickly realized that its value as a "good football" markedly decreased. He hoped that the leadership will try to persuade him, but that is not followed. Then he asked himself. He was accepted, but on Oct. 11, 1975-th - the day the Germans had a match with the Greeks in Dusseldorf - suddenly followed by a new waiver.

At this time Paul had disappeared from the team almost six years. When it re-bloomed in Bayern were voices everywhere: why is it supposedly still not returned to the team? It was a common desire. Breitner And he realized that in 29 years, he remains the only chance to once again show himself at the world championships. And money, of course, played a role. Money he still tried to do at all that either turn up the arm. Although beard. No wonder he grew their her: she had brought him 50 thousand marks. Paul agreed to such a sum to part with their attribute and give herself to the knife company, which decided in such a way to advertise cologne, aftershave.

Year 1981 was the first star last year Breitner. In a survey of "France Football", he took second place after: Rummenigge. German journalists, who better understood, whose contribution to the game for Bayern and the national team more than the weight, position of the players in reverse order: the best was Breitner.

. Involvement in team Breitner meant the abandonment of Bernd Schuster, and removal of the background Felix Magath
. These three excellent players could together make the perfect midline. But blame the fact that Breitner was a difficult relations with both the fact and with other. The potential of West Germany became weak, and she was vchistuyu trumped in the World Cup final the Italians 82. "Braytnigge" organized goal of prestige, when the score was 0:3. Rummenigge shot to the left, Breitner in the splits ferried the ball into the net. He became the third player in history, were killed in two finals of world championships, after the Brazilians Pele and Vava.

Tenth January 1983 Breitner made his surprise announcement last. It was a statement of his retirement. "Thirteen years in this business with me enough," - he said.

In June 1983, Paul held his farewell match. Six years later, when the Lev Yashin held in Moscow on his leg on the occasion of the jubilee 60 th anniversary, he did not want him to be in the same unfortunate situation, and personally collected and brought a few players - the only way "peace team" and scraped together.

. Breitner worked for some time youthful coach, then - the technical advisor to the Austrian "VIENNA"
. Now he lives in his native Kolbermoore with his wife, son and two daughters (one of which - Reception). He writes for the newspaper "Bild" and the television coverage is one of the paid channels.

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Paul Breitner, photo, biography
Paul Breitner, photo, biography Paul Breitner  Footballer, midfielder, defender, photo, biography
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