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Carlos Valderrama

( football player)

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Biography Carlos Valderrama
photo Carlos Valderrama
Full name: Carlos Alberto Valderrama Palacio
Born September 2, 1961
Birthplace Barranquilla, Kolumbiya
Country Colombia.
Position Midfielder
Football Club: Repids Colorado, USA
Nickname: El Peabo (child / baby)
Marital status: Married to Klaribet and has three children: Alan, Kenny, and Carlos Jr..

El Peabo

Carlos Valderrama is probably one of the most recognizable players of the planet. And it's not only because of its bright red mane. Effectiveness Valderrama mainly measured by the number assists. Carlos lacks only two gears to become the only player in league history the U.S. has reached 100 assists. That in itself is a huge achievement, but what is most striking fans of Colorado is its ability to "create" in the center of the field. His filigree transmission, the vision of the field and first-class leadership team is responsible for successful performance of the team this season.

Like many stars of world football, Valderrama made the first steps in football in early childhood. Together with his friends Carlos played soccer on the dusty streets of his native town. Due to lack of money for football, the children sometimes had to play the tin cans. Love of football from Carlos developed by his father, who was the first coach Valderrama. Along with football, Carlos played baseball and basketball. But as the boy's father was a mad fan of the game of millions, it was her, and was preferred.

Valderrama began his professional career in 1981 when he began to speak for the team Union Magdalena of the Colombian First Division. After that he played for the team Millionarios and Deportivo Cali. In 1988, Valderrama has signed a contract with a team from Montpellier, France. In this command, he achieved great success and was recognized as one of the most brilliant players of the world. In 1990, thanks to Valderrama, Montpellier won the French Cup and reached the quarterfinals of the UEFA Cup. As a result, Valderrama was invited to the national team played in the World exhibition matches on the Brazilian superstar Zico (1989), Frenchman Alan Zhiresu (1990), English goalkeeper Peter Shilton (1991) and Diego Maradona (1991). In 1990, Valderrama has signed a contract with the Spanish Valladolid. In 1992, Carlos returned to Colombia and in 1996 signed a contract with a team of American League Tampa Bay Myutini where lost until 2001 when he moved to Colorado Repids. Although Carlos has achieved positive results in Europe, we can say that it is in the U.S., he became the darling of the public. Because of the brilliant games in center field Valderrama was thrice invited to the team stars of the League of the United States and one was chosen most valuable player.

Carlos Valderrama, until recently, was the same captain of Colombia. Fans of the football world had the opportunity to enjoy the wonders in three World Championships - 1990, 1994 and 1998. Valderrama also played in 5 tournaments Copa America (similar to the European Championship) and twice was named the best player in South America. Per team played 111 times. Was named the best football player of the century in Colombia.

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Carlos Valderrama, photo, biography
Carlos Valderrama, photo, biography Carlos Valderrama  football player, photo, biography
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